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On a High Note Vol 30!

Dec 7, 2020

Happy Monday! 

We are back with our 30th edition (!) of On a High Note: a roundup of things to bookmark for the week! 

I can’t believe we’re already into the second week of December. Let’s hope the next few months fly by as fast as November and December have! Do you feel the same way? How has your holiday season been going? While I miss so many things about how this time of year *usually* is, it has definitely been nice to have less obligations and for once, a schedule with nothing on it. Usually this season is so much “go go go” that I never get to stop and appreciate it! (Although, what I would give to cozy up in a festive bar with a martini right now. ????) 

Let’s jump into this week’s finds! Lot’s of fun things to check out (that would also make great gifts!) this week. 

On a High Note Vol 30

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New York Bagels delivered from Goldbelly!

On a High Note Vol 30

Okay, this is in no way sponsored (although I wish it was!)–I found Goldbelly on Instagram–but I cannot shut up about them! They’re kind of like a GrubHub/DoorDash kind of situation, but they allow great local restaurants all over the country to ship their specialties nationwide! I had been craving GOOD bagels (New York bagels cannot be replicated in Chicago) and when I found Goldbelly, I immediately placed an Ess-A-Bagel order. They’re running a special for 24 for the price of 12 so I divvied them up and dropped some off to our New York friends too! (Kelly and Mitch included, of course.)

Tip: Cut them in half, wrap them up and freeze them to keep for months! They have so many restaurant options–Chicago specialities included–and it would make the most perfect gift for anyone! 

The best breakfast sandwich: I made breakfast sammies this weekend with some of our bagels with egg, canadian bacon, cheddar, and Essa’s chive cream cheese and it was SO GOOD. (Wrap in tin foil and pop in the warm toaster oven to keep them warm and they’ll keep for an hour or so. Say, if you make breakfast sandwiches for you and your husband, but he’s still working out and you refuse to wait for him to eat your delicious sandwich. Hypothetically. ????) 

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Grace’s Pajama collab with Nightire launched today!

On a High Note Vol 30

If you follow my friend Grace (which you absolutely should if you don’t already!) you’ll know her Pajama collab with Nightire launched today! Nightire is a small women owned brand that makes the most BEAUTIFUL pajamas, and Grace co-designed some really adorable sets I think you will love. I think the “Jungle Cat” print she’s wearing above is my favorite! These would also make an excellent gift and way to support two women-owned companies! (Influencers are their own small businesses, too!) 

[ggheading style=”light” size=”1″ text=”Take Action…”]

Last day to register to vote in the Georgia Runoff elections! 

How to Help in the Georgia Runoff Election!

Last day to register in Georgia to vote in the runoff elections! The fate of our country is boiling down to these two elections, so please call/text everyone you know in Georgia and make sure that they’re registered and have a plan to vote! Georgians can check their registration here and request their mail-in ballot right here. Everything you need to know about how to get more involved is listed in this blog post

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Winona Street Wish candles 

On a High Note Vol 30

Neal’s aunt and cousins own a small brand called Winona Street Designs that makes really awesome affordable candles that you can customize, if you’re looking for a fun gift that anyone would love and looking to support an awesome mother-daughter team at the same time! ????

Right now, they also just opened a pop-up in Wicker Park (1424 N. Milwaukee) that is open from Thursdays-Sundays through December 23rd, where you can stop in and make your own candles! (You don’t need an appointment, just stop by–I’ve been in a few times and it’s always quiet/socially distanced!) It’s so fun and you can customize your own scent–they have tons to choose from at their pop up! I customized one by combining Pine and Cocoabutter Cashmere and it smells SO GOOD! I also chose “A Wish for 2021” for the label (for obvious reasons ????) but you can customize it however–for example, “A Wish for Grandma” or an inside joke, etc! 

Another fun thing: If you can’t make it into the pop up but love the idea of making your own candle, you can buy one of their candle making kits, which would also be so much fun to organize a little virtual candle-making party with friends or family! In fact, they’re hosting a virtual candle making party from their pop-up store on December 17th at 7pm! Cost is $40 and includes the price of your candle making kit! They can also organize private parties and corporate events–feel free to DM them with any questions–they’ll get back to you quickly! 

[ggheading style=”light” size=”1″ text=”Gift…”]

New York Times Best Books to Gift in 2020

On a High Note Vol 30

Who doesn’t want to receive a great book for the holidays? It’s inexpensive, thoughtful, and what else provides such a great escape for just a few dollars? The New York Times released their list of best giftable books for 2020 by genre and I think it’s such a great place to start! Tip: If you can, try and purchase your books from a local bookstore! Also, if you purchase via Bookshop.org, a portion of your purchase also helps support local bookstores! 

[ggheading style=”light” size=”1″ text=”Read…”]

The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

The Star Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

I just finished this book last night. (Speaking of Grace, I read it on Grace’s recommendation–I can always count on her for good reads!) I absolutely LOVED it. To be honest I was a little skeptical because the title sounds so cheesy, but it was exactly what I needed–part escape (who doesn’t love a book set in Italy?) part “finding yourself” story, part “family turmoil and love” story. It has everything you want in a book in the last month of 2020. 

[ggheading style=”light” size=”1″ text=”Shop (for a hilarious gag gift)…”]

Italian meat and cheeses candles

Italian meat and cheeses candles

Guess it’s a candle kinda day over here. ???? But these candles came up in conversation on our last Equilibria Zoom Happy Hour and I could not stop laughing. What an amazing gag gift for a virtual white elephant or just for the charcuterie lover. (Note: they are not scented, thankfully. ????) 

That’s all for now! Hope you have a wonderful week! 

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