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Spring Style For Your Guy–Neal’s Favorites

Spring style for men - Neal of The Golden Girl Blog

V-neck tee: J.Crew–also love Bonobos‘ version and own several colors in both. Pants: Bonobos Travel Jeans (this color is old, but they have lot’s of great new colors that are awesome for Spring) Levi’s also makes a really similar pair in my favorite cut, the 512’s. If you’re looking for regular jeans, they have the 512’s in tons of different washes and they are my go-to pair. Sneakers: New Balance (run TTS) and come in several colors as well. Sunglasses: Ray Ban Watch: Seiko (a great semi-affordable buy for your guy if you’re looking for a good looking, functional watch that doesn’t cost several hundred dollars) worn with this nylon strap. If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, Jack Mason and MVMT also make stylish looking watches on a budget.

Hi Guys!  Neal here! Hope you are having a great week.  I’m trying to get more involved on the blog (for some reason a few of you guys asked for more guy posts! ) and this one was easy – I got dressed to go to the grocery store and shoot a few photos for Jess, and she turned the camera around and snapped a few pics of me. 

No outfit planning, nowhere special to be, just casual comfy spring clothes (because it was actually warm for like a day (oyy) last Saturday. 

I think what makes this work is that I’m just wearing a collection of basics that all work together but at the same time they are all very versatile pieces on their own.  So let’s get into it!

Jess Key's Husband shares Spring Style Tips For Men

Neal Keys - Jess Keys Husband of The Golden Girl Blog

The Casual (Yet Polished) T-Shirt: 

I pretty much live in a collection of super soft V neck T’s from spring all the way through late summer. What else do I need to say about a plain T-shirt?  He needs one in red, white, blue, and dark grey.  He’ll be covered for cruising the neighborhood when it finally warms up–to the beach, bottomless mimosas, and baseball games. My go-to’s are these from J.Crew and Bonobos’ yarn spun tees

Navy vs Black: As far as color goes, this is personal preference, but I prefer navy over black. Black t shirts are for better suited for bouncers, Vegas trips, and Italian dudes. (Really! They just pull them off much better than the rest of us!) 

V-Neck alternatives: I also love a good crew neck–once again, J.Crew and Bonobos for the win there. (Jess’ note: Neal, I think you should get this striped short sleeved henley that they make, too! ?)

Other favorite t-shirts: J.Crew.(especially love their white pocket shirt) and BonobosJames Perse also makes a great, super-soft tee. (This one is on sale, too.)

Shop more tees: 

Mens Scuba Diving Watch - Spring Style For Men

Spring Style For Men:

Bonobos Travel Jeans

Bonobos has been one of my go-to casual brands for years now.  The quality of their clothes is consistently good throughout the seasons, and they have TONS of fits for any body type. 

Their travel jeans are a nice mix up from traditional denim and they are crazy comfortable thanks to 2% stretch material.  They have updated their colors for spring (I picked these up in the winter) but I am a big fan of the LA grey and Austin asphalt options for spring. 

These jeans have 4 different fit options. So truly anyone can pull them off (I’m wearing the ‘slim’ option, and I don’t think anyone would classify my legs as skinny for reference). 

Also, if your guy is looking for a good pair of regular old denim jeans, my go-to’s are the Levi’s 512’s. They’re just the right amount of fitted without being too skinny. You can’t be the price, either.

Shop more favorite jeans: 

New Balance Sneakers For Men

New Balance 247 Knit Sneakers

Not your dad’s New Balance walking shoe! 

These are stylish and versatile enough to go with shorts or jeans.  I like how they look with a single cuff (side note, this is a great way to keep your white shoes white and avoid denim stains). 

These sneakers can really be worn for almost any casual occasion. Emphasis on the “almost”. When I went to buy these I thought I could pull off the “one pair of white sneakers for the spring/summer” thing.  Well I’m kind of a diva and I was wrong. (Jess’ note–who convinced you that these weren’t acceptable to wear to a nice dinner? ? ?). 

I did recently pick up this pair of more dressy sneakers that can be worn out to dinner or to a party.  (Jess’ note: I am actually obsessed with these. They look SO nice and if your guy refuses to wear nice white sneakers because he thinks they’re “too preppy”–these are the perfect solution!) They’re also insanely lightweight and feel like nothing on your feet. 

Whatever he chooses, I’m in favor of more subtle and classic looks and lighter colors – I work hard to keep mine white but it’s worth it.  (I highly recommend a fabric or leather protectant spray). 

Seiko SRP777 ‘Turtle’ Dive Watch

Seiko SRP777 ‘Turtle’ Dive Watch

To Jess’ dismay, I’m turning into a bit of a watch nerd. 

I have always liked the look of dive watches (as in watches designed to be tough and very waterproof for scuba diving)  for more casual situations.  

Seiko is a premier Japanese watch making brand, but they have gained worldwide popularity thanks to their ability to produce high-quality time pieces at affordable prices.  The Turtle has become my go-to weekender and vacation watch. 

It’s chunky, but that’s kind of the idea.  It actually sits very comfortably on the wrist, has an awesome look inspired by (actually exactly like) the original 1970’s version, and it’s a definite conversation piece. 

An added bonus is the movement is automatic, meaning the watch is powered by the movement of the wearer and never needs a battery to be changed.  Always a yes for BBQ’s and the beach, always a no for weddings.  Also, if you feel like spending $300+ on a ‘weekend’ watch is insane, I hear you, and my wife will agree with you.  I love the look of MVMT watches too, which have a lower price point. 

Shop more similar watches: 

Ray Ban Classic Tortoise Wayfarers

Iconic shades that can be dressed up or down.  These are my go-to’s for any summer situation imaginable. 

Spring Style For Men: Ray Ban Classic Tortoise Wayfarers

So like I said, before, this is a grocery store outfit!  Nothing special, but if you would like more guys’ fashion posts, whatever the occasion, I am happy to oblige.  Let me know!  As I like to, I’ll end with a big thank you!  Your readership means the world to Jess and I and without you guys, this blog does not exist.  We truly value you as a reader and participant in this community that my awesome wife has created.  Take care and talk soon!