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What makes you feel beautiful? (My secret wedding guest weapon.)

Jul 25, 2016

What to wear to a wedding


When asked the question, “what makes you feel beautiful?” my first answer will likely be “a feminine dress” or “red lipstick.” 

While those are true, there’s something else that goes on that list that I realized, I’ve kind of been keeping in the dark. It’s often the first thing I reach for when I’m getting all dolled up and striving to look my most beautiful. (Especially when I’m dressing up to attend a wedding!) 

What is it? 

My shapewear. 

Yep. I went there. Why not? Nobody is perfect! We’ve all got a little somethin’ to suck in.

Let’s be honest–forget your “classic white button-up” or “go-to nude pumps”–your slimming shapewear is the real workhorse of your wardrobe! 

You know–those high-waisted undies that suck in ALL that extra stuff you don’t want pooching out in your slinkiest dress? (It’s the best.) Because life is never fun when you always say no to the pizza. I’d rather have my pizza with a side of shapewear every once and awhile than just stick to the salad. (Live a little, right?) 

Deciding to “say yes” to shapewear was the easy part, but took me awhile to find the right pair. I found some that were comfortable and sucked you in at all the right spots, but had those long pant legs that gave your skinny secret away in a mini dress–or when your dress would momentarily fly up, exposing your upper thighs (and granny girdle) on the dance floor. (BUSTED.)

Because, really–why do you need thigh slimmers when you’re in a dress? Nobody can see your thighs! I wanted all the tummy tightening without all the old-lady-ness. 

Finally–I found them! They’re from Maidenform, and they’re easy on the wallet, too! I don’t leave the house in a dress without ’em. If you’re feeling rather goldi-lock-ish about your shapewear too, I suggest you give them a try. I really do love them! 

My other wedding guest must-haves? The perfect little black slip dress (fun fact: I’ve actually had this one since I was 20!), red lipstick, and sleek hollywood waves


The best shapewear for your Little Black Dress
Maidenform Shapewear Review


What makes you feel beautiful? 

Thank you to Maidenform for partnering on this post! 

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