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Rose Gold Spring Makeup Tutorial

Apr 7, 2017

I love rose gold.

Gold and rose gold everything–gimme all of it!

Fun fact: Way back when, I even wanted a rose gold engagement ring!

Although jewelry is the most obvious way to get my rose gold fix, I recently saw my friend Rachel of The Beauty Professor (we met on my recent London trip!) wearing rose gold eyeshadow and it looked SO lovely that I had to test it out for myself. #ArmyPantsandFlipFlops

Gold and rosey eyeshadows are a really great way to play around with color, even if your more of a neutral gal (like me!) so I’m excited to be partnering with my favorite beauty retailers, Sephora, today to share this easy tutorial along with some of my favorite new products!

A few weeks ago you may remember me sharing a behind the scenes Instagram story opening a package I received from Sephora! It had several products inside by Natasha Denona, a smaller makeup designer based in Tel Aviv. Her products are known for being super blendable, pigmented, and creamy.

She’s also one of Sephora’s featured “Scouted” brands. (There’s a whole section of their site that features their top editor picks each month, which highlights smaller brands that you may not have discovered otherwise! Just one of the many reasons I love Sephora! We’ll dive more into that below!)

Start with your base:

First up is Natasha Denona’s foundation, which I apply with a damp beauty blender. It’s full coverage, so I’ve been using this on days where I have more redness or breakouts, or if I’m doing a shoot. Make sure to use a primer beforehand! (I love Benefit’s pore minimizing primer.)

I then set it with a dusting of setting powder. (I really like bareMinerals Mineral Veil!) Then I applied concealer to my under-eyes (again, with a damp beauty blender)–this one from Burberry is my absolute favorite under-eye concealer. I then applied blush + bronzer (I love this dual-palette from NARS!)

Brows + Eyes

When it comes to makeup, the more jobs a single product can do, the higher it ranks on my favorites list! I love Natasha Denona’s Star Palette because it has so many pretty shadow colors AND a perfect neutral dark brown that I use to fill in my brows and line my lower and upper eyelids.

I used the “Vega” eyeshadow from the palette–which is a light rosy color–as my eyeshadow base, applying it in a stippling motion to my entire lid. (Note: the colors and coverage differ depending on if you apply them with a brush or your finger, so experiment with both! They’re definitely more concentrated with a brush!)

I followed that with “Rhea” on the outside of my lids–which is this amazing rose gold hue with a little bit of metallic sheen to make a subtle statement that’s still natural looking. The best part about these eyeshadows is that they’re really blendable and buildable, so you can use a little or a lot depending on the look you’re going for.

I finished up my eyes by curling my lashes (more about my favorite eyelash curler here!) and applying my favorite mascara–Dior’s Iconic Overcurl Mascara.

Finishing touches:

Okay, so this “finishing” touch isn’t exactly unique to this specific tutorial–I’ve been using both her highlighting powder and cream highlighter stick daily ever since I got them in the mail! I really love both formulas, so it kind of depends on which you prefer–powder or cream–and what you’re using them for. I love that both give you a really dewy looking glow–like you’ve just put on moisturizer–rather than looking glittery or sheen-y. (Is sheen-y a word? You know what I mean though, right?!)

Here, I finished off my look using her cream highlighter. I love to apply it on my cheeks, down the front of my nose, and then put a bit on my finger to dab on my inner eyes (this gives you such a fresh-faced look!) and a bit on my lips as well! There’s also a body glow that I’m excited to try this summer, too!

Finally, I swiped on some pinky gloss (I used bareMinerals Buttercream gloss in “Forbidden“) over the bit of highlighter I applied to my lips…and ta da! Finished!


A personal note on why I love Sephora so much:

A couple more reasons why I love Sephora so much (I’m a VIB insider to prove it–AKA I have a problem and can’t walk in that store without dropping $100!)

1. The skill and knowledge of their staff is unparalleled.

There are so many life-changing products I’ve discovered by simply asking them for advice.

For example–remember when I told you about the time I used too much prescription acne medication at once and it made my entire face peel of the day of my engagement party? Where did I go? Sephora. An angel who worked in the skincare department named Kai sent me out of the store with this Pineapple Enzyme peel and saved my life. (You can read the full story here if you’re curious!)

I also really like getting my makeup done here, and often will time up buying new products with an event. You get a 45 minute makeup session with any purchase of $50 or more. I figure, if I’m buying products anyway, I might as well take advantage of getting my makeup done for free, right!? I always learn so much from getting my makeup done–fun fact: this is where I learned how to highlight and contour!

2. They go above and beyond to make sure you love every product. 

Makeup is such a personal thing–what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another–we all have different skin types, skin tones, levels of dryness, oiliness, heck, even different types of breakouts.

For this reason, when I’m investing in a high-end product (which I do often, because I always choose splurging on beauty over clothing! Clothing trends come and go, but you only get one face!) I make sure I buy from somewhere that has an understanding return policy. Nobody wants to spend $50 or more on something that isn’t guaranteed to work for them!

At Sephora, you can get a generous sample of pretty much anything you want, AND you can bring back anything you aren’t happy with for a full refund within 60 days!

(No you guys, they didn’t ask me to write about any of these things–I just truly love them so much and think this makes a huge difference!)

What do you think? Would you try this look out for yourself?

Big thanks to one of my favorite beauty retailers, Sephora, for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep GG up and running! 

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