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My favorite Prime Day deals worth shopping

Happy Tuesday!

Sick of all the Prime stuff yet!? 😂

Honestly, me too. BUT. I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with the Prime Day deals that just went live today!

I know they can get overwhelming in a hurry, so I’m collecting all my picks below to help you weed through all the noise based on what you’re shopping for!

From clothing to beauty to baby stuff and household items–there are actually a lot of great finds to be had. Of course, don’t buy something just because it’s on sale! But if you’ve been hunting for something below, now is a great time to snag it at an awesome price!

Scroll below to see my Prime Day picks by category. I’ll continue adding to this as well as I see things that catch my eye.

You can also see ALL my Prime Day picks saved under the “Prime Day” page of my Amazon storefront!

My favorite Prime Day deals worth shopping

My favorite Prime Day deals worth shopping


Brit tiered maxi dress:

You saw me style it multiple ways in this blog post. It’s a fantastic summer staple. I just ordered it today in the newer yellow stripe color–perfect for vacation! It keeps you cool, it’s super versatile. It really can’t be beat!

Strappy nude low block heels:

Very similar to the pair I own, they have great reviews, go with everything and best of all–not too high, so you can dance in them all night!

Espadrille platform sandals:

If you’re wanting a dressy-casual summer sandal that is a bit more elevated but still easy to walk in, I love these! They have great reviews and come in lots of colors!

Crochet swim cover up/dress:

I have been eyeing this crochet midi for a while now (it’s in my cart today!) It’s so cute as a cover up or can be worn with a slip to turn it into the perfect summer dress! (Versatile and great for a vacation staple as well!) Comes in so many colors.

Men’s swim trunks:

So cute! So many colors!)

Men’s Golf polo:

So many cute colors and prints, made of recycled polyester!

Men’s drawstring chinos:

Currently in my cart for Neal! I love the dressy-casual factor of these and love both the olive and khaki colors!

My favorite Prime Day deals worth shopping

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Anti-Frizz Hair Products - Olaplex 6 and 7


Olaplex hair oil and smoothing cream:

My go-to’s! I’m stocking up right now! I love these both when I heat style or air dry my hair. Helps control frizz, smoothes, and gives your hair a great shine. Plus, it smells amazing. Both are reviewed right here.

R&CO air dry cream:

Been using this for YEARS! A great option if you like to air dry your hair.

Living proof dry shampoo:

If you’re looking for an all-in-one dry shampoo/volumizer/texturizer, this is it! I love this one and it really feels like it gets your hair clean. It also smells amazing.

favorite Prime Day deals beauty

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favorite Prime Day deals beauty
favorite Prime Day deals home & travel

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Pretty refillable soap/lotion/toiletry dispensers:

I got these for our kitchen sink and our bathroom. They’re so chic! Come in other colors and have different labels for whatever you want to put in them!

Affordable stemless wine glasses:

These are a budget-friendly dupe for my stemless wine glasses with great reviews!

Bissell little green machine upholstery and carpet cleaner:

I love this thing. Maybe TMI but June went though a phase a while ago where she puked EVERYWHERE all the time. I bought this to clean our couch and rugs but it’s come in really handy for our outdoor furniture as well! A must-have for anyone with upholstery and pets or kids, IMO 😂

Stasher bags:

My favorite reusable bags! I use them for everything from food/snacks to keeping smaller items organized for travel. This multi-pack is a great deal but there are lots of sizes to choose from too!

Travel theragun:

I got this for Neal last year for Christmas and I think it’s one of his favorite gifts I’ve ever given him 😂 A great item for anyone who loves to workout as it’s excellent for recovery and sore muscles!

Clothing steamers:

There are several on deal for Prime day, but this one is the most similar to my travel steamer and has great reviews! Although this one is much prettier, more powerful, and also has great reviews and seems to be a bit more compact for travel, so that might be the winner!

Sonicare toothbrush:

Never thought I’d have an obsession with a toothbrush, but here we are. I’m obsessed. So much so that whenever I travel without it, I am so excited to come home so I can use it. 😂 There are several on deal!

Yeti beverage cups/insulators:

We are BIG Yeti fans in our house, and some of our favorite products: select colors of the insulated short tumblers, tall tumblers, and wine glasses are included in Prime Day. I have also heard amazing things about the can insulators and I have these in my cart right now! (Been meaning to get some for the beach!)

Hydroflask water bottle with sport cap:

My favorite water bottle ever. The sport cap is key! I swear it makes it 10x easier to drink water during the day. Keeps things so cold that I go to bed with ice water and wake up with ice water!


