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“The Daisy Dress” is restocked, and on sale!

May 20, 2020

Daisy Dress

There is a dress I posted on stories a few weeks back that has become known to all of us simply as, “The Daisy Dress”. ????I’ve worn it too many times to count already, despite its short time in being its new owner. It just gives me that much joy.

It’s basically a full-on mumu, AND it’s a happy color and pattern combination that never fails to make you smile. Oh, and it’s the perfect soft (so, so soft) breezy material to keep you cool all summer!

Basically, it’s the “house dress” we could all use right now. 

Apparently, all of you agreed because WE LEGIT SOLD OUT THE DAISY DRESS on Nordstrom! BANANAS! YOU GUYS, that’s never happened before!! ????

Well, even better news–is that THEY JUST RESTOCKED IT!! In sizes 0-12! (FYI, 12 fits like a 14!) Huge thanks to reader Kim who just notified me!! 

Everyone, snag yourself one before they’re gone again! I have received so many DM’s from you guys who purchased the first time around, and this dress is seriously loved by ALL. Seriously, they were gone in 48 hours last time! 

Also, FYI–in case they sell out again, TOPSHOP has many sizes available still! (Albeit not quite as marked down, but still worth it)

A few FAQ’s I received on the Daisy Dress via DMs below. ????

[ggheading style=”light” size=”2″ text=”Daisy Dress FAQ’s:“]

“Will this be flattering on me?” 

This dress is basically a tent. If you think it won’t be “flattering” on you–you’re right. It’s flattering on nobody. Who cares!? If the clothes make you happy, wear the clothes!! 

This is a dress that you unabashedly rock, embracing the fact that it has absolutely no shape and turns everyone into a human triangle. That’s part of the charm. I can think of nothing better to wear in quarantine–comfortable, non-restrictive, and happy. I believe those are the basic three qualifications of a quarantine outfit, yes? 


“What size should I order?”

I ordered a Topshop size 4 (what I typically wear in Topshop sizing) which is equivalent to most size 2’s and I like the way it fits. If I wanted it a bit less tent-like (but who does these days?) I could’ve gone down a size.

This dress is VERY roomy and it’s supposed to be that way, so if you can, I’d go with your regular size OR a size down. (Go with the sizing in the parenthesis.) I’ve also heard from some gals saying they ordered two sizes down because their size was sold out, just to see if the dress would work, and it did! 

Let’s be honest–it’s Nordstrom–and their return policy is insanely amazing, so when in doubt, I would try it. It’s that great of a dress! 

“Can I wear this if I’m short?” 

I’m 5’6 for height reference so you can see where it hits on me. I think even if this is a maxi dress it would still be totally cute on you! It says it’s 49″ long, so it may help to do the math based on your own height! 

“Is this good for a bump/new moms?”

Lots of readers asking this question! Yes, totally! Super roomy so enough space for a bump and the buttons in the front go down all the way to the waist! Also, they just released a MATERNITY long sleeved version (!!!) 

“Will the dress be restocked on Nordstrom’s site if my size sells out?” 

Unfortunately, I can’t be sure, but I do know they often refresh inventory on the website as returns come in, so it’s worth a shot to keep an eye out! 

Okay that’s all. Hope this dress brings you as much joy as it does to me! xoxo

Happy Daisy Dressing! 

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