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Our Reader Holiday Card Reveal + 20% off at Minted!

Our Reader Holiday Card Reveal + 20% off at Minted!

Thanks to Minted for sponsoring this post and helping to make my idea of reader holiday cards a reality! 

Are you a holiday card person?

I admit–I never have been in previous years. But this year called for something special–not just because it’s June’s first Christmas, but because I wanted to do a little something to show YOU how much you mean to us!

When Minted (one of my favorite long-time partners) mentioned wanting to work together for the holiday season–I thought–what better way to spread some holiday cheer to our online family than sending reader holiday cards!? I asked Minted if they would be in for the idea– and they LOVED it!

(They also gave me a discount code so you can save on your own holiday card order: code JESSKEYSCARDS gets you 20% off + free shipping now through 11/15!)

Our Reader Holiday Card Reveal + 20% off at Minted!

I honestly wasn’t sure how many people would actually want one–and was FLOORED with the response when I posted the sign up form! It means so much that HUNDREDS of you signed up to receive our little holiday greeting in your mailbox! (Janine and I stayed up late one night stuffing and stamping envelopes to get them into your mailboxes before this post went live so it wouldn’t ruin the surprise! I hope it got to you in time!) I always feel like you are my friends and family I just haven’t met in person yet–so having something physically tangible to send you just felt extra special and so warranted after the crazy year we’ve all had!

If you aren’t familiar with Minted, they have been a go-to of ours as customers for years in addition to being one of my long-time sponsors here on the blog! Minted made our wedding invitations, our wedding website, and has always been one of my go-to sources for unique, special, and personalized gifts for friends and family! If you’re sending holiday cards this year, I can’t recommend them enough!

Why I love Minted’s Holiday Cards:

Every Minted design supports an independent artist: 

They have designs crowdsourced from over 16,00 independent artists from around the world, and each purchase directly supports the independent artist who designed the card! So you aren’t just supporting a company, you’re supporting small makers, too! Minted is a champion for independent artists, and always ensures they are credited on every design–each artist also has their own page so when you find an artist you love, you can easily find all their other designs, website, instagram, etc, all in one place!

Carrie O’Neal designed my holiday card. She’s a mom of two teenagers in Ohio and has a huge selection of items designed for Minted! I love that personal touch of knowing who designed my card and being able to support her!

The process is easy and fast: 

Minted makes the [daunting? tedious?] process of creating and designing your holiday cards so easy. All you do is choose a design and upload your addresses–they address all your envelopes for you (including return address–no more peeling and sticking tons of return labels) AND you get to choose from tons of cute envelope designs for free! A professional artist will send you a proof to approve, and then it’s off to the printer. (They are FAST too, so even procrastinators will be able to get their cards out on time!)

Also, if you are someone who struggles from decision fatigue (how does one choose from so many pretty designs?!) you will love their new text feature! All you have to do is text CARDS to 22737, along with your chosen photo(s) and a Minted stylist will text you back five different holiday card design mock ups! The designs will be automatically saved in your Minted dashboard so all you have to do is pick one, upload your addresses, and that’s it!

Here’s a look at other alternatives that Minted created for me via text! 

Our Reader Holiday Card Reveal

Minted Holiday CardMinted Holiday Card reviewMinted Holiday Cards 2021

Our Reader Holiday Card Reveal Jess, Neal, June

More about our design:

As I was perusing different designs for this card, I teared up as soon as I saw this one. “The most wonderful time in years” is truly the most perfect phrase for the holidays in 2021. Do you feel that way too?

I also loved that it had two photos so I could showcase two of the beautiful shots that Jessica took of our family earlier this year, and I was able to choose from several design options on the back to include a personal note to you.

If you missed the sign up to receive a physical card, I hope the virtual version of this greeting will suffice in expressing how much gratitude we have to each and every one of you for the love and support you have shown our family this year. Here is a close-up shot of the message on the back. Whether you’ve been following along for a day or since day one, the fact that you’re here means the world–and we’re so grateful you’re part of this online family of ours. ♥️

Happy Holidays Minted Card

Our Reader Holiday Card Reveal + 20% off at Minted!

Minted discount code

From our family to yours, I hope your holiday season is the most wonderful time in years ♥️

(P.S. Don’t forget my 20% off code + (free shipping!) JESSKEYSCARDS expires 11/15! Huge thanks again to Minted for sponsoring this post and to you, my readers, for supporting the brands I love so much!)