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How quickly does your style evolve?

Jun 7, 2016

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Photo via My Domaine

How has your style evolved over the years? 

In this instance, I’m referring to my taste when it comes to interior design. When Neal and I moved into our one bedroom less than a year ago, I was adamant about “all white everything.” 

White walls, white towels, white bedding, grey couch, neutral rugs–the lighter colored it was, the better. 

I attribute this fact to years of working at my biggest design crush website, The Everygirl–around my two friends/design idols, Danielle and Alaina’s influence–styling their homes in incredibly gorgeous neutrals. I had admired this style from afar for years, but never really actually put it into place myself, because, well–I had never owned any furnishings of my own.

Prior to moving in with Neal, I lived with 3 other roommates in apartments filled with a mish-mash of hand me down furniture and botched DIY projects we’d attempted over the years. I definitely hadn’t had any opportunities to really form my own style. So of course, why wouldn’t I just copy what my most talented design-savvy friends were doing? I loved their style, so of course, that’s the kind of home I wanted to emulate. 

So I did. When it came time to move into our very first apartment, I snapped up all the neutral furnishings that I could, and painted all my walls white. Every day I would Gchat Danielle, “do we like these chairs!? And, “how do I arrange this!?” (Sorry Danielle, I was so annoying!) 

But then, I noticed how much I really did like color. Not too much color, but different pops of patterns, bright rugs, and fun pillows–wait, maybe I don’t want all-white everything after all? Then I did this DIY navy wall behind my bar cart and it seemed like that was the project that opened Pandoras box, leading the way to developing a style that was more of my own. 

I’ve always been drawn to vintage stores and the eclectic, perfectly imperfect style that comes along with them. So, why I was trying to fit my style into an all-neutrals Pinterest box? I’m not really sure–but furnishing this little apartment has definitely been a journey. 

And now that we’re on the hunt to buy a home of our own (surprise! More on that here if you missed it!), it really has my mind churning about what I want to keep, and want I want to evolve. But then in the back of my head, I’m like, “am I just going to change my mind again in 8 months!?” 

Here’s what I’ve settled on so far: I still love all-white walls, but I love deep, dark accent walls, too–especially when accompanied with gallery walls. I love the collected look achieved when combining styles from different decades. I also like what I like, and I’ve grown more comfortable with that. 

How has your style changed over the years (or months)? In terms of developing your own unique decorating style, what have you noticed along the way? 


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