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Quick Break–We’re Heading Back to The Fields!

We're Heading Back to The Fields in Michigan

Hi friends! 

We’re Heading Back to The Fields!

We’re taking an extra-long weekend starting today and heading back to The Fields in Michigan today for our last little vacation for what I’m guessing will be quite a while! (It’s okay though. I AM in fact looking forward to embracing slower days cozying up at home the next few months!)

We booked this trip this summer (one of the last spots they had available!) and I had NO idea how much I would need a few days off! It came at a good time. ????

We spent two nights here earlier this summer and we loved it so much, we got home, and booked a fall trip! (The weekends had long been booked. But we snagged a Wednesday night and Thursday night!) You can read my full review right here! Being a small glamping retreat (think pretty canvas tents with wood-burning stoves, comfy cozy beds and bathrooms with full plumbing ????)–it’s very safe and surrounded by so many great outdoor activities–wineries, breweries, apple orchards, and more. So it was one of the few trips we were comfortable booking! It’s also right in between Saugatuck and South Haven–two really charming towns to explore! After that, we’ll be spending Friday night and Saturday night at Neal’s family lakehouse with my in-laws! 

I’ll be taking a break from posting on the blog for the rest of the week, but I’ll be back here on Monday!

(And in the meantime I’ll be taking you along on our trip on Instagram!) I hope you can also carve out some time to relax and recharge ahead of the election next week! (I’m so nervous but I have so much hope!) 

Speaking of, if you have some free time this week and want to be part of the final push to the finish line– I highly recommend phone banking with the Women for Biden team! They have trainings multiple times per day and once you’re trained, you can make calls whenever you want on your own time! You can sign up right here

Additionally, Young Women for Biden is hosting an amazing “dance marathon” style phone-bank-a-thon starting Saturday through Tuesday! Every day will feature multiple phone bank trainings, surprise guests, dance breaks and calling voters to ensure they have what they need to VOTE. Whether you’re a first-time volunteer, or have made calls on the campaign before, the Young Women for Biden team is absolutely incredible and they make sure that you have all the tools and information you need in order to Get Out The Vote! (They make it so fun, and I promise it’s not as scary as you think!) I will definitely be picking up some shifts over the next several days and hope to see you there! 

See you back here Monday. ????Have a wonderful rest of your week!