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Some Amazing New Blue Apron Features (and a $100 off Flash Sale!)

Feb 25, 2021

Some Amazing New Blue Apron Features

You guys didn’t think our Florida trip would keep me from my beloved Blue Apron, did you? (SURPRISE! I just had them ship our weekly boxes to our AirBnB! ????) 

I’m really thrilled to be teaming up with them again for Q1 (we first worked together starting Q4 of last year). Not only are they one of my favorite brand partners to work with, but their meals have made our lives so much easier (and more fun!) especially as it relates to cooking and grocery shopping in the pandemic. (And now, cooking and grocery shopping in the pandemic, while on a socially distanced AirBnB getaway. ????)

My absolute favorite part of working with them though is getting the many thankful DM’s from you saying you are loving BA and that it’s made your life just a little bit easier and more joyful during such a crazy time! ????(Here’s a screenshot of a DM I just got this week!) 

Blue Apron review

Some Amazing New Blue Apron Features (and a $100 off Flash Sale!)

You can read all about the reasons I adore Blue Apron in my first (and very in-depth blog post) where I answered all your FAQ’s, but in today’s post, I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of their new features they’ve rolled out that make our lives even EASIER. I know the lack of options is a drawback for a lot of people when it comes to trying a meal subscription service, so I think you’ll be really excited to hear about how flexible their menu options are! 

So if you’ve been wanting to try, now is an awesome time, not just because they have more customizable features now than ever, but also because they’ve brought back their flash sale and are offering an extra deep discount for my readers (Thanks BA!) Where you can save $100 across your first five boxes by purchasing through this link! 

So, let’s get into these exciting menu features, yes? ???? (Are you hungry yet? Because you might be after this!) 

Blue Apron amazing new features


Blue Apron features I love: 

BA’s Wellness Meals: 

Blue Apron Wellness Meals

I cannot be the only one that wants to get back to making my weeknight meals a LITTLE more health-focused. The pandemic hasn’t exactly been conducive to the healthiest eating habits. (We’re all just trying to SURVIVE and need to cut ourselves some slack!) So I do like that BA has several options with the “wellness” label every week that are designed to be more nutritional forward, lighter options! I think all of their meals are well balanced. But some are more indulgent than others (all very delicious) so I like that I have the option of choosing more healthy meals! 

Customizable Swaps right in your dashboard: 

blue apron Customizable Swaps

Another great feature they offer now? Customizable options! Perhaps you like the sound of one dish, but would prefer a different protein, or you wish they could swap quinoa for rice–now you can! (Click the “view options” button in your dashboard!) Here are some recent examples of swaps you can make with your weekly meals: 

With Italian style chicken and zucchini, sub quinoa for white rice. 

With Greek chicken and farro, swap chicken for shrimp.

With vegetarian cheesy tomato enchiladas, add ground pork chorizo.

With vegetarian wonton noodle stir fry, add thinly sliced beef.

With sheet pan pork and sour cherry sauce, swap the potatoes for cauliflower. 

Easy prep & cleanup meals: 

I love that you can easily scroll through the weekly menu and see how long each meal will take to make, and that there is even an “easy prep and cleanup” label! This is reserved for the EASIEST possible one-pan meals that (as one might guess based on the label…????) are the quickest to make AND the easiest to clean up. I realize this is a small thing, but it does really help make choosing your meals for the week as easy as possible! 

Easy prep & cleanup meals

meal delivery subscription service

[one-half-first]blue apron meal subscription review[/one-half-first][one-half]



why i love blue apron

To recap, I’ve shared these before, but here are some other reasons I really love about Blue Apron… 

1. It helps alleviate stress of meal prep, planning, or grocery shopping! (THE WORST.) 
2. They have a lot of variety of meals to choose from each week and everything is REALLY good (and I have very high flavor standards!) 

Every meal and recipe is so streamlined with step-by-step directions–basically just opening and dumping into a pan or a bowl!

3. It allows the “non-cooking partner” a lot more autonomy in the kitchen and the ability to take the reins.

I am the “main” cook between the two of us simply because I love cooking. But that gets old 5 nights per week. Sometimes I’m just exhausted and even though Neal gladly volunteers to cook, I don’t have the energy to dictate what to do. And we just end up resulting to takeout too often.

BUT, on BA nights, Neal often handles the cooking! Not that he isn’t willing to do that all the time, BA just makes it MUCH easier!

I can either play sous chef and we can enjoy cooking together (a role I’m not used to playing and is sometimes nice–ha!) or if I’m busy finishing a deadline, squeezing in a workout, whatever–I don’t even need to be in the kitchen at all (and he doesn’t need to interrupt me asking [completely fair] questions such as, “How do I thaw the ground chicken? Do I cut the zucchini the long or short way?” ????????

4. It still gives me the joy of cooking, just none of the stressful part!

Cooking is a source of fun and relaxation for me. So I still want to be able to be “cook” and enjoy the process, so I’m glad BA still allows me to do that. It just streamlines everything–so you still get to be creative and have fun with it. It just takes the more mundane and annoying parts out of the equation! 

Right now through February 28th, you can save $100 across your first five boxes if you purchase via my flash sale link right here!  

Not sure if it’s right for you? More questions about Blue Apron? I answered them all right here

Thank you so much to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 110% my own! 

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