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On a High Note Vol 53

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was really nice! One of my best friends, Michal, was in town (remember the one I visited in San Francisco and went to Cabo with?) I hadn’t seen her since March, so it was so great to spend time with her! (And really weird to be like, “bye, next time I see you I’ll have a baby!”)

One downside though: my phone bit the dust and we spent half the day yesterday trying to fix it, but alas, I need a new one and I have to wait for the insurance replacement to be delivered on Tuesday. (SO sorry if you saw my lack of activity on Instagram and thought that meant LR was here!)

I’m trying to not let it stress me out (I have content I needed to film today for sponsorship deadlines before maternity leave starts later this month IT’S FINE) and instead view it as an opportunity to get lets of other stuff done and be more productive since I won’t have my phone to distract me!

Anyway, it’s Monday, and you know what that means–let’s jump into On a High Note: our “weekly kickoff” roundup series highlighting a few things that Kendall and I found fun, inspiring, interesting, and/or helpful–what to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, shop, and so on!

On a High Note Vol 53

Naomi Osaka and the Power of ‘Nope’
On a High Note Vol 53

image via New York Times

“Have you guys been following along with the Naomi Osaka news? She declined to attend media interviews that she said trigger her anxiety. And when she received blow back from the tournament, she dropped out, sharing the news on her personal social media channels. This New York Times piece delves into that power move of preserving mental health and the overarching trend in female athletics.

As the author says: ‘she was sending a message to the establishment of one of the world’s most elite sports: I will not be controlled… and it packed more punch coming from a young woman of color. When the system hasn’t historically stood up for you, why sacrifice yourself to uphold it? Especially when you have the power to change it instead.'” — Kendall

Printfresh Night Shirts: 

Printfresh Night Shirts | On a High Note Vol 53

“I know, I know, the last thing I need are more pajamas. They’re my guilty pleasure. Except I don’t feel guilty about it. I thought investing in some really fun, happy PJ’s would be a fun little postpartum gift to myself, so I ordered some from Printfresh. I’ve been wanting to try some from them as well as Nighttire! (Both are small PJ companies that make really fun prints!)

Haven’t tried the Nighttire yet but I LOVE the night shirts from Printfresh. I got the “camel’s courtyard” and “lemon drop” print. They’re 100% certified organic cotton, which I wasn’t sure I’d love being someone who loves super-duper soft jersey/bamboo material, but I like that these are so lightweight and breathable–a nice change-up, and I still think they’re soft! They’re generously sized–glad I went with a small, LR is currently the size of a honeydew melon and there’s still plenty of room for her.” –Jess

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What to Read This Summer

What to Read This Summer | On a High Note Vol 53

image via The Atlantic

“It’s that time of year again! The season to lay outside and get lost in a good book — there’s nothing better than a pageturner and vitamin d combination! Need book recs? Check out this list from The Atlantic.” — Kendall

Nespresso’s new Coconut Iced Coffee Pods 

Nespresso's new Coconut Iced Coffee Pods 
On a High Note Vol 53

“I’ve talked about these over on stories, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned them here yet–for those of you with Nespresso machines, have you tried their coconut iced coffee pods!? They’re SO good! (Many ask how the “iced” coffee pods are different–they’re just designed to be brewed over ice, so they’re stronger so the coffee isn’t watered down!) The coconut flavor on these is delicious and it’s the perfect summer coffee! I just placed another order because I have a feeling I’m going to need an influx of caffeine over the coming weeks.” –Jess

High School Valedictorian Swaps Speech To Speak Out Against Texas’ New Abortion Law

“This powerful speech by a Dallas high school valedictorian Paxon Smith is incredibly inspiring. She used her graduation speech to speak out against the Texas heartbeat bill, instead of using her school-approved version. (skip to 4:30 for her speech) The bill bans any abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks, a time when many women don’t even know they’re yet pregnant. Go Paxton!” — Kendall

The Depictions Of Motherhood I Saw Around Me Seemed At Odds With What I Knew Of Disability

“It’s important we learn there’s more ways to be a mother,” says Rebekah G. Taussig.

The Depictions Of Motherhood I Saw Around Me Seemed At Odds With What I Knew Of Disability'

“I loved reading this poignant essay written by Rebekah Taussig on motherhood and disability that had me nodding the whole way through. Here are two excerpts that really spoke to me:

“Even more surprising to me, I’ve found a lifetime of disability to be the perfect training ground for motherhood – the limitations of paralysis and an inaccessible world have given me sturdy muscles in flexibility, adaptability, and imagination – the very stuff of mothering.”

“There are so many more ways to be a mom, but our capacity to imagine Mother is narrow. What a punishing setup for those of us who are mothers, have mothers, love mothers, would like to become mothers. Let’s crack it open. It’s not enough to marvel at moms for all they do without creating space for them to embody more complicated roles with needs of their own. I want to see it – moms sitting in their limitations as they care for their babes. Moms who feel more than one thing about being a mom. Moms given support from their jobs and partners to be moms and also other things. I want the word mom to mean both less and more.” 

It’s absolutely worth the full read, thanks so much to my friend Shelby for sharing! (By the way, you can read Shelby’s career + style profile here!)” –Jess 

Abercrombie finds- on sale!

Abercrombie finds- on sale
On a High Note Vol 53

tee: Abercrombie, shorts: Abercrombie

“I did a little online shopping this weekend and saw that Abercrombie is running a huge sale right now- 40% off 3+ items, including the tie-dyed tee and the v-waistband biker shorts that Jess shared in this spring & summer try-on post. Great time to grab them if you’ve been eyeing them!” — Kendall

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