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Spring workout favorites from adidas

Spring workout favorites from adidas

*Thank you to adidas and Collective Voice for sponsoring this blog post! All opinions are 100% my own*

100% transparency here–when it comes to investing in new workout clothes, I can’t say the last time I considered adidas in my rotation! When they reached out to see if I wanted to test drive some of their new spring running gear, my first thought was “ehhh is this for me? I’m not very sporty! 😂” but I QUICKLY changed my tune–why have I been sleeping on adidas for so long!? Have you been sleeping on them too!? They are so much more than track suits–their running leggings I reviewed for this post are now a top favorite in my wardrobe–and I loved their sport fanny pack so much I got another color–and don’t even get me started on their super comfy sweatshirts! They also have some pretty hefty sustainability initiatives I didn’t know about until now, which made me love them even more.

Today, I’m styling some of their cute running gear and how I take it from home workout (or studio workout, or outdoor run–you catch my drift) to a look perfect for everything from the farmers market to school pickup.

Also make sure to check out their Memorial Day sale and use code SAVINGS at checkout for up to 55% off (including many of the items you see here!)

Spring workout favorites from adidas

adidas DailyRun leggings
adidas leggings and top
adidas leggings and bra top

adidas DailyRun leggings:

(Come in 7/8 length and full length as well as plus size) Use code SAVINGS to save 30 during their MDW sale%

I would tell you that when the weather warms up, I love to start running outdoors again–but that’s not the WHOLE story. That’s partially true–but really, I’m more of a run-walk kind of girl at my ripe old age of nearly 35. 😂

That being said, it takes a specific kind of legging to be a good run/walk legging, and it’s not easy to find leggings that are comfortable enough to wear around the house all day (thus, the ideal comfy walk legging) and simultaneously supportive enough for running or HIIT workouts. But these are a great happy medium! They’re really buttery soft but still supportive enough for more active cardio activity. My favorite feature is definitely the phone pocket in the back of the waistband–I hate holding my phone while I run or having it in the side pocket (I always feel like it’s going to fall out!) The back pocket is SUPER secure–why don’t all workout pants have this!? This should be a requirement–I hope adidas paves the way for all leggings to require phone pockets in the waistband.

Another bonus: these pants are made of at least 70% of recycled materials!

Sizing: TTS, I have a size small

adidas running medium support bra

adidas running medium support bra:

Use code SAVINGS at checkout for a discount! As the name would suggest–a medium support bra that makes for an adorable matching set with the running leggings! It has removable cups, and is a longer length, which also makes it perfect for wearing to and from class without feeling like you’re walking around in nothing–almost like a bra/top, if you will. Like the matching pants, this bra is also made of 70% recycled materials!

Sizing: TTS, I have a small

adidas running medium support bra
Spring workout favorites from adidas

adidas all SZN sweatshirt:

Use code SAVINGS at checkout to score a discount! To me, this pullover sweatshirt is about as classic as sweatshirts come. I love the super subtle small logo (a little sporty!) and the cream color. It’s also SO fuzzy soft on the inside. Perfect to throw on for cool mornings or evenings, cute for travel too!

adidas all SZN sweatshirt
adidas all SZN sweatshirt
Spring workout favorites from adidas
adidas Duramo sneakers

adidas Duramo sneakers:

Use code SAVINGS at checkout of a discount! The perfect sneakers for my run-walks. A running sneaker that has support and is SUPER lightweight, but also cute enough to wear outside of a workout–running errands, walking around town–wherever! Obviously I’m a white sneaker kinda girl but they have several color ways as well.

adidas no-show socks:

It’s hard to find athletic no-show socks that actually stay ON and these have been awesome–you don’t even notice they’re there, and they really do stay on your feet! Right now you can get them for a steal–6 pairs for $16!

adidas sport waist pack | Spring workout favorites from adidas

adidas sport waist pack:

This little fanny pack was so cute and versatile that I got it in two colors! If you don’t see this color in stock, keep checking back and refreshing, because they’ll often re-stock a few at a time! It’s surprisingly roomy. (These days I measure everything by how much “June” stuff I can fit in it–and I’m happy to report this holds a couple diapers, travel wipes, a pouch or two, a bar, and a small toy in addition to my essentials like credit cards, keys, lip gloss, and phone! Cute, sporty, and handy! I also purchased this version, which is bigger and fits SO much stuff while still having the convenience of a cross-body fanny pack. (Even more ideal with kids!)

adidas mini logo hat:

I live in baseball hats on both the weekdays and weekends–and I love this mini logo version! Sporty but not TOO sporty! (Subtle sporty?) I also love this one!

Spring workout favorites from adidas

*Thanks again to adidas and Collective Voice for sponsoring this blog post! I hope you love this new adidas wear as much as I do!*

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