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6 Sweet and Sentimental Wedding Ideas

Jun 8, 2016


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A little wedding planning update…

Alright, there is no update. Ha! We haven’t settled on any details yet, however, I am going dress shopping again today with my blogger besties Kelly, Blair and Shaheen! Be sure to follow along on snapchat (jesskeys11) and we’ll show you sneak peaks if we can! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about “the little things” regarding our wedding, since there is so much up in the air with the “big details.” (I.E. location, venue, etc.) I could easily be described as an anti-bride–I don’t want all the fuss that comes along with a big wedding, and the “wedding” itself pales in comparison to how excited and lucky I am to be married to the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. 

That being said, it’s the smaller, sentimental details I’m most looking forward to planning–here are a few “little things” I’d love to incorporate into our big day: 

1. Get a photo of me holding my favorite photo of my mother on her wedding day. 

I have this teeny tiny photo of my mom on her wedding day in a little frame that I’ve taken everywhere with me ever since I moved out. It’s currently sitting on a side table in my living room as we speak. I get emotional almost every time I look at it, if you saw it, you’d know why. She’s so stunning and beautiful, and something about that photo just means so much to me. I’d love to have a photo of me holding it in my wedding dress to frame. 

2. Give guests a “ceremony beverage” symbolic of the two of us. 

Wedding ceremonies can often be boring and stuffy, and we’d like ours to be just the opposite–in fact, I’d love if guests can grab a bottle of our favorite beer, or our favorite drink before they sit down for the ceremony. 


3. Wear my sister’s garter that my Granny hand made. 

When my sister got married when I was twelve (we’re 10 years apart!) my Granny made her this beautiful garter incorporating some of the material from my mother’s wedding dress and my Granny’s dress, with a pretty blue ribbon woven through–of course, something old, new, borrowed, and  blue! I remember looking at it as a little girl thinking, “I hope I get to wear that one day.” Now that my Granny is no longer with us, it holds even more sentimental meaning and significance. 

4. Include a bottle of wine on each table for guests to write on, to open on each anniversary. 

I obviously saw this on Pinterest, but thought it was such a cute idea. We’ve done “wine showers” for my girlfriends before, and they always turned out so cute. It could easily be replicated with tables at the reception. I’m thinking of creating custom blank labels, and sticking them on our favorite bottles of wine–and you open the bottle corresponding with each table number on that anniversary! Plus, it would be such a cute tradition to read everyone’s notes on the bottles while drinking it each year. 

5. Instead of walking into the reception and cutting the cake, get everyone onto the dance floor.

The first time I saw this was at our friends, Kraig and Alessandra’s wedding in Florida. They announced the wedding party as usual, but when the bride and groom were announced, the band started playing “Uptown Funk” and everyone pretty much rushed the dance floor. My face hurt from laughing, everyone was having so much fun! I like this idea so much better than announcing the bride and groom and then (womp womp) cutting the cake. It totally sets the tone for the rest of the night. (Plus, we both hate cake. Bleh.) 

6. The last verse of our first dance song (this is one thing we’ve decided on, and it’s a long one!), invite everyone else to dance with us. 

The one thing we have decided on is our first dance song. This was pretty much a given–it had become “our song” years ago, and holds a lot of meaning for both of us. However, the song is nearly 5 minutes long and has several verses, so we’re thinking of inviting our guests up to join in on the last couple verses. 

What are your favorite sentimental wedding traditions? I’d love to hear (steal!?) them! 

P.S. If you haven’t read our engagement post, (I still tear up thinking about it) you can see it (with photos!) here

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