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Nordstrom Sale Public Access (Still in Stock) Favorites!

Aug 19, 2020

Hello hello, we’re back with a Nordstrom Sale update now that Public Access is officially live!

It’s safe to say that this year’s Nordstrom Sale try on is a bit different than years past, but here we are!! My Nordstrom try on of 2020. ???? This year, it’s all about comfy wear-at-home staples! 

Truth be told, a LOT of my favorite items sold out (restocks nowhere in sight). However, there are still a LOT of good finds to be had. Below, I’ve updated my original post with what is still in stock, plus, some other favorites to point your attention toward! 

Nordstrom Sale Try On: The Pandemic Edition

Today’s post focuses on things you can pull on to get dressed for a day of working from home while still being insanely comfortable. (Because as we know, getting dressed really does do wonders for your productivity and goes a long way in making you feel like a human being BUT, don’t we still want to secretly feel like we’re wearing pajamas at the same time?!) 

Another bonus: almost everything in this post is well under $50!

Before we jump in, first, a couple tips/things to point out: 

Nordstrom Sale Shopping Tips to Keep in Mind: 

What to do if something you love is out of stock: 

Below is a list of things that made my “top picks” list that are in stock in more than one size at the time of this post. However, things change quickly and stock fluctuates often.

Keep in mind that while Nordstrom does not do big restocks, they DO do inventory updates frequently throughout the day as returns come in. That means what you see in stock right now might not be the same as what is in stock an hour from now or tomorrow.

My biggest tip is to keep a browser tab open and refresh it throughout the day. If you do this, you’ll have a good chance of snagging your size in your favorite item, even if it’s not available right now! (I know it’s kind of some extra work, but also, it’s kind of fun and exhilarating? ????) 

What to do if something you love is in stock and you want to buy it right now: 

Buy it in two sizes. Why? Because 9 times out of 10, if something doesn’t fit and you try to exchange a week from now, it will be completely gone. Nordstrom’s return policy is the most generous out there–shipping and returns are totally free–so if you REALLY want something, ordering two sizes is the best way to go. 

What to do if you’re on a shopping freeze: 

Is it great to snag a few new items to treat yourself, if you have the funds? Yes. Are you totally missing out if you don’t shop right now? NO.

Nothing you will buy during this sale is THAT unique that you are missing a huge opportunity to buy something life-changing. You’re just not!! Do not have FOMO. There will be plenty of other cozy at-home basics you can buy later. DO NOT feel bad if you’re not spending money right now. GO YOU! You’re being responsible! I’M PROUD OF YOU!! 

That being said, if you ARE shopping the sale, now we’ll get into my sale picks! ????

“At Home Essentials” Nordstrom Sale Try On: 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

Top: Gibson, Bike shorts: Alo (currently sold out, but they will restock! Check back often! Run TTS, I take a small!)

Gibson sweater tee tunic: 

Wear it now with bike shorts: 

This is my second Gibson-brand tunic that I’ve had over the years! (FYI it comes in a TON of colors!) It’s so soft, again, like the Zella tee, I ordered it because it’s a great thing to throw on with bike shorts, leggings, etc!) Again, I’m fully leaning into all the baggy oversized things at the moment! ???? I also love that it’s super lightweight. It’s kind of like a cross between a sweater and a tee-shirt. 

Sizing: I sized up to a medium to full emphasize all the oversizedness, but I also would’ve been fine with a small. I think it’s true to size! Also, I’m 5’6 for height reference! I noticed the reviews were mixed on the site, and it looks like the negative reviews were from gals that were on the petite side, who said it was too long/too low cut for them–so just something to keep in mind if you’re petite! 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

…or later with Zella leggings

The famed Zella leggings!! (Almost gone in this color but more widely stocked in colors!) There are many iterations of these leggings available in various lengths, colors, patterns and also in plus and maternity! Everyone always compares these to Lululemon leggings–they’re nothing like Lululemon leggings. However, they’re still great leggings and very comfy! I pretty much only wear Zella leggings in the fall and winter because they’re very thick/substantial and therefore on the warmer side. They are great both for lounging and for working out–they are supportive enough for HIIT workouts too! I thought this dusty purple color was very pretty and a nice cheerful thing to pull on when the weather gets grey and dreary! Also, for my pregnant friends, I’ve heard readers rave about the maternity version

Sizing: Order your normal size, I took a small in these. 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

Cardigan: Leith, Tee: Zella (sold out, but my other favorite tee is still in stock!)  Bike shorts: Alo (currently sold out, but they will restock! Check back often! Run TTS, I take a small! Black is in stock though!) Sandals: Birkenstockfull review here

Supersoft Leith Cardigan (TOP PICK but it’s NEARLY GONE!): 

For the most part I always love the LEITH brand but sometimes affordable sweaters can be hit or miss, you know? Sometimes they just feel cheap. Coming in at a $39 price tag, I can honestly say this is one of my top picks (if not THE top pick?) of the sale. It feels and looks like a $100+ sweater. It’s incredibly soft and falls beautifully.

