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Our #1 Favorite Household Item + Why It Will Change Your Life Too

Dyson Cordless Vacuum | The Golden Girl Blog

We often get asked, nearly 10 months post-wedding at this point– “What ended up being your favorite item you registered for?”

Both our answers would be an emphatic, “DYSON VACCUM!!!” (And how often does the groom actually have an opinion on ANYTHING that was registered for?)

That’s actually what I was going to make the title of this post–“The #1 Best Thing We Registered For”–but I was afraid my single ladies wouldn’t think it applied to them, when in reality, I’m pretty adamant that this would be any adult’s #1 favorite household item regardless of age or marital status–period, the end.

(Okay, maybe age might have something to do with it. Had I not spent the first 9 years of my twenties unable to climb out from seemingly endless piles of dust and tending to dirty floors with nothing more than a crappy broom–I may not fully appreciate the Dyson Cordless Vacuum. This Cinderellie started from the bottom.)

The funny thing is that I’ve actually been meaning to write this post for months, because you know, I try to write about really practical things that will make your everyday life brighter–not JUST outfits and the like. But I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, until…

Last week–when I got an email from the eBay team saying, “We’re running a 50% off Dyson sale–do you want to help us spread the word about it? Would your readers be interested?” and I was like ummm HELL YES. I’ve been meaning to write a post on this for months! 

So there you have it. Here we are, talking about the riveting #adulting topic of vacuums. (The best kind, for up to half off–which I’ve never seen happen!) The thing is though, when you use this thing for the first time, it really is riveting. You really have one of those, “THIS is what I’ve been missing my whole life?!” moments.

You’re probably thinking, “Jess, for the love of god. Please stop gushing about this vacuum and tell me what’s so great about it already”–and I will, but first, I think it’s best explained by starting with what’s so bad about other vacuums:

Dyson Cordless Vacuum | The Golden Girl Blog

Normal vacuum problem #1: It’s bulky and heavy

I will tell you I actually went through two different vacuums before the Dyson, so I can speak first hand. I have since gotten rid of them and I don’t remember what they were exactly, but one starts with H and ends with OOVER–and the other one was so bad I forgot the brand entirely (despite it’s decent reviews).

The first issue with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb vaccums were that they were bulky. While we have always been lucky with finding great apartments, we have never scored in the “storage” category–quite the contrary actually–we’ve always had so little storage space it’s a bit laughable. There was zero room for one of those giant vacuums–we ended up having to use the guest bedroom for storage. What a way to welcome a guest, huh?

Not to mention–vacuums can be heavy. I’m not looking to add any extra workouts to my routine. My arm should not have to get tired from heaving a giant vacuum around my house!

With the Dyson cordless–it takes up ZERO space because A. Look at it–it’s like the Pepperann of vacuums. So tall and skinny that you can barely see turned sideways. It docks on the wall, so it never falls over, and because the dock is also the charger, it’s ALWAYS charged.

B. Perhaps an even better feature–using this takes less effort than using a broom. It’s so lightweight–you’ll never get sore from vacuuming again.

Normal vacuum problem #2: You have to plug it and unplug it everywhere

Which brings me to my next point: regular vacuums have cords. They are the worst. God forbid you live in an old building (like I have many times over), sometimes there are not strategically placed outlets everywhere you wish to vacuum and this becomes problematic ? Also, I’m lazy. Don’t make me bend down more than necessary.

With the Dyson cordless–NO CORDS. This vacuum isn’t tied down by pesky cords. No more plugging and unplugging–just open the closet door, lift it off the dock, and go. I can speed vacuum my whole house before company comes over in 5 minutes. Our wood floors get so dusty that I pull this out for a few minutes per day several days per week and it makes the most incredible difference.

Normal vacuum problem #3: It’s not a one-and-done product

Here’s the other thing–so many vacuums are for carpet or they’re for hardwood–not all of them work on both. Or some SAY they work on both, and don’t. The Dyson comes with an attachment for hardwood (it has a little floor buffer on it that is super soft!) as well as an attachment for carpet. (Granted, we have no carpet and only low-pile rugs–and we use the hardwood attachment on the rugs and it works great!) Plus, all Dyson cordless vacuums quickly convert into handhelds for hard to reach places, furniture, etc!

