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Spring Swimwear Try-On!

Spring Swimwear Try-On

Hello hello from Florida!

We made it! It was a long day traveling yesterday but we’re here and it feels SO good to be in the sunshine–sending some your way to those of you who are still in the midst of chilly weather! As “spring break” and summer are upon us, I’m getting an increasing amount of requests for swimwear–particularly postpartum swimwear–but also just “wtf kind of swimsuit do I wear that isn’t skimpy but also not granny?”

Much like date night outfits, it can be hard to find swimwear that strikes that balance between cute/sexy/tasteful/practical/comfortable. If you’re in the same boat, this try-on is for you! Here are some newly ordered suits I think you’ll love. (I’m keeping them all!)

(I also apologize in advance for the awkward backward mirror selfies to show these swimwear bottoms. I don’t know how to properly take a backwards selfie.)

Spring Swimwear Try-On!

Summersalt’s Ruffle Backflip one-piece (c/o): 

(Shown above in “Morning Bloom” and below in “Hibiscus Tangerine”) 

Size: 4, runs TTS

Shown here in two color ways! I would say this is my #1 recommendation for a postpartum bathing suit. (Or any other Summersalt one-piece for that matter!) They’ve got control-technology in them so they make you feel really supported in the tummy/waist, and they really accentuate your curves without cutting into your body in the wrong places like so many swimsuits do! I love that the bottoms aren’t too cheeky, but they’re not TOO much coverage (giving you grandma butt!) It’s such a flattering cut!

They come in so many adorable colorways and patterns. I highly recommend. Also see their tie-shoulder version which also is catching my eye!

**UPDATE: Summersalt just re-activated my discount code–hooray! You can use JESS10 for $10 toward your Summersalt purchase!**

Spring Swimwear Try-On

[one-half-first]Spring Swimwear Try-On[/one-half-first][one-half]

Swimwear back selfie


Summersalt button-down cover up (c/o): 

Size: small, runs TTS

If you’re looking for a classic, super versatile cover-up that will never go out of style, this is a fantastic one! Wear it open or wear it buttoned down the front for a pair of jean shorts.

**UPDATE: Summersalt just re-activated my discount code–hooray! You can use JESS10 for $10 toward your Summersalt purchase!**

Summersalt Triangle Bikini top with lace-up high-rise bottoms

Summersalt Triangle Bikini top with lace-up high-rise bottoms

Summersalt’s Triangle Bikini top with lace-up high-rise bottoms (c/o)

Size: Wearing 6 on both top and bottom, runs small.

I am VERY iffy with high-waisted swimsuit bottoms as most cut into me and I think look very diaper-ish. But I really love this one! I will say it runs small (I could’ve maybe even gone up one more size in the top). I think it provides coverage while being sexy at the same time and I LOVE the polka dot print and the lace-up detail of the bottoms!

**UPDATE: Summersalt just re-activated my discount code–hooray! You can use JESS10 for $10 toward your Summersalt purchase!**

Amazon scalloped one-piece Amazon scalloped one-piece | Spring Swimwear Try-On

Amazon scalloped one-piece: 

Size: Small, runs TTS

Speaking of sexy + coverage all in one–this piece is it! Gives off major Marysia vibes for a FRACTION of the price. It fits like a glove but in a good way, not an uncomfortable way, and I like that it’s textured as well!

Packable wide-brim hat: 

If you’re looking for a cute wide-brim sunhat that is totally packable, you will love this one! I have a slightly smaller version from the same brand that is many years old (they don’t make that version anymore) but I was wanting something with a wider brim anyway, and was so excited when I saw this one! I can vouch that it’s well-made and my old one is still in perfect shape despite many MANY trips being packed in my suitcase!. Also, it’s $24–so you won’t feel too guilty shoving it at the bottom of your beach bag or cramming it in your suitcase!

Amazon cover-up | Spring Swimwear Try-On amazon spring break must haves

Amazon cover-up: 

I snapped this photo the second I pulled it out of the bag. So don’t mind the wrinkles. I think it’s super cute for the price, albeit a bit short–I’m 5’6 for reference. I would totally wear it with jean shorts to lunch (over a bikini top to head to a beach bar, or with a cami underneath if you weren’t wearing a bathing suit!)

Size: Oversized boxy fit, I’m wearing small (which is the right size) but note it is on the shorter side!

Amazon high-waisted bikini Amazon polka dot bikini

Amazon high-waisted bikini: 

Okay, you’ll remember this suit from when I ordered it last year when I was pregnant. Well, that one is now too big, so I ordered it in a Medium instead of a large, and while I love it and I’m keeping it–it’s a different suit! It’s not rollable like the other size I got. (Maybe it’s just the size/colorway thing and others are still like the old version? I’m not sure.)

I wanted to share that here just as an FYI–I still love the suit and I will still wear it high-waisted, but it’s just different than it was list year! If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to the Summersalt version above, I think this is a nice dupe with a couple differences. The bottoms on this suit are not control-top, so they don’t make you feel as supported. I also think the top on this one is much more generous in sizing, and because it has such a thick band in the back, it’s more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. (Not to say that the Summersalt version is uncomfortable, it’s just that this one is particularly comfortable for a bathing suit top.)

Size: Wearing medium. I think the top runs a tiny bit big and the bottoms run a tiny bit small. The top is also not adjustable in the back (however the top straps are) so make sure to measure for the most accurate fit.

Shop this post + similar styles: 

Hope this helps you find a swimsuit you love and makes you feel like a million bucks! ♥️