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Some new wardrobe essentials for Fall!

Sep 30, 2020

Jess Keys of The Golden Girl Blog shares some new wardrobe essentials for Fall

Sweater,Jeans, Earrings

Hi friends! 

I hope you’re excited for today’s post, because fall style was my #1 most requested blog post topic when I polled you on IG stories last week! I feel like “style” has been so weird lately. Do we shop? Do we not shop? What are we even shopping for?! Why even bother getting dressed?

But as the world seems to get more…2020ish with passing each day (and after the debate last night I feel like things have been taken to a WHOLE new level ????) I try to focus on the little things that bring joy (and the little things I can control), and “getting dressed” falls into both of those categories. It seems like you and I both are looking forward to getting more creative with our wardrobes as the temperatures fall! 

So–here we are! Sharing some new items I ordered recently, if you’re looking to add a few fall essentials to your wardrobe! All of these are 2020 friendly. ????

Striped Amazon sweater for Fall and American Eagle Stretchy Mom Jeans

Sweater, Jeans, Earrings, Shoes 

Wardrobe Essentials For Fall:

Striped Amazon Sweater: 

Curiosity finally ate away at me regarding “Amazon brand” clothing (I’ve never ordered clothes from Amazon’s actual brands–you know, just random mumu’s here and there) and my other friends have been raving, so I placed an order for a few items–this sweater is one of them! (It has 5 star reviews too!) I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality, and I love the chunky knit and mustard color of the stripes! This totally looks and feels like a Madewell sweater, for only $35! 


I sized up and got a medium because I wanted it slightly oversized and slouchy! I’d say it runs true to size! 

American Eagle Stretchy Mom Jeans

I’ve come up with the term “quaranjeans” to describe quarantine friendly jeans. I know, polarizing concept–stick with me. The wild idea of often putting on jeans all the time going into Fall of 2020 is one I hadn’t really considered before like, 88% of you told me that you WERE in fact, looking for fall fashion inspo with JEANS. (I was like, “who is wearing jeans right now?!”) so, therefore, I have come up with the concept of “quaranjeans” AKA really soft, comfortable jeans that are slightly oversized so they are A. accomodating to one’s new quarantine size (if applicable) and B. comfortable to sit in while working from home all day! 

Now, I want to dig a little deeper on that first part for a second and just remind you of this: if your pants are too tight–BUY NEW PANTS.

Remember: you find clothes to fit your body, you don’t fit your body into clothes. There is nothing wrong with sizing up. Nobody else is worrying over what size pants you wear–and you shouldn’t either. We’ve got bigger fish to fry, people!! 

Anyway, on to this pair of quaranjeans! 

Remember the amazingly soft mom jeans from American Eagle that I’m obsessed with? (The ones that sell out in like 2 seconds always, and are still currently sold out?) Well–those were my first pair of quaranjeans–then I saw there was a similar pair (fully stocked) that had more stretch to them, and I wanted to see how they compared, so I ordered them in this washed black color. Turns out, they are the perfect pandemic pants–they are so comfortable, have the perfect amount of give, and are soft enough to wear all day! (And, good news–not sold out!) 


My pandemic size is 26, or 4. (Previously it was 25 or 0-2). I ordered a size 4 in these and they are definitely roomy (I think maybe because they have more stretch?) If these were regular times I would say they’re probably a little big, but this is exactly how I wanted them! 

Note on the length:

I’m 5’6 and ordered the regular length. I think they’re a little too long (I think the cropped length is much more flattering) so I chopped off a couple inches and made the hems raw after I took this photo and loved them! If you don’t want to DIY raw hem, maybe consider ordering the shorter verison? 

Fall striped sweater from amazon

(And here is the sweater front tucked!) 

White flannel button down from Outerknown

White flannel button-down: 

You know how much I love a white button-down, and this one from Outerknown (yep–brand Jess Kirby turned me on to that I became obsessed with over the summer!) might be my favorite ever winter version! It’s the perfect preppy, classic staple–now with a cozy twist! How have I never considered the concept of white button-down flannel? Absolutely genius!

Exciting news to share, too: After buying several of their items and then ruthlessly tagging them over the summer, they reached out to me to connect! ????????  They were nice enough to send me some fall items to try out–so that’s why you’re seeing several in this post! (These items have been gifted, FYI.) Hoping one day soon we can work together in a bigger capacity!


Runs oversized and boxy. I went with a size medium but I think I probably should’ve gone with small. Not a big deal though–I’m in love and have worn it several times already! Comes in lots of plaid colors too

white flannel and jeans outfit for Fall

Shirt, Jeans, Mules (not available in bone now, but have other colors!), similar scarf 

Fall wardrobe essential: Madewell 'perfect vintage' jeans: 

Madewell ‘perfect vintage’ jeans: 

Last Friday, Neal took a really big exam he’s been studying for for MONTHS. (It’s a specific financial designation called the CAIA). Since he took the exam downtown, I met him in Gold Coast for a celebratory fancy lunch outside at Gibsons! (They shut down the triangle at Rush street, so all the restaurants expanded out into the street for socially distanced dining–it’s so great!)

