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On a High Note: Vol 24

Hi friends!

Happy Monday! Let’s fill up our coffee cups and get this week started On a High Note: Our Monday roundup series full of inspiring, interesting, fun and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, and so on! Let’s dive into our favorite highlights to check out this week! 


On a High Note: Vol 24

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Chai cashew and hemp latte

On a High Note: Vol 24

“‘Tis the season for fancy drinks! I know a lot of you have been requesting some fun drink ideas that don’t contain alcohol, and I think this one fits the bill of comforting, easy, and out of the box! This latte from Half Baked Harvest looks amazing, it’s also healthy! Perfect for starting your morning off in a festive way or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up curled up on the couch with a good read. The experience of trying something new and different and creating a new little ritual is the pick me up that we all need right now! ”  –Kendall 

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Equilibria’s new seasonal flavored drops: Cranberry Elderflower and Spiced Bergamot!

On a High Note: Vol 24

“Equilibria just secretly launched their new seasonal daily drