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On a High Note Vol 52


I have been SLACKING lately on the blog. I’m sorry.  On Friday, my pregnancy brain just literally FORGOT to hit publish on the post Kendall had written. And then I had a doctor’s appointment today (36 week appointment–all is looking great! I go weekly from here on out!) and somehow I blinked and its 6pm!? This might be the start of the slow decline to my maternity leave. Was really hoping to finish my posting schedule off strong until she arrived, but it’s getting so much harder to focus when I know she’s so close to being here!

ANYWAY. Thank you for your patience, and I hope that you had a wonderful long weekend! We spent two nights at Neal’s family’s lake house–it was SO much fun getting to all hang out with his aunts, uncles and cousins again after being apart for so long! Then we got a lot done around the house/prepping for LR’s arrival yesterday. All in all, a great weekend!

Let’s jump into On a High Note: our “weekly kickoff” roundup series highlighting a few things that Kendall and I found inspiring, interesting, fun and/or helpful–what to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, shop, and so on!

On a High Note Vol 52

An expert’s favorite houseplants to buy now

On a High Note Vol 52 indoor plants

image via House & Garden UK

“I’m always interested in a plant post and this one by a plant book author highlights 10 favorite houseplants (and how to care for them) to make your place feel homier — from popular favorites to unusual choices. If you’re looking to bring more nature inside, check it out!” — Kendall

Netflix’s High on the Hog 

Netflix's High on the Hog 

“We started this show last night and can’t recommend it enough. It’s a mini docuseries so sadly there aren’t that many episodes, you will have to pace yourself! It follows food writer and trained chef Stephen Satterfield through a series of episodes that dive into the historical roots of African American culture and culture and how intrinsic it is in American cuisine. African ingredients made our cooking what it is today, even shaped how American cities unfolded and developed.

As an Esquire article described, “while myth-busting and food trivia may be delightful highlights in each episode, the moments that resonate most deeply are the personal stories that state history so matter of factly, flipping accepted notions on their heads without explicitly bringing them up.”

This isn’t a show you’ll want to miss–definitely add it to your Netflix queue ASAP!” –Jess

Homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Homemade Cinnamon Toast Crunch | On a High Note Vol 52

image via Halfbaked Harvest 

“This image caught my eye while scrolling through Instagram last week and I’m so excited to give it a try! I was obsessed with cinnamon toast crunch throughout my pregnancy (and as a kid) and this post definitely reignited my craving. It sounds like the perfect breakfast to try on a lazy summer weekend.” — Kendall

Lululemon Align Bike Shorts 

Lululemon Align Bike Shorts 

“I am at the point in pregnancy where my other bike shorts no longer fit (Although they made it to month 8, so they really have served me well and will continue to do so postpartum!) I knew I need to spring for the big guns. And went ahead and invested in some Lululemon Align bike shorts. (You all assured me your aligns fit you well through delivery day!)

I was really hoping Aerie would have some Offline bike shorts that look like their leggings, but I wasn’t a fan of their bike styles. So I sprung for the Lulu’s instead and just went a size up from what I normally would–I am SO GLAD I did. (Note: I would usually be a 4 or 6 in Lulu leggings pre-pregnancy, I went with an 8 for pregnancy and I’m glad I did!)

The good thing about Aligns is that they’re so stretchy that like 3 different sizes can work for you. So I’m not worried about them being too big postpartum either. There was another very pregnant girl picking some up in the store last week and we both did a little nod of acknowledgment to one another and laughed.

Even if you aren’t pregnant though, if you want the comfiest pair of bike shorts around that feel like you’re basically naked–you’ll love these shorts.” –Jess

I Feel Great About my Neck

I Feel Great About my Neck | On a High Note Vol 52

image via New York Times

“I loved this NY Times article about not depending on anyone else’s approval of your appearance. It references Nora Ephron’s essay from 15 years ago and how the past 14 months have magnified our attention to physical appearance. As the author says, ‘ In all of human history, perhaps no necks (or eyes, or foreheads) have been inspected so relentlessly, and with such attention to detail, as ours collectively have since last March, while working and socializing from home… and yet I find myself, midways through my 40s, freed from agonizing over every angle, feeling just fine about my neck.’ It’s a refreshing read!” — Kendall

Ghia Nonalcoholic Spritzes!

Ghia Nonalcoholic Spritzes

“A couple weeks back, I posted that I was loving Ghia’s alcohol-free aperitif lately (I buy it at Foxtrot!)–it’s great for making booze-free spritzes (I’d say it has a similar taste to Campari or Aperol–it’s bitter, so it actually tastes more like booze!) They reached out and offered to send me their new “Le Spritz” in a can–which was so nice! I happily agreed and turns out, I LOVE them! I brought them with me to the lake house this weekend and it was the perfect refreshment to sip in the sun. If you’ve been looking for some great mocktail options and you love the taste of Aperol Spritzes, I highly recommend trying these! You can buy them on their website here.” –Jess 

11 Questions All First-Time Investors Have, Answered 

11 Questions All First-Time Investors Have, Answered 

“Investing is definitely a topic I’ve been intimidated by in the past (and sometimes still am). This Everygirl piece gives an overview of investing by answering 11 FAQs. It’s worth a read if this is something you’re interested in learning more about!” — Kendall

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