It felt SO amazing just to be out and about in the Gold Coast, that I popped into Madewell and treated myself to some new jeans and a sweater for the occasion. ????

These are the jeans–and I love them! I admit I didn’t try them on because I was lazy, so I just got the size 26 and hoped for the best. At first I thought they were too tight, but after wearing them a bit they definitely stretched out a bit and I think they’re so flattering and I love the vintage fit!


I do think they run a little bit small, but I like these as my [socially distanced] date night/out and about jeans. If I wanted them to be Pandemic pants, I would have gone up another size! 

[one-half-first]Madewell ruffle sweater outfit idea[/one-half-first][one-half]

how to style Madewell ruffle sweater


Madewell ruffle sweater: 

Another item I picked up when I was in Madewell. I had been stalking this one on their website though, and was so thrilled when I walked in and saw they had it in person! It was everything I’d hoped it would be. The girly ruffle detail is the thing I know will bring a smile to my face on a grey wintery day. 


TTS, wearing a small. 

Amazon Wubby sweater for Fall

Amazon Wubby!

Okay, this is a Wubby that isn’t technically a NAME BRAND Wubby, but it’s still damn good, especially for the price! This is also different than a Wubby in that it’s FLEECE lined (not sherpa lined, not jersey lined) but literally like–Dudley kind of material lined. “It’s different than the others” is how I justify this purchase to myself. ???? It’s fine, it’s $28. 


I went with a medium and I’m glad I did! It doesn’t really feel oversized, so I’d say it runs a TINY bit small. 

Aerie "offline" leggings AKA Lululemon Align dupes

Aerie “offline” leggings AKA Lululemon Align dupes!

I know, you’ve probably heard me chirp on and on about these leggings like 5 times already. It’s because they truly are magical. If you’re in the market for some new leggings, I can’t recommend these enough. These are definitely what I would consider “lounge” leggings–they’re so buttery and soft, so I wouldn’t say they’re supportive–again, just like the Align leggings! I’ve yet to discover any dupe that actually feels like the real thing, but these do!

I think if I had a blindfold on, I wouldn’t be able to tell these weren’t Lululemon. And I freaking LOVE Lululemon. They come in so many great colors (I love this neutral brown color, which is a nice change up from black leggings!) and are only $23! 


Run TTS. I got a small! 

Fall wardrobe essential: Outerknown Sweatshirt

Jeans, Sweatshirt, Sneakers (review of them here!) 

Outerknown Sweatshirt:

I have definitely been embracing more sweatshirts in my wardrobe than ever before, and I love that this sweatshirt has more of a feminine, “dressed up” touch than a lot of sweatshirts! It’s a bit cropped, and I love the feminine details of the sleeves! It’s terrycloth and definitely something you’ll want to lounge in, but also looks cute for running errands, or even dressing up to meet a friend for a socially distanced dinner! 


Runs snug, I sized up to a medium and I think it fits like a small

Amazon oversized cardigan outfit idea for Fall

Jeans, Sweatshirt, Sneakers (review of them here!) 

Amazon oversized cardi: 

Another recent Amazon purchase, because the curiosity got the best of me.

Okay, so, I will be honest and say I don’t think this sweater is for EVERYONE, but it does serve a very specific purpose. First of all, it’s $35, so it’s a wildly affordable option if you have been wanting a cardigan coat-like sweater thing that won’t break the bank.

Second, I love the way it looks and I love that it’s very roomy and oversized (especially in the sleeves) which means it’s great for layering over MORE chunky layers (like sweaters, flannels, etc–which my other cardigan coats are not and when I try to layer them over chunkier layers it makes the sleeves look like a sausage casing ????).

Therefore, it is the PERFECT top layer to wear around the house over other layers. (You know, when you want to wear a bathrobe, but that’s not acceptable to wear over Zoom.) Another perk is that it comes in like a day because of Prime, so, instant gratification. 

A caveat though:

It’s not soft. I wouldn’t say it’s like wildly scratchy, it just isn’t soft, so if you’re someone who is super sensitive to sweaters, you won’t want this one. It feels like I imagine Mr. Rogers cardigan would feel? This doesn’t bother me though, because I didn’t buy it to wear with tank tops or tees–so it’s never actually ON my skin if that makes sense? I was on the fence about keeping it for that reason, but I’m really glad I did. I know it will get a lot of wear! ???? Comes in tons of colors too! 

Aerie Joggers in Fall wardrobe

Shirt, Shoes Joggers

Aerie Joggers

Many MANY of you requested more ideas on how to style joggers this fall, so I added these to my order last minute and I am SO glad I did! Shaheen has been harping on me to get some Aerie joggers forever and let me tell you, they do not disappoint! They are so so soft. Love the faded olive color of these and the cut–they’re not too baggy, not too tight! This is a great Zoom friendly outfit if I’ve ever seen one!


True to size, I stuck with a small and they fit great. 


That’s all for today–let’s make it a great one! 

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