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Snowball 2015 (Best night ever)

Feb 12, 2015

Last Saturday, Kelly, Mitch, Neal and myself attended the 27th annual Snowball, hosted by the Junior Council, which benefits Robert & Ann H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, benefitting it’s pediatric and adolescent HIV and AIDS programs. As it is every year, the ball (I like calling it a ball, it makes me feel like Cinderella) took place at the gorgeous great hall of Union Station.

Before the event, Kelly and I got ready at my place. Thanks to the help of Stylisted, we got to relax at home sipping 312’s instead of running around like crazy people to get our hair and makeup done. Kelly had her hair done by Christopher (who was amazing). I got my makeup done by Elizabeth (who was equally fabulous!) AND the best part is that I got to see her twice in the same week! She also did my makeup for this shoot this past Monday. (More to come on that soon!)

For those of you outside of Chicago, Stylisted is also available in LA and New York as well! It’s an in-home hair and makeup service that brings amazing, professional stylists to you.  If you’re interested in having your hair and/or makeup done (in your own home, sitting in your pajamas), be sure to use code “THEGOLDENGIRL” for 10 percent off!

After we were all done up, we changed into our dresses. I actually re-wore my dress from two years ago (because where else am I EVER going to get to wear this gown?) It’s from TopShop, and my shoes are from Zara, which are also old. (Sorry, no fun to shop this post.)

The boys arrived shortly after and we did a quick photo shoot, followed by a little pre-party at my place, (as well as some dancing with Noodle) and then headed to Snowball!

Obviously we headed straight to the food vendors–from Frontier (had to try the Alligator chili), Summer House Santa Monica, Taco Joint, Stella Barra, Zed451, and too many other great places to count–but didn’t get very far before we were lured in by the dance floor and awesome live band.

I also ran into several of you amazing blog readers, from here in Chicago and even as far as KANSAS CITY!! It was the coolest thing ever to get to meet all of you! It made my whole night!

Another highlight of the night: we actually made it to the end of the event! Usually I’m a total grandma and can never stay out late, but we did it! (Even though it ended with Kelly and I dancing alone in a weird section of vending machines–but whatever!)

Can’t wait for next year!

Photos by Kelly Larkin and TK Photography

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