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On a High Note Vol 43

Mar 29, 2021

cherry blossoms currently blooming in Portland | On a High Note Vol 43

Had to share this picture of the cherry blossoms currently blooming in Portland to brighten your Monday! — Kendall

Hi friends!

It has officially been one year since we launched this On a High Note series! Check out vol. 1 for a walk down memory lane — aka the days of Tiger King. It both feels like just yesterday and a million years ago! Thankfully, the end of March 2021 is much brighter than March 2020. 

And with that, let’s get this week started off On a High Note: Our weekly roundup series full of inspiring, interesting, fun and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, shop, and so on! Here are my and Kendall’s favorite highlights to check out this week! 

On a High Note Vol 43 

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The Rise of the Silly Little Walk

The Rise of the Silly Little Walk | On a High Note Vol 43

Image via Vogue

“I very much related to this funny Vogue piece about “the silly walk” aka our reason to leave the house over the last year. For many of us, neighborhood strolls went from perfectly fine to downright essential to our well-being. As the author explains:

“The 2021-era Silly Little Walk is a solo outdoor stroll taken with no real purpose, no direction or tacked-on errand; just a vague desire to be out among the living again after a year of isolation (or, more accurately, an understanding of just how crazy you’ll go if you spend one more second in your apartment). 

Will the silly walk live on as the world begins to reopen? I hope so!” — Kendall 

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new Lyocell summer sheets from Target!

new Lyocell summer sheets from Target! | On a High Note Vol 43

“I ordered these on a whim when Lynzy posted about them on Instagram! They’re made with 100% lyocell, so they’re SO soft and luxurious–feel party satiny part stretchy super-soft jersey–but they keep you cool at night, so they’re perfect for summer! (And I thought they’d come in extra handy when LR arrives as I heard that postpartum night sweats are a thing. ????) They come in lots of colors and I got them in the prettiest creamy beige color. Sometimes, nothing makes you feel fancier than an early bedtime and luxurious new sheets, right?” –Jess 

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Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad

Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad | On a High Note Vol 43

image via Joyful Healthy Eats

“I’ve been in a major recipe rut when it comes to lunch meals. I’m determined to turn things around this week — and this colorful crunchy Thai quinoa salad from Joyful Healthy Eats looks delicious and far from boring! It would also make a great side for pot-luck picnics or dinners. If you’re struggling with lunch-time meals too, check it out!  ” — Kendall 

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With free gorgeous art from the Public Domain print shop by A Home is Announced!

Public Domain print shop by A Home

“Thanks to Deema from @PrettyOnFridays (who is an awesome home design/DIY blogger I follow) I stumbled upon @AHomeisAnnounced and her new public domain print shop. What does that mean? She put together an amazing collection of public domain art, which essentially means that the artist that created the piece has passed away, plus 70 years, and the copyright on the artwork has expired. Anyone can use it freely without having to seek permission or pay fees to the creator.

Kadie, who runs the blog A Home is Announced, decided to so wonderfully compile a collection of these public works (while paying tribute to the artist that created them) that anyone can download and print and frame for free–from sifting through archives from the Art Institute, Smithsonian, and more (links all provided on her page). So if you’ve been looking for some affordable art–this is the perfect thing for you!” –Jess 

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What Equal Pay Day Gets Wrong

What Equal Pay Day Gets Wrong

“I’ve been reading a lot about how women in the workforce have disproportionately suffered due to COVID-19, and this Marie Claire piece on Equal Pay Day delves into why. The author talks about the importance of the gender wealth gap compared to the gender pay gap — or overall net worth. 

As she puts it: “There are a lot of reasons why the gender wealth gap is so much wider than the gender pay gap. To start, women spend less time in the workforce (because women take more career breaks, which again, isn’t always a true “choice”); women spend more money on their children than men do; and, of course, women pay the pink tax. But that’s not all.

There’s also an investing gap and a debt gap — making the gender wealth gap 32 cents to a white man’s dollar. (!!!) Black and brown women have just one penny to the dollar of white men. (!!!) The article concludes with several actionable steps to boost female’s financial shape, check it out!  –Kendall

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Amazon bike short lounge set 

Amazon bike short lounge set 

“If you would’ve asked me a year and a half ago whether I’d be wearing a biker short lounge set I would’ve laughed at you, but you know, pandemics happen, and then you find yourself wearing things you SWORE you’d never succumb to. This is one of them, but I’m not even sorry about it.

This lounge set is A++++! I have been wearing it nonstop since it arrived, and I’ve already got the pink color in my cart again. (Wearing the “light green” here which looks more minty than olive in person). It’s so soft and stretchy, and feels a little more fashion-forward than the normal sweats (at least to me). The material is really light so it’s perfect for summer, and I love the oversized fit of the tee (more than covers your butt, which I appreciate). 

Sizing: I sized up to medium for LR, but sans LR I would’ve gone with a small.” –Jess 

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xo Kendall + Jess

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