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Reader Obsessions: Vol. 1

Reader Obsessions: Vol.1

Happy Friday!

I hope you have some fun plans going into the weekend! We’re staying in the city, hoping to catch up with some friends, and Monday I leave for Nashville along with Shaheen and Anna to visit ABLE’s headquarters! I’m so excited!

Seeing that we’re going into the weekend, today seemed like a perfect day to reveal my fun new series: a roundup of little obsessions that are giving you joy right now! I asked for your submissions in Instagram stories a couple weeks back, and originally intended this to just be one post, but I got so many submissions that it seemed like a great idea to turn into a new series! Let’s jump in.

Reader Obsessions: Vol.1: 6 little things you’re loving right now:

1. Soupercubes:

What an amazing invention! A great way to freeze anything leftover–like soup, broth (obviously, as the name would suggest) but what about other things you never use a full carton or can of? Like coconut milk, tomato sauce, chiles in adobo–I’m also curious if this would be a good way to pre-make smoothie starters for June. (Can blend fruit and veggies together, freeze and then just throw it in the blender with milk to make it in the AM!?) I’m going to try it and report back!

2. Ceramic box cutter:

I definitely thought box cutters were the dumbest invention (why can’t you just use scissors?) but Neal has been scolding me for making our kitchen shears dull because I use them on boxes 😂 It just so happens that ceramic box cutters were one of your very popular submissions in the latest obsessions category so I decided that maybe it was a sign. This cute retractable one comes in a three pack or individual pack–and has such cute colors! It does a great job and is great at opening boxes without being sharp enough to cut someone (i.e. June). Reluctantly I must admit–it was a worthwhile purchase after all.

3. Dieux reusable eye masks:

Okay. This was far and away the MOST submitted option! Which is wild because I’ve never heard of these before. Apparently these are reusable eye masks that you put your OWN favorite eye cream in. What a great invention! It allows for maximum absorption of your product, making it effective for hydration, targeting fine lines, and more!

4. Scalp massager from Amazon:

This little thing has been making its away around my Instagram story feed and I wasn’t surprised when I saw it as a submission from one of you! I ordered it after Ashley and Bailey raved about it–saying that using it in the shower with their shampoo helps them extend their hair in between washes even further! I succumbed to the curiosity and after a couple washes, I agree! You know how your hair always lasts the longest after you get it shampooed at the salon? It’s like that! It just helps you get a really deep clean. I have also used it after using dry shampoo powder to really rub it in and I think it worked great for that, too!

5. Eufy robo vacuum:

Second to the reusable eye masks, this was another hugely popular submission–especially for pet owners and toddler moms. (Am I going to need one of these soon? 😂) It’s an investment but not as expensive as a lot of vacuums, and it’s marked down to $249 today on Amazon!

6. HyperChiller for coffee and wine:

This sounds like the BEST invention ever. The only reason I haven’t ordered it yet is because I don’t think I have the freezer space for it in my dinky condo freezer drawer. (But maybe I could get one for the lake house!? 🧐) It chills coffee, wine, and any other beverage you want INSTANTLY. (Oooh I bet it would be great to chill vodka for martinis too!) How amazing is that?

Hope you have the best weekend!