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3 Gmail Hacks that will Change Your Life

May 1, 2017

Organizing tips-Gmail Inbox

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Happy Monday!

Okay, organizing tips for your gmail inbox probably wasn’t the post topic you were expecting today, was it?

Well–I recently acquired some new Gmail ninja skills that have changed my life SO MUCH that I couldn’t not share them with you.

When I was in Dallas for my blogging conference with Blair, I attended a breakout session that was all about organizing tips. Lauren, who lead the discussion, was seemingly able to see straight into my soul and somehow KNEW that my gmail inbox was tallying a terrifying 1,500+ unread emails.

(Yeah, like. Woah.)

Gmail is both a blessing and a curse. It’s where about 99% of my work correspondence takes place, yet because I had no structured method of tackling my inbox (because, I honestly knew none existed!) so many emails would slip through the cracks. After attending this 45 minute session, I was able to make a few changes, get my inbox down to ZERO (Whaaaaaatttt?) and have kept it that way ever since!

I know MOST people don’t have an inbox quite as scary as mine, but I’m pretty sure even the most organized emailers can learn from these easy but life-changing organizing tips for your gmail inbox.

Wanna know what they are? Here we go!

Canned ResponsesBest organizing tips for your gmail inbox

Do you send the same type of email over and over again? I do! For example, if you send the same type of report out each week, or you get a lot of emails asking you the same question several times per month, you can create a “canned response” which is essentially just a template you can save and pull up when responding to an email. I feel like after I created about 4 of these, it’s saved HOURS out of my week!

To set up a canned response, click settings –> Labs –> Search for Lab: “Canned Responses” and “Enable”

Then compose a message you want to save as a template, and click “saved as canned response.” When you go to reply to or compose a new message, you can select “create new canned response.”

Creating sections of your inbox

I had no idea this could be done, but now I organize my inbox by priority. When an email comes in, I categorize it, and then it shows up in a certain section of my inbox, which I tend to in order of importance.

For example I have a section for “brand partnerships” which goes at the top, because those are, you know, business priority #1. I also have a section for “reader emails,” because I always want to get back to you guys ASAP! I then have a section for “personal emails” where time sensitive things like bachelorette party duty emails, wedding planning emails, etc go under. If I have something super important, I’ll star it, so I know that’s what I need to answer first.

This takes only a few seconds to set up! Just go to settings –> Inbox –> Then set “Priority inbox” and then add your “Inbox sections” to customize your inbox however you want. Now it’s much easier to keep track of my emails in order of priority!

This allows me to treat my inbox like a real to-do list. When I reply, I archive it, so it goes out of my inbox and I know it’s complete. Which brings my to my third point…

Enable the “send and archive” button

Gmail inbox organizing tips

I think I stumbled upon this by mistake, but after I had successfully archived THOUSANDS of emails and got my inbox to zero, it was such a relieving feeling that I’ve become obsessed with keeping it that way! I discovered a setting that immediately archives an email when you hit send and it’s my favorite trick of all. Right after you hit send, it automatically archives it and gets it out of your inbox. How amazing is that? Don’t worry, if you don’t want to archive it after you send it, there’s still a “send only” button that shows up, too.

To set it up, go to Settings –> Send and Archive –> “Show Send & Archive” button in reply.

What are your favorite gmail inbox organizing tips?

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