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Snaps and Scopes–What’s your take?

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We talk about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest on the regular. But what about the other two: Snapchat and Periscope? In the age of rapidly evolving social media–how do you know which social platform bandwagon to jump on? I’ve been wondering about this for a long time, so I figured–why not ask you guys? 

I have to admit, I am majorly late to the Snapchat game. I don’t even know if I can call myself “late to the game” because I still don’t ever use it. My username is the one that I created like 5 years ago way before I even started blogging–jesskeys11. Do I even change that at this point? I feel like my mother when AOL instant messenger came out, trying to wrap her mind around “what those crazy kids are doing these days.” 

So, what are your thoughts on bloggers with Snapchat? Do you like following bloggers on Snapchat vs. Instagram? What kind of content would you like to see? 

One thing I do really love about Snapchat is that I view it as the “real life” version of Instagram. Nothing has to be pretty, it’s just a fun, behind-the-scenes look at life! Right? Or am I wrong?  Is it one of those things that’s on its way out and I should just cut my losses and let this one slide? 

(By the way, if you’re a blogger looking for some great Snapchat tips, head on over to Wandeleur and read this article!) 

Then, on the other hand, there’s Periscope, which I feel I am a slight early adapter of, I like to think. So far–I love it! If you don’t know what Periscope is, it’s essentially a live video broadcast with a chat box. So in essence, you and I could talk to each other in real time, just like we were together in person. Isn’t that so much cooler than any other social network? 

I’ve done a couple Scopes so far–one on some of my favorite new beauty products, some of my favorite Target finds, and then one that was more blogging focused–where I shared tips and tricks about getting started with photography, and the details on the camera and lens I use. They were really fun! Have you checked out Periscope yet? Who do you like following? (By the way, follow me over there @JessKeys_)!

In general, what do you think? Would you like to see more GG content on these platforms? If so, what kind? I’m all ears! 

In other news, I’m running around like a crazy person with Kelly and Maya today shooting ALL KINDS of holiday content. So you just might want to tune into Periscope later (@JessKeys_) to see some behind the scenes sneak peaks. Just sayin’ 

Happy Thursday!