Several options here! First, my personal 21″ carry on and 24″ checked bag are both on sale! They’re so chic and they fit a LOT. I will say the white color gets beat up if you check it–so definitely go for the brown for the checked size. Also, more more budget options: Shaheen’s favorite hard side luggage that she always raves about is included, and I have my eye on this roller carry-on with the laptop pocket–so practical! You can see all the luggage on sale right here!

Kindle products:

Obviously a given, but seeing as my Kindle is one of my favorite things I own, I had to mention it! No better time to buy one if you’re on the fence. I love the paperwhite because it doesn’t emit blue light and it really “looks” like you’re reading a book, with the added plus of being able to read in the dark! Having any book I want at my fingertips is truly the greatest luxury.

Mini handheld vacuum:

If you’re looking for a small handheld vacuum for the car, car seats, stroller, etc, I own this one and it’s also a deal today! A great size to keep in the car and the USB charger plugs right into the dashboard!

Prime Day deals for baby
Prime Day deals for baby & kids

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Baby gear/essentials:

Diapers & wipes bundles:

If you use Honest, Huggies or Waterwipes–they have a great bundle deal! Also Triple Paste diaper rash cream is one of our go-to’s and is on sale.

Hiccapop portable folding high chair: (Above)

One of my #1 travel essentials for baby/toddler! This thing can go anywhere, it can safely strap onto any restaurant chair or bar stool (so long as it has a back) and can also sit easily on its own on the ground, a picnic table (with supervision, obviously!)–wherever. Great for the camping, the beach, etc!

Graco car seats, Pack n Play and more:

The Slimfit and Extend2Fit were two of your most popular suggestions when I polled everyone on toddler car seats last year! By far the most popular affordable option that will grow with your kid! Lots more Graco on Prime deal right here.


BabyJogger is another great brand with several items included on Prime Day. The Babyjogger City Mini GT2 is the first stroller we got for June and we love it still. (It’s currently our stroller at my inlaws lake house! It would still be our main everyday stroller if we didn’t live in a walk-up with nowhere to store it–thus now I use our Nuna TRVL everyday, but if you don’t have a very specific niche situation like mine, I think the CityMini is a really awesome stroller and would definitely recommend it! Also comes in a bundle with a car seat, which is an amazing deal. Have also heard great things from friends about their double stroller version.) Their super popular rotating car seat is also on sale if you’ve been wanting a rotating car seat!

The Ollie swaddle:

I am SHOOK that the Ollie is on Prime deal. This swaddle has a cult following and was totally sold out for MONTHS. This ended up being one of our favorite swaddles for June when she was a newborn. I think it’s the easiest to learn and keeps them swaddled snuggly!

BOB gear:

This one is a late add so you don’t see it in the collage–I cannot BELIEVE BOB gear is included–their stuff is $$$ but really great. The brand was super kind to gift me their new compact Wayfinder city jogging stroller (still big compared to my travel stroller but very compact compared to all the other jogging strollers out there!) If you want a jogging stroller but want to be able to fold it and store it away more easily (and have it take up less room on city sidewalks!) we really love it and so does June.

Their awesome foldable heavy duty wagon is also on sale which so many moms (especially those with more than one kid!) rave about. It has heavy duty wheels perfect for any outdoor activity from the beach to camping to snow.

Prime Day deals toddler toys

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Toddler toys:

Magnatile set:

Super popular for good reason–they’re a hit with toddlers to big kids. Make a great gift! Amazing for their motor skills, cognitive development, and keep them busy for a long time!

June’s Montessori “cutting” fruit set

A prime deal and one of her absolute favorite toys!

Melissa and Doug

One of our favorite toy brands and they have a lot of items on sale. June loves these magnets, Water Wow no-mess color booklets (great for travel/on the go), and she has a few horse/barn items from them she’s obsessed with, but this horse trailer set would also be a HUGE hit (for any toddler who loves animals and trucks!) and it’s only $12.99 right now!

Musical instrument Montessori set

This would be so cute and very popular for any toddler!

LCD drawing pads:

Super inexpensive and a big hit with little kids. A great alternative to screen time! Every kid I know loves these (including June). There are several on sale.

Hope this helps you navigate Prime Day a little bit easier! Happy shopping!

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Prime Day sweatshirts

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Prime Day Sunglasses

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Prime Day rompers

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Levi's jeans sale

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Biker shorts sale

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