Normal vacuum problem #4: It just doesn’t work that well

Our old vacuums just didn’t work that well. I remember vacuuming up a bunch of dirt from our Christmas tree one year and it actually SPIT DIRT all over my legs. What is the point of that!? This is the most powerful vacuum I’ve ever used. I have friends who own dogs and cats who shed like crazy, and they echo the same sentiments.

(Neal wants me to tell you that my hair sheds akin to a Himalayan cat and the Dyson works astonishingly well on that too. ?)

Dyson Cordless | The Golden Girl Blog

Which Dyson model to get?

Okay, you get it. This Dyson cordless vacuum is amazing. But which model to get? Definitely make sure to do your due-diligence and take into consideration your own personal situation when choosing your vacuum, but here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth:

We have the V8 Absolute, but they also make a V6 Absolute as well. They are extremely similar, and the only big difference is the power of the engine and in turn how long the vacuum can run for without needing to be recharged.

The V6’s can run for 20 continuous minutes in between charges, and the V8’s for 40 continuous minutes. Neither may sound like a lot, but I have never used this vacuum for more than 15 continuous minutes TOPS. I think if you live in a smaller city condo or apartment with mostly (or all) hardwood floors and you don’t have a heavy amount of messes to clean up at a given time, you could easily get away with the V6. The V8 is really nice for us to have, but I don’t think we really use it to its full potential.

There is also the “Animal,” which has an attachment specifically designed for pet hair, and the “Fluffy” which is pretty much designed for hardwood floors–so if that’s all you have, there are some great savings that can be found with this model!

If you live in a larger house or a place with a lot of carpet (or a lot of messes/pet hair), you might need to splurge for the V8 or consider one of their more powerful Dyson Ball models. (More on that below!)

Let’s talk prices: 

It’s no secret that a Dyson is an investment–and not always one that budgets may allow. But luckily, right now, eBay is offering them all for 50% off! (All Buy it Now options–no auctions–plus free shipping!)–they offer both refurbished and new models at differing price points from the official Dyson eBay store. (I know it’s a common misconception that everything on eBay is used and sold by private sellers and auction-only–this actually isn’t the case–most items on eBay are new and many of them are sold by brands and retailers, many of which you can buy immediately–no bidding required!)

The refurbished vacuums are thoroughly tested to meet like-new standards in terms of performance, but they might have some marks or scratches on them–if that isn’t something you mind and you’re willing to sacrifice that to save some cash, that’s definitely an AWESOME option. (However, I did want to point out that the refurbished vacuums aren’t returnable–just something to take into consideration when weighing your decisions. The new versions, however, have a 30 day return policy.)

I love eBay because they offer so many new or like-new items for an insane discount–making it possible to afford those coveted items that your budget may not otherwise allow!

What if you have a bigger house, kids, and need more vacuum power?

The Dyson Ball varieties are also known to be incredible vacuums for those who just have a LOT more to clean than us no-kid city-dwellers. They are also on-sale and have 5 star reviews across the board. Despite being larger (and, you know, having cords) they come with a lot of awesome attachments and some, like this model, even have a smart sensor that automatically adjusts when you move them from hardwood floor to carpet!

Can I add eBay’s on-sale Dyson vacuums to my registry?

Yes! You can, actually! With the newer registry sites everyone is using these days, you can add in any item that you like to your wishlist. This is a great way to allow your guests to save as well on something that may have previously been out of budget!

I haven’t bought anything on eBay for years–is it really similar to shopping any other retail site these days?

Yes! They have so many brand new items at lower costs than you’d pay normally, free shipping, and even daily deals on everything from electronics to beauty and fashion! You can filter by “Buy it Now” and also “New with tags,” “New without tags” or “Pre-owned.”

For example, I just did a search for Stuart Weitzman Lowlands (my favorite splurge boots) and you can score a new pair in black suede (just without the tags!) for nearly HALF the price–for $399!

Just like always, eBay guarantees that you’ll receive what you purchased or your money back. (You can read more info on that here if you’re curious!)

Dyson Vacuum | The Golden Girl Blog

I hope this was helpful if you’ve been curious about the Dyson cordless vacuum! Do you have one? Would love to know your reviews too!

Shop Dyson Vacuums from the official Dyson eBay store: 

Thanks to eBay for sponsoring this post on my favorite vacuum of all time! All opinions are (obviously) 110% my own!