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Borrowing from the Seventies

Dec 14, 2016


Wrap coat: old but identical here, and also similar here (I also love this camel version! So pretty! There I go on the camel again.) // Suede mini skirt: also old, but Madewell makes an even cuter version. (They keep re-stocking and then selling back out, so if you don’t see your size, check back frequently!) There’s also this version from Nordstrom, which is a more minimal design, without the snap front! I also love this dark wine colored scalloped version!) // OTK boots: Blondo (they’re waterproof, too!), I tried this pair on as well, but they were too wide for me–they would be great for normal calves!) // Camel Sweater: Nordstrom (it’s only $39 and SO SOFT!) It comes in a dark hunter green, black, and grey, too! Leopard Clutch: Nordstrom (also comes in a non-fold-over version!) // Lipstick: MAC “Lady Danger” (part of this adorable 4 mini’s kit!) // Jewelry: Kendra Scott Candice Cuff and Elton Cuff bracelets


There’s something about seventies fashion I’ve always been drawn to. (Think more of the classic elements, less the hippie boho parts). It reminds me of my parents wedding photos and how my mom looked so doe-eyed and beautiful. She obviously wasn’t wearing any suede mini skirts or over the knee boots, but something about her classic beauty makes me nostalgic for that time period. Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to classics–they make me feel like I’m part of another era!

I put this outfit together on accident, actually, but I was experimenting and it just clicked. I felt like I had stepped out of the original Charlie’s Angel’s. I love the combination of camel (a color that always makes you look chic and pulled together, and if we’re being honest–expensive ;-P) with black and brown.

I’ve been wearing this sweater constantly–it’s so soft, I even convinced Kelly to get it, haha! (We’re the worst influences on one another).

She sent me a picture of she and Emma over the weekend and I wrote back (all caps, obviously): “DID YOU BUY THE CAMEL SWEATER?!” She texted back: “It’s so amazing!! It feels like cashmere but it’s WASHABLE!” (I couldn’t have said it better myself!)

Last week’s camel sweater discussion also sparked a conversation about sweater length. It’s a little cropped, so it’s perfect for tucking in!

You see, I’m a big advocate of the front tuck, side tuck, or total tuck when it comes to sweaters, because not doing so makes me feel like a rectangular sausage with no waist. If you want to instantly make yourself look thinner, tuck in your sweater. It’s an easy way to define your waist and look more put-together. This is another reason why I love high-rise jeans. They make your legs look longer, and when you tuck in your sweater–BAM. So much more flattering than the low-rise jeans + non-tucked sweater alternative.

Kelly has NOT been a fan of this combination in the past, swearing it’s not for her and that she didn’t like “short sweaters” (????….You know when your friend has strange quirks about certain things and you have to straight up tell her she’s a WEIRDO?) But then I convinced her to try this one, DESPITE the fact that it was not a “long sweater” and she was quick to jump on my bandwagon 😉

Anyway, this magical sweater is only $39, and comes in several different colors. If you’ve been looking for a great sweater as a gift, I can’t say enough good things. All this babbling on and on about it, I’m tempted to go put it back on, I miss it so much. (Even though I wore it yesterday. And two days before that, and then 3 times the week before that.)

Shop all sweater colors (only $39!) 

Okay, moving ON.

These boots? I’m a broken record, you guys. I KNOW. But they’re so amazing, such a great price, and are starting to sell out, so if you’ve been wanting a pair of OTK boots this season, jump on them before they’re gone! I wear them multiple times per week, and if you have narrow calves like me–this is the one pair that will ACTUALLY fit.

I also really love my suede skirt (similar version here)– I got it years ago and never imagined I’d get as much wear out of it as I do. It looks really cute with tights for winter, and great with lace-up wedges in fall.

In other news, I got to Oregon last night! I love it here in the winter. It’s so pretty when there’s snow on the ground! I’m so glad I got my Canada Goose just in time for these basically negative temps. I’ve been wearing that and my Sorel Slimpack boots, and this tartan scarf and gloves like a uniform both in Chicago and now here in Oregon!





Okay, bye for now. I’m off to hold my new niece 😉

Photos by Julie Kennedy 

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