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25+ Random Acts of Kindness to Implement Today!

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Implement Today

Happy Wednesday. This week is flying by–do you agree? 

Today felt like a good day to refresh a heartwarming post from the archives: 25+ ideas from you all on little ways to make someone else’s day. I know a lot of us feel sad, anxious, angry and helpless at the moment with everything going on in the world. I think everyone could benefit from more acts of kindness–and sometimes the smallest ones can make the biggest difference (for you, and for them!) After all, is there any quicker pick-me-up than making someone else’s day? 

Hope this feel-good post can be a bright spot in your day! 

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Implement Today:

1. Buy coffee for the person in line behind you

This was by far the most submitted act of kindness, and for a great reason! What better way to start your day off than with a kind gesture from a stranger? Plus, this act tends to have an amazing ripple effect! Consider starting the chain the next time you stop in for a cup of coffee! Another reader who works at Starbucks said that oftentimes one person will start this, and it will keep going for hours! ❤️I love this so much!

2. Make your friend who is going through a sad or stressful time a happiness jar filled with compliments so they can pull one out anytime they’re feeling down

I love this one! Check out this list of compliments that have nothing to do with physical appearance for inspiration!

3. Sing or play with the baby in front or behind you in line so moms can checkout with ease

Of course, offer your assistance beforehand, but this is a sweet gesture that can make a mom’s outing so much easier!

4. Offer to help someone across the street under your umbrella in the rain

So simple, so nice!

5. Send a just-because card, snail mail!

As reader Hannah put it, “Handwritten cards are better than 80% of gifts.”

6. Send a care package to those who are going through a health diagnosis/crisis

Make a homemade package or go straight to the experts- Small Packages makes curated gift boxes (each at three price points–$35, $50, $100) for all occasions (good and bad). (Try code JESSKEYS for 15% off–not sure if it still works, but worth a shot!) 

7. Pay it forward!

This idea comes from Annie who said, “I saw a woman give a homeless man her blanket, so then I bought her a Starbucks to pay it forward!” The next time you see someone doing something nice, consider treating them as a thank you, or pay it forward to someone else!

8. Leaving out goodies, sodas or water for the hardworking delivery folks

Such a simple way to thank your delivery/mailmen and women. 

9. Go out of your way to get the door for someone with a stroller, wheelchair, or anyone!

Also, eye contact and a friendly smile can go along way!

10. Venmo a friend $10 for a pick-me-up after a bad day

This literally takes no time at all! Tell her its for a glass of wine, or even an Uber home from work so she can get into her PJ’s faster and doesn’t have to take the subway!

11. Leave a coworker a compliment post-it on their desk (or virtually)

Also a nice idea for partners or roommates who stay up late working/writing/studying!

12. Give a compliment (especially at work)

So simple, but so impactful. Office morale is everything and compliments and acknowledging good work can go a long way in boosting that!

13. Bring a snack/coffee to your next appointment

The next time you see your hairdresser, therapist or manicurist, consider bringing them a pick-me-up!

14. Pay off someone’s layaway at Walmart

It’ll be a wonderful surprise when they come to pick it up!

15. Knock on a neighbor’s door

Abbey said it made her whole day when a neighbor came by to give her cookies and compliment her Christmas tree! It’s the little things sometimes that make the biggest difference.

16. Encourage people who are working hard

I love this one, because it’s so universal, takes NO time and NO money! Whether it’s the person next to you at a workout class, a construction worker out in the heat or a cashier dealing with a long line, give them a compliment acknowledging their hard work and encourage them to keep going!

17. Check on senior neighbors

Whether it’s checking in, bringing a meal or helping them out with yard work, paying senior neighbors a visit is a great act of kindness!

18. Help the mom struggling to get through airport security solo

I can vouch for this one–solo parents always appreciate an extra hand when it’s offered! Also, when you see a kid having a meltdown in public, give their parent a friendly, understanding smile–or better yet, tell them it’s okay and that they’re doing a great job!

Other acts of kindness GG readers have received:

Jill says her brother and sister-in-law paid for her new car tires.

We always think of “nice things” to give as gifts, but I think sometimes helping to cover unexpected (or annoying) expenses for a friend or family member can be much more impactful! 

D says, “A woman at the airport restaurant secretly paid for my partner and I’s dinner for no reason!” 

I love this! A lot of you said you like to pay for drinks/coffee for people at the airport, too. What a great way to boost someone’s fun vacation or brighten their travels if its a gloom occasion.

Samantha’s coworker baked an extra item for her at an office potluck when she was going through a tough time.

I love this idea! Consider baking double for your next potluck for coworkers who have a lot going on! (Would be so great for a new mom or dad, too!)

“After a tough year, an anonymous person left a nail salon gift card in my mailbox” -Rachel

I love the anonymous angle!

“Once I told someone I was interested in the book she was reading. She had just finished and just gave it to me–– it made my day!” – Julia

After her father passed away, Julian’s friend sent her outfits for the funeral and wake. 

What an incredibly kind gesture during an unimaginably difficult time! The last thing you want to worry about is what to wear–what an amazing friend!

“In a fender bender while traveling, the other party took me to their house for tea because I was so shaken up” – Leah 

Such a good example of not focusing on silly little things and prioritizing kindness instead!

Morgan says a stranger changed her flat tire in the grocery store parking lot in their church clothes!

This made me think of my father-in-law. So something he would do!

“A stranger witnessed someone hitting my car, followed them, called the police, and left a note on my car with all the details” – Andrea

WOAH. That is next-level good Samaritan!!


Thanks to everyone who submitted their favorite acts of kindness and I hope this made your day!

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