Even Neal came in the kitchen as I was shooting these on my tripod and was like, “oh wow that’s a beautiful sweater!” It comes in tons of colors but I particularly love this oatmeal shade. (Which is mostly sold out but they have others available!) 

I love the length of this sweater, I love that it’s basically like wearing a bathrobe but it’s a piece of real clothing. ???? And it’s also not super thick, so it’s great for wearing now working from home when your AC is freezing! 

Sizing: Runs true to size, I’m wearing a small here! 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

Madewell leopard “house shoes”

The only pair of shoes I purchased from the sale (I had my eye on a pair of Vejas but of course they sold out before I could get my hands on them, haha!) I purchased these because slip-on mules became a staple of mine during quarantine. They’re great because they allow you to be “dressed” but they’re comfy and easy to slip on and off–like a slipper, but not!

Another reason I like these in particular for wearing at home is because a lot of mules have heavy wooden soles which can sound loud when walking on wood floors (i.e. not ideal if you live in an apartment with people below you. ????) These are incredibly lightweight and don’t have that issue! 

Sizing: I ordered my normal shoe size and they fit great! Some reviews say they run small but I didn’t find that to be true. They are comfy but like most mules I think they will also break-in to be more comfortable where the top portion meets your foot! I love the personality that they add to any outfit and look so cute with any outfit! I also think they’ll be great shoes to wear to the office in the future when things open up again, so they’re a good long-run purchase! 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

Cashmere funnel neck tunic sweater: 

Wear it now: 

This one keeps going in and out of stock in various sizes, so keep your eye on it if they don’t have your size right now! Big thanks to Liz for turning me onto this tunic sweater–I don’t think I would’ve picked it out previously but I really liked it on her so I ordered it–turns out, it’s so pretty and very soft. I love this green color but it also comes in navy! I know many of you like to save up to purchase cashmere during the sale, and this is a great option. (Can you tell there’s a theme here with oversized tunic items? ????) Right now, it’s the perfect thing to throw on with bike shorts while working from home! (Again, if your AC usually runs on the chilly side, haha!) 

Sizing: Fits TTS. I ordered a small. 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

Wear it later… 

Later you can pair this cozy tunic with…what else? The Spanx faux-leather leggings! Of course it would also look cute with skinny jeans but what are those? I love how the leopard print of the mules brings the whole outfit together! I would normally say this would be a perfect outfit for Thanksgiving. (Let’s not start thinking about what Thanksgiving will look like this year, though!! ????) 

Spanx vs. Commando faux leather leggings: 

I want to take a second to point out the difference between the two, because they’re both included in the sale, I own both, and I love both. The Spanx pair is definitely my pick for our current lifestyle because their pair is more flexible and breathable. The Commando pair is more “leathery” making them my preferred pair for “going out” (HA) or wearing out and about in the winter because they’re warmer! However, this makes them more restricting and less breathable and not the superior pair for wearing at home. 

Spanx leggings sizing: I would normally say they are true to size for the most part, but go with the larger size if you’re unsure or in between sizes. I own them in a small, but they’re tighter than they usually are and maybe now I would take them in a medium since my size has changed a little since the pandemic started. Some say they run small, some say TTS. For reference, I still take a small in Zella leggings, so I would say they run smaller than them, if that helps! 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

B.P. “All Day” tee: 

My other t-shirt pick of the sale, if you want a classic tee, is this B.P. “All Day” tee. It’s INCREDIBLY soft. Very lightweight–drapes beautifully and is the perfect length to front tuck, tie, and is not too long if you like to leave it untucked. 

Sizing: I went with my regular size here as it fits a bit oversized, but I also would’ve been fine sizing up too! 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas: 

Hands down the best pajamas for the money. I would pay triple the price for these and they would still be worth it. They are always the most discounted during the sale every year, and I have purchased a new pair each year for the past three years. This year I went kind of wild though and bought four new pairs because a LOT of my PJ’s are very old and need to be replaced, and there are no other PJ’s I’d rather replace them with! They are so, so soft and also don’t make you overheat, which is key!! If you don’t yet own a nice pajama set, I can’t explain what a difference they make. Sounds silly, but it’s a small upgrade that makes a big difference in the self-care department! 

Sizing: I own these in both XS and S. I would say they run true to size in terms of the width of the waistband but they’re also generous in terms of the material–but not TOO baggy! Right now the waistband on my XS is a bit tight, so I much prefer the fit of the smalls right now! (I ordered all smalls in my new pairs!) 

Short sleeve cropped pants version: 

This is a “new to me” style and the one I didn’t own already, and I’m actually wearing these as we speak. I love them!! They’re a great in-between if you get too cold in shorties but don’t want to be wearing long PJ’s! Love the cute pink stripe, but they’re available in other colors, too! 

Nordstrom Sale Try On

Moonlight Pajamas: Long sleeve, long pants version: 

I also ordered another long pair, this time in grey. Something about the grey color is very soothing and also makes me feel grown up and sophisticated. I love that I still say this phrase at 31, as if I’m not grown-up. ????

