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My Everyday Hair Curling Tutorial: How to Get Undone Waves in 7 Minutes or Less

How to Get Undone Waves in 7 Minutes or Less

Above: What my hair looks like after I use this method! (Note, this is a super old photo! The only thing available still is my tank, which is the Everlane Air Cami––still one of my favorite wardrobe staples!) 

Fam, we all made it another week in quarantine! GO US! 

A few highlights of the week:

My virtual French lesson and subscribing to The Fitness Marshall’s paid dance workout videos on YouTube! (His paid 45 min workouts combine dance with strength!) I’ve been struggling to find workout motivation but his dance videos are so much fun and they get me moving and boost my mood at the same time! (I love dancing and danced all throughout high school and miss it so much––although I will be the first to admit I am not naturally gifted in that department. ????) We also started grilling for the first time all year, so it’s starting to feel like spring! 

What were some highlights from your week!? 

How to Get Undone Waves in 7 Minutes or Less

Today, I decided it would be a good day to re-publish my everyday hair curling tutorial that I filmed a couple years back, because I still get asked about it a lot!  Plus, we’ve all got some extra time on our hands now, so I feel like now is a great time for picking up some new hairstyling tricks. ???? ANDDD the cherry on top: my curling iron is on sale right now! 

There are a few different ways that I curl my hair depending on the situation and the occasion, but 9 times out of 10, it’s this method because it’s quickest and easiest! (Side note, if I have more time, I love doing these Old Hollywood curls, which I mention in the video! Please note this post is VERY OLD. Throwback.)

This curling method takes, I kid you not–10 minutes at the max. I usually say 10 to give myself a buffer in case it takes you longer (because then I would feel bad) but if we’re being honest, I can do it in 7. SEVEN minutes. (And I have a lot of hair!) I hope this method helps you get out the door faster, too! (You know, in the future, when we can go in public again.)

Remember, it’s not supposed to look perfect–that’s the point! So don’t fuss over it too much. “Perfect” is sooo passé.

What products I typically use to curl my hair: 

Curling Iron: I use the t3 “whirl” with the 1″ barrel. You can buy them as a set from Sephora (which I would recommend if you want variety in your curls, it’s like having 3 curling irons in one!) or you can buy separates––the wand and base are both on sale right now on the T3 website or SephoraSO MANY t3 separates are on sale right now! 


If you have a regular curling iron (like with a clip) you can TOTALLY still do this! Just wrap your hair around the iron like it’s a wand! You’ll get the same effect. 

Dry Shampoo: Here I used Living Proof Dry Shampoo to add some volume and give my hair that “freshly washed” look. I think if you’re looking for all “all-in-one” product, this product is amazing. It does a great job cleaning your hair, making it smell amazing, and adding volume and texture. See my other favorite dry shampoos reviewed here

To use: Spray liberally at the roots for volume and lift, and lightly down the mid-sections and ends to give some texture.

Hair Spray: Hair spray is one area I haven’t really found “clean” alternatives for, so that’s definitely on my to-do list. But in general, I’m not hugely picky about hair spray, I just don’t like something that makes my hair crunchy. Tresemme Tres Two is usually what I pick up when I’m at Walgreens or CVS and I absolutely love Kenra (it smells amazing and it works really well! It’s what my hairstylist who did my wedding hair used on my wedding day, so you know it’s good!)

Oribe sprays: Oribe’s Apres Beach spray is also very interchangeable with their Dry Texture Spray. I use both as a finishing spray to set the curls and give my hair that beachy, messy texture! It smells SO. GOOD. This is probably my favorite hair product of all time. 

Press “play” to watch the tutorial below! 

(Please note, this was filmed a couple years ago, in case you’re wondering why I note “getting ready to run out the door”)

Tips from the video: 

FYI: I talk about products up until the 4:00 minute mark–fast forward there if you only want to see the method!

To get this look, I curl my hair in bigger sections *away from my face* 

Spray hair with hair spray before curling to ensure a better hold. (Ask any stylist). 

“Catch” the curl and hold it for a few seconds before you release it. Let it cool a bit before letting it go. This helps ensure your curls last, because the shape they cool in is the shape they’ll stay in for longer! 

The smaller the pieces of hair, the more waves you’ll have, and the “fuller” your hair will look. I usually start with bigger pieces of hair, curl my whole head, and if I want more curls, I’ll take a few smaller sections from the top of my head and re-curl them. (Which is how you’ll achieve a fuller look). Usually it boils to how much time I have. ????

I *do not brush the curls out* Because my hair is thick, it will fall on its own (the first photo in this post is what it looks like when it falls). However, if you have finer hair that doesn’t fall, I would recommend tipping your head upside down and roughing your fingers through your roots, shaking them out. If you brush through, you will not get the imperfect “tousled” look you’re going for. 

Did you guys like this video? Let me know what tutorials you’d like to see in the future!