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Spring Style for Any Weather

Mar 13, 2018

Floral top: LOFT–they have so many cute springy tops right now! I can’t wait to pair this with my new denim skirt. I also love this one, this one, and this one! This material/pattern also comes in a dress! White jeans: Madewell (I FINALLY FOUND AMAZING NON SEE THROUGH WHITE JEANS! HUZZAH! Run TTS!) Boots: Steve Madden Bag: Madewell (their chain leather cross-body is also similar, as is their simple leather blush cross-body, and also obsessed with their little circle bags and if you’re looking for a new tote, their Transport Totes are my absolute favorite!) Coat: Ann Taylor (old, but Nordstrom has a BUNCH that are now on sale!) Sunnies: Ray Ban Earrings: Amazon (SO CHEAP! And so cute! You must get them!)

Anddd we’re back with our “how to wear spring clothes when it’s still SO. FREAKING. COLD. outside” theme. Is it just me or is this theme getting old? ? I’m really holding out for wearing SPRING clothes in SPRING weather. That’s probably too much to ask in March though, let’s be honest ?

Neal and I snapped these photos (he hasn’t had to play photographer in a LONGGG time!) when we were out and about downtown this weekend! He had to run some errands and I tagged along with him before we met up with various groups of friends the rest of the afternoon. We also stopped by one of his favorite custom suit shops–ESQ (he got his wedding suit there!) and he picked up the cutestttt trench coat! (For those wondering, his other fave is BLVDier!) I always love shopping with him–he’s more stylish than I am ?

Because it LOOKED really nice outside, I wanted to wear something pretty and fresh (I can’t look at another black sweater right now!) I just picked up this adorable springy top at LOFT and was dying to wear it despite how cold it was outside–and I think I found a pretty good happy medium of “warm” and “springy” I think the trick here is the pair of OTK boots–I originally had on tan booties with it, and looked full blown summery–but the OTK boots in the lighter color (you can still get them on Amazon!) were the perfect balance because only a little bit of my white jeans is showing!

Also, if you missed it, I first wore these white jeans over in this post and gushed about how great they are. It took me quite awhile to find a pair of high-rise white jeans that were super flattering and not see through! (How do all these see through jeans get made? Does nobody try them on and see how awful they are? Where is the quality control? This is something I will never understand.) Regardless, this pair by Madewell is SO great. So comfy, so flattering, so NOT see through–two thumbs up! Hooray!



Hope you have a great Tuesday! Shop more favorite springy finds below!

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