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Recent Spring Buys (& Shopbop Sale!)

Apr 12, 2017

Is it just me, or does it seem like there was JUST an awesome Shopbop sale a few weeks back?

(Crazy enough, that was February. Two months back! Yikes! Where does the time go!?)

Well, exciting news. Their latest sale just launched today and there are two awesome offers to take advantage of…

Save 20% on orders under $500

Save 25% on orders over $500!

Today, I’m highlighting some of my favorite Shopbop purchases that just came in earlier this week! (Andddd perfect timing: They’re all part of the sale!) Make sure to use code EVENT17 at checkout!

I’ll be styling them on the blog soon, but until then, here’s the scoop on what I bought, sizing, fit, and more!

Splendid Slip Dress

I own a slip tank (is that even a term?) that looks exactly like this and I wear it everywhere–dressed up, dressed down, winter or summer. I knew I needed a classic black slip dress to add to my collection and was waiting for the perfect one–here it is!

Splendid is a brand I’ve worn for years (starting in high school!) They’re known for their super soft materials and relaxed, classic fits. This slip dress is just as I expected–insanely soft with a relaxed, romantic silhouette.

Sizing & Fit: Splendid’s fit is more relaxed than others, so size down if you prefer more form fitted. It will look so cute with a belt around the waist, too! I ordered a small, but considering exchanging for an XS.

Ruffle-Sleeve Bow Top

[one-half-first][/one-half-first][one-half] [/one-half]

Alright, alright. You guys, I’m not going to lie. I spent the better half of 20 minutes trying to make this shirt look good on a hanger for the photo.

Let’s just call it what it is: This shirt does NOT look good on a hanger, people. (Let’s hope I never find myself working in retail, because I would be fired immediately.)

HOWEVER. While it looks like a preppy pirate garage bag on the hanger, it looks really freaking amazing on your body. The sleeves are so. Dang. Cute. The neckline is so flattering, and I love how it’s a wrap shirt that wraps around and ties in a bow in the front!

Sizing: True to size, I wear a small!

Cupcakes & Cashmere Striped Peplum Top

This is my first piece from the Cupcakes and Cashmere line, and I have to say, I’m really impressed! Also, it’s REALLY cool wearing a piece of clothing your favorite blogger designed! This shirt has navy stripes, and I love the sweetheart neckline and button detail!

Sizing: Runs big up top. If you typically need more room in the bust, order your regular size. If not, order a size down!

Splendid Linen Mini Strip Tee

I loveee comfy t-shirts. I also lovveee stripes. Anddddd ruffles.

BAM. Hello, dream t-shirt.

I thought this Splendid tee would mix up my t-shirt collection a little with the fancy ruffle sleeves and all. How cute does it look with high-waisted jean shorts?!

Levi’s “Wedgie” Jean Shorts

Something my younger self didn’t know would be so difficult when envisioning myself in my late twenties: shopping for jean shorts.

Or, Jorts. As I like to call them.

Fun fact: Freshman year of college I volunteered to participate in a sorority intramural flag football game (I know, this sounds ludicrous. I was new and REALLY trying to make friends). Not being athletically inclined, I showed up in a pair of jean shorts. I realized this was an embarrassing oversight when everyone else was wearing nike running shorts and zip-ups.

Two girls on the opposing team jokingly started taunting me–”WHO’S COVERING JORTS!?” “GUYS DON’T WORRY, I GOT JORTS COVERED!”

Obviously, we became great friends. So every time I pull on a pair of jorts, I think of Abby and Grace.

So, to bring this full circle, I’ve always loved jorts. I just have been struggling lately on what jorts are age-appropriate for an almost 29 year old.

The answer: high-waisted, cuffed, not too long-not too short, Levi’s Wedgie Shorts. YAY!

Sizing & Fit: I find that Levi’s are typically true to size. (I wear a 26). So that’s what I ordered. I will say, if they were any smaller, they would be too small, but they fit just perfectly. They also have some give to them. I wore them around the house all day yesterday and they were really comfortable. They aren’t TOO high-rise, they come to about my belly button, and they have a 4″ inseam, so they cover your behind but don’t look like mom shorts. (Sorry mom.)

Splendid “Colleen” Sandals

Truth be told I honestly didn’t realize how much Splendid stuff I bought until I wrote this post, haha!

The “Colleen” sandals are my first pair of Splendid shoes and I have to say I really love them. I typically buy one pair of all-purpose sandals each summer and wear them 7 days a week for almost every occasion, andddd I think I’ve found them 😉 They also come in black!

Sizing & Fit: Runs true to size, I wear an 8 in flats. They’re really comfortable and don’t rub in any weird places. The leather is soft but not that buttery soft kind that gets stained in 5 seconds. All in all, perfect summer sandals.

What great spring essentials have you found lately?

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