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Organizing tips: Attacking your closet demons

Feb 16, 2015


It was a public confession to remind us all that nobody is perfect. It’s hard to compare your real life to someone else’s highlight reel. And I never want my blog, or my Instagram to fool you into thinking I’m one of those people that has it together 100% of the time.

Exhibit A: my room. 98% of the time, it’s a complete disaster. Kind of the natural product of a girl who is always late, never has anything to wear, and is constantly trying to make new outfits from items she already owns. Sound’s like you too, right?

Yet, you’re likely more organized than I am. I’m a complete ball of chaos.

Which is why I was really excited when the team at SOFI reached out to me (probably because they saw this embarrassing Instagram and decided enough was enough!) and asked if I wanted to partner together for a closet makeover just in time for Spring. You’ll see the full transformation on the blog next week (complete with before and after photos!) but today, I’m sharing with you what I like to call my 4 step (because 4 steps are totally manageable, right?) Plan of Attack:


This includes doing ALL of my laundry, and putting everything I own away in my closet. (Ugh.) Only when you have the full scene to survey will you understand how much you need to whittle down. I plan to note items that are strictly seasonal, and ones that are transitional, evergreen pieces. Since I can’t put away my winter items yet (seeing as “Winter” in Chicago will still last another two months at least) I’m planning to group them all in one place to make it easier to put them away later.


Sort, sort, sort. Group items by color to eliminate any extras that you don’t need (cough…6 black and white striped sweaters). Take note of what is taking up the most space, and start eliminating there, first. (No, I guess I don’t need 6 old dingy sweatshirts from college that take up my entire top shelf.) I’ve got my sights set on pretty much all of J.Crew’s new Spring stuff, so those unnecessary items are really gunna need to go! Take everything out and sort it into piles: keep, donate, sell. Also, check out Kelly’s article on The Everygirl today on how to sell your old clothing in eBay. She has some awesome tips I’m definitely going to take advantage of!


There is currently no rhyme or reason to my closet as it stands currently. It’s also very strangely shaped, with only one hanging bar and one shelf– too small to fit a dresser, as is the rest of my room, so I can only use these awkward plastic drawers that I’m pretty sure I’ve had since college. I’ll be taking full advantage of SOFI’s line of organizational items, like the SOFI Hex Box (great for storing loose items, like scarves and rolled up skinny belts), SOFI Zipper Tote, Small (this size fits perfectly anywhere in your closet, and the zipper sides make it a snap to load and unload the bin!) and SOFI Brix Box, Small (for holding my little clutches and small purses) to make the best of the teeny space that I have. I love that they’re actually pretty (not plastic and brightly colored like so many other organizing bins!) and they’re also made from recycled materials, which is always a plus! If you’re also on an organizing kick, you can find all their products on Amazon.com. (Shop them below!)


In the words of genius organizing expert, Monica Friel (I mean, she’s been on Oprah, need I say more?) “Organization is not a Destination, it’s an ongoing process that requires efficient systems, maintenance and the good old-fashioned discipline of putting things back in place.” I know, easier said than done. This one is going to be the trickiest for me, but hopefully something I’ll get better at in 2015!

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Do you have any other organizing tips I should know about? Check back next week to see the new and improved GG closet. 

This post brought to you by SOFI products.com. All opinions are my own. 

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