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On a High Note Vol 47

Hi friends!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead! Let’s get this week started off On a High Note: Our weekly roundup series (written by myself and Kendall, if you’re new around here!) highlighting things we found inspiring, interesting, fun and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, shop, and so on! Here are our favorite highlights to check out this week:

On a High Note Vol 47

23 Refillable Products To Try For a Less Wasteful Beauty Regimen

23 Refillable Products To Try For a Less Wasteful Beauty Regimen

“This round-up of refillable beauty products is really cool! More and more brands are launching products with options to refill the original container — from little-known indie lines to designer skincare to drugstore staples. Refillable packaging aims to have a net decrease in the amount of plastic that is produced. An alternative to recycling and composting, refillable packaging allows the energy and materials required to manufacture a package to only be expended once. So consider adding some of these products to your skincare order the next time you run out of something!” — Kendall

This sweet budget-friendly house dress/nightgown:

budget-friendly house dress/nightgown | On a High Note Vol 47
On a High Note Vol 47

“Okay this is probably more of a nightgown than a house dress, but I thought it was SO CUTE and it’s really comfortable. The perfect thing to sleep in and lounge around the house in during the summer. Another great Amazon find–also comes in pink and blue, but I’m partial to white. It’s part little girl, part old lady, part “Victorian ghost” which really describes my style sweet spot these days.  I ordered my regular (pre-pregnancy) size and it fits great, so I’d say it’s quite roomy.” –Jess

Creamy Coconut Mojitos

The Most Delicious Coconut Mojito | On a High Note Vol 47

“I recently went all out on setting up an outdoor herb garden for the season — and the mint plants have me craving mojitos! This coconut lime mojito recipe that Neal and Jess shared from their Florida trip looks so amazing for upcoming warm summer nights.” — Kendall

Making Peace with my Quarantine Body

Making Peace with my Quarantine Body

“I loved Kim Rhodes‘ post on Cup of Jo about her relationship with her quarantine body. I know personally, my body changed a lot during quarantine (as would be expected when one’s lifestyle turns upside down), and THEN I got pregnant on top of that. Processing these changes has been an interesting journey. In fact, I think we can ALL relate to this on some level–and I really enjoyed her short and sweet essay. Here’s an excerpt that stood out to me:

‘I was discussing with a friend the fact that our bodies are made to be — and even meant to be — different sizes at different times, and that our weights will go up and down and that’s ok. We aren’t taught these facts about our bodies until we’ve already been led to believe the lies of diet culture and fatphobia. That clicked into place for me a little more and made me feel human — like it was my right as a human being to go through my body’s natural progressions of grief and survival. I began thinking about ways to embrace my body as it stands, even when I want to zip off this skin and run from it.’

Read her full post here!” –Jess

There’s a Name for The Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing

There's a Name for The Blah You're Feeling: It's Called Languishing
On a High Note Vol 47

“I thought this was a really interesting New York Times read! It’s all about languishing — a sense of stagnation and emptiness — that might be the dominant emotion of 2021. If you’ve been having trouble concentrating and/or are feeling aimless or joyless about 2021 even with vaccine progress, you might be experiencing languish. As scientists and physicians work to treat and cure the physical symptoms of COVID, many are struggling with the emotional long-haul of the pandemic and hit some of us unprepared as the fear and grief of last year faded. So if you’ve been feeling this way, check out this piece for coping tips!” — Kendall

Rotisserie Chicken Week on @TheDefinedDish!

“Do you follow Alex on Instagram yet? If not, you absolutely should! (And not just for her food content. She has the most adorable family and her interior design taste is TO DIE FOR.)

I make her recipes more than ANY other recipes. They’re flavorful, and healthy (but like, you won’t even NOTICE they’re healthy. Because they’re so good! Most of them are Whole30 approved, but we’ve never done Whole30, and I just make non Whole30 substitutions!)

She just kicked off a genius thing called “Rotisserie Chicken Week” where she’s sharing lots of easy recipes to make with rotisserie chicken that require little prep and some don’t even involve cooking! SO SMART!! She’ll be posting the recipes to her blog, The Defined Dish, and the first recipe–these lettuce cups–look unreal!” –Jess

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xo Kendall + Jess