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Pipette favorites at 30% off!

Pipette favorites

Brought to you in partnership with Pipette and Shopstyle. All opinions are 100% my own!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was very low key, which was very much needed! (Although it went too fast, as always! How is it Monday again?!)

Pipette favorites at 30% off

Today I’m excited to be partnering again with one of our favorite clean baby + mom brands, Pipette, to review all my favorite products in one place. Also, I have a discount code good through the end of the month! 30% off with code JESS30! (Ends 12/31/22).

If you’re a mom, an expectant mom, or you’re just looking for a great baby gift to give, this is a great post for you! There are only a few baby skincare brands I use on June, and after you try their products, it’s easy to see why Pipette is one of them!

This is my second time partnering with the brand after becoming a customer myself when I was searching for a good baby sunscreen in preparation for our Florida trip! I’ve been a HUGE fan of the brand ever since and was thrilled to receive a partnership inquiry in my inbox this past spring. 🙌🏼 Anyway, let’s talk more about the brand and what I’ve tried, loved, and continue to re-purchase!

What I love about Pipette:

1. Their ingredients–how they eliminated over 2,000 ingredients they deemed questionable in terms of safety or potential irritants. (And are EWG verified).

2. Their products work. As I mentioned before, their sunscreen was my “gateway” product. (I can’t tell you how many “clean” baby sunscreens I tried that were just awful–a complete mess, impossible to rub in, and left chalky white residue on everything!) I immediately wanted to try their other products! They were kind enough to send me some to review, and I additionally repurchased some on my own!

3. Formulated by scientists, doctors, and parents: to ensure their formulas are both safe (they conduct their own product testing) and effective!

4. They’re AFFORDABLE! Seriously–they cost less than some drugstore brands and a much higher quality! (That’s not even counting the sale price, either!)

Pipette products in my cart:

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen: (Now $10.50 with my code!)

My favorite sunscreen for June and probably my favorite Pipette product! It’s a 100% mineral sunscreen is that it’s very safe and gentle mineral formula that ACTUALLY rubs into baby’s skin! No gross, chalky residue left behind, either! I even love this stuff and will use it on Neal and myself! It’s great for the whole family and if you don’t want to schlep a bunch of stuff with you to the beach, nice to have one clean sunscreen that works for everyone. Use code JESS30 for 30% off!

Pipette baby balm stick: (Now $5.60 with my code!)

Great all-over balm in a super easy to apply stick! It’s amazing for all seasons, from treating chapped little cheeks (both sets 😂), preventing drool rash, prevention of diaper rash and chafing. Somehow June tolerates me rubbing this stick on her face much easier than applying product with my fingers, so that’s a win in my book! I also love that it’s super small and will fit even in the smallest purse! (This goes without saying but…obviously get two different sticks to use on their face and their diaper area!) It’s basically clean aquaphor, but less heavy and not greasy! Use code JESS30 for 30% off!

Clean baby + mom brand
Pipette baby products

Pipette baby wash + shampoo: (Now $7.00 with my code!)

Their baby wash works great for both body and hair, and the bottle looks so cute sitting on the tub (I’m a branding snob, I’m not ashamed) and I love the light scent! Use code JESS30 for 30% off!

Pipette baby lotion: (Now $7.00 with my code!)

I will admit, at first I didn’t love the idea that this wasn’t in a pump bottle–BUT–I will say I get so much more product out of it that way! My other lotions are in pump bottles and I always have to end up throwing it out when I know there’s so much product still left in it simply because it’s impossible to get the last bit out with the pump! As far as the formula goes, I really like how light it is and that it rubs in quickly! June is wild child after bath time lately so it’s always a rodeo to get her dried off, lotioned up, and PJ’s on–so I need something that rubs in FAST! I have since re-purchased this after I used up the one bottle they gifted me a few months ago! Use code JESS30 for 30% off!

Pipette body lotion: ($9.80 with my code)

For me! I have been on the hunt for a clean body lotion that doesn’t cost $30+ a bottle –I’ve bought so many different kinds and on a whim, decided to purchase Pipette’s adult lotion to try because I loved June’s so much–it’s so great! If you’re looking for a super lightweight formula (they describe it as “weightless” and it truly does feel that way!) that rubs in instantly, this is for you! I would say it’s light to medium hydration on the hydration scale and a great all over, everyday body moisturizer. I also like that it has a very light, clean scent! Use code JESS30 for 30% off now through the end of September!

Kid’s detangler:

This is the only product on the list that I haven’t tried yet, but June’s hair is getting longer and it’s time to get some product for her! Hoping this will help tame it a little! 😜 Use code JESS30 for 30% off!

Pipette clean baby products
Toddler wearing bear robe

Remember code JESS30 gets you 30% off through the end of December!

In partnership with Pipette & Shopstyle. All opinions are 100% my own!

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