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Two fun ways to pot mini plants

Sep 1, 2016

The two cutest potted plant ideas around!

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve become a bit of a plant lady. 

You see, I’ve discovered, just that by adding plants, your home somehow looks 100x more put together than it actually is. Plants make everything feel more “lived-in” and eclectic. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m totally into it. 

While I am not quite ready to splurge hundreds of dollars on a fiddle leaf fig that I will inevitably kill, I have been acquiring quite the collection of mini plants

You know–the one’s that cost like $5 at Home Depot? Those are the best. (Plus, if you kill them, you’re only out a few bucks!) 

Being, you know, me–I wanted to do something more creative with them than stick them into little terra cotta pots. (That’s just too boring, you know?) 

Instead, I went two ways: coffee mugs, and vintage tins. (FUN!) Best potted plant ideas ever, right? 

Seeing as I am also very prone to killing plants while repotting, I have come up with a hack to avoid re-potting all together. Here’s how to do it: 


Collect your “pots” 



We have a lot of coffee mugs laying around that never get used, because we typically drink our espresso straight out of our espresso cups. Naturally, I thought they would enjoy their new role as plant pots more, so I whipped a few out of the cupboard, and that was that. 

I also happened across some really adorable vintage tins at Randolph Street Market last weekend. (Tip: Go late in the day, when shops are eager to get rid of their items! There are so many more deals then!) I picked up quite a few of them for just a few bucks–some copper, some old tea or tobacco tins. 

Something that would also work great? Recycled Italian tomato and tomato sauce cans, like these! (So cute.) 

Another thing to keep in mind: When dealing with metal tins, stick with plants that don’t need to be watered often–like succulents or cacti–otherwise, they’ll rust. 


Pop in your plants as-is




Go ahead, just stick your whole plant in whatever you plan to “pot” them in. There will likely be a small portion sticking out at the top. (If there’s not, great! Leave it. And nobody will ever know. Shhhhh.) 

But, if you find the plastic pot is showing, does this mean you have to actually pot it? NOPE. 

Just whip out some big ole scissors and cut that top part right off! Now you can’t see a thing, and you didn’t have to get all messy repotting the whole plant. (Plus, this actually allows for some space for drainage between the bottom of your mug or tin and the plant, which will help it stay alive!) 


Repeat, repeat, repeat until you’ve become a plant lady.

(Or until your fiancé forbids you from buying any more plants…hypothetically speaking.) 

Do you have any cool potted plant ideas? I’d love to hear them! 

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