[one-half-first]Nordstrom Sale Try On[/one-half-first][one-half]

Nordstrom Sale Try On


Moonlight Pajamas Shorty version: 

The last two pairs of PJ’s I ordered are the shorty sets! These are my favorite pajamas to wear in the summer! These are also good for anyone who just can’t handle wearing pants to bed. Same slinky soft material, just shorter! I already have them in black and loved the deep navy and floral to round out my pajama wardrobe! 

Hanky Panky low-rise thongs

Hanky Panky low-rise thongs (buy more save more): 

I can’t believe these haven’t sold out!! ???????? The best underwear out there, hands down. The only time the good colors are ever discounted is during the Nordstrom sale. I ordered four pairs and fully stocked up! ????  I love all the fun colors they have right now, too! 

Barefoot dreams CozyChic blanket: 

Barefoot dreams CozyChic blanket: 

Another item that will sell out and show back up in one color at a time! (So keep checking back!)

Last but not least. (The grand finale!?) After years of resisting, I finally succumbed to my curiosity and purchased a Barefoot Dreams blanket. Would it live it up the hype? WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL OVER THIS BLANKET?!

So…I will admit–it’s pretty fantastic.

This is an expensive blanket and I’m pretty sure the one and only time I have ever paid a lot of money for a throw blanket, but knowing that I need to buy blankets maybe once every several years, it feels like a VERY solid cost per use! (Because as you know, my “work from home” outfit in the winter typically involves wrapping myself in a large blanket ????). It will bring me a LOT of comfort when the temps drop. It is so thick and soft and also kind of stretchy and akin to wrapping yourself in a big hug. This would also make a GREAT gift!! 

Natori Rose Dream Coverage Bra 

Okay, so, after many years of resisting I finally bit the bullet and bought a ton of the famed Natori bras from the sale this year.

I will tell you that I was surprised by what I actually liked–because I thought the “feathers” bra that nobody stops talking about is THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE SCRATCHY BRA I’VE EVER PUT ON MY BODY. There, I said it. Honestly I have no idea how people think that bra is comfortable, because to me it’s made of steel wool, but I also HATE the feeling of bras so I think I’m just in the minority. Everyone else seems to love that bra! 

The first size of the feathers bra I ordered was WAY too small.  (However upon learning, Caralyn informed me that I’m wearing the wrong bra size and that I am not as small-chested as I think I am and that I needed to size up–big news to me. SHE’S A BRA WIZARD!

Definitely watch this video of hers to figure out if you’ve been wearing the wrong bra size. )

Anyway, I then sized up, and ordered a couple more Natori bras along with it, one of them being the Rose bra per her recommendation. Turns out, I still hated the feathers bra for the same reasons, but I ended up really liking the Rose bra which is made of the SOFTEST material in the world. I was originally worried because the straps are a little thicker than I’d like, but it really hasn’t been a problem at all! While I do think the feathers bra runs small, the Rose bra runs true to size (and true to my new size, per Caralyn’s consulting. ????) 

Also, I’ve had a few of you DM me asking for reccos for strapless bras. While I have no reccos (I just wear the sticky petals, usually from Amazon) I did notice this VERY highly rated strapless bra from Wacoal is part of the sale and marked down to only $39! (Wacoal is another Caralyn approved brand!) 






Blondo Emelia, Elvina and Sidney Waterproof Booties 

I specifically didn’t buy any booties or boots this year because I didn’t think anyone was buying them (where would we wear them? ????) but I got so many requests for my Blondo reviews/picks! Sorry friends, didn’t mean to leave you hanging! I wasn’t a fan of the one tall pair they had part of the sale. But they DO have some excellent booties as part of the sale! 

I personally have the Emelia pair, which I wore a ton last fall (walking all over San Francisco!) and I love the pointed toe and the slight chunky heel which makes them easy to dress up but still very walkable. I know the pointed toe isn’t for everyone and I will say they took a little bit of time to break in, but they were very worth it. 

If the pointed toe isn’t your thing, then I recommend the Elvina! Many of you have told me you got this pair instead and that you are super happy with them! 

If you’re looking for a beautiful suede bootie but you are always too worried about ruining them in the weather, how beautiful is their Sidney pair? I haven’t seen this pair before so it must be new but it is STUNNING. I do not need booties in the slightest but I’m very tempted to buy these!! 

The best thing about Blondo boots is that they are COMPLETELY waterproof but they don’t look like rain boots, so if you aren’t one that likes stomping and sloshing all over the place in a pair of rubber boots, these will be your best friend. (Especially if you live somewhere like the Midwest or East Coast with a lot of weather!) 

FYI–they have many pairs available in lots of colorways! 

Wubby fleece still in stock!!! 

I own two wubby fleeces from years past and they are one of my favorite things of all time during the winter. This year, it’s back, still in stock AND apparently new and improved–because this one is washable! (The ones I have are dry clean only). The white one this year also has fun leopard print trim, and they also have the classic grey/tan color as well! These run BIG, just FYI! But they are like wearing a cloud–you won’t be sorry you invested in a wubby! At $45 marked down from $78 it’s a really significant savings, too! 



That’s all friends! I hope you were able to snag what you were wanting from the sale this year! If I notice any big restocks of the essentials above, I will definitely post updates on my IG stories, so follow along there! 




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