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Do you really need a wedding band?

Jul 20, 2016


Photo via Style Me Pretty 

Even before Neal and I even got engaged, I knew I would be a far less traditional bride than any of my other friends. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a beautiful, classic, traditional wedding–the kind we dream about as little girls. But personally, I find myself asking, “do we really want that?” more often than not.

One of those items in question–a wedding band.

Not a “band” of the musical variety–(although, that’s another thing we’re trying to figure out–band or DJ, what’s your take?) I’m talking the extra set of diamonds that typically accompanies your engagement ring after you tie the knot. Nearly every time I catch up with a friend, they grab my hand excitedly and ask, “so what are you thinking for your wedding band!?

Here’s the thing though–I love my ring! I couldn’t possibly love it more. Neal did such a fantastic job with it and the fact that he created it totally on his own makes it so special. I feel so loved every time I look at it. Besides–it’s so perfectly simple, that I fear adding any additional hardware would take away from it.

Is that a bad thing? Am I a weirdo to not want more diamonds on my finger? Doesn’t one beautiful ring signify the same thing as two?

A work around: I’ve heard of many people wearing their engagement ring and wedding ring on different hands. For example, wearing your wedding band on your right ring finger, with your engagement ring on your life, or vice-versa. I like the option of having a simple gold band for instances like travel, or occasions where I don’t want to wear my engagement ring–but is that really necessary?

It seems like when there are so many other things to pay for, a wedding band at this point seems like extra fluff?

What do you think? I’d love to know! Help me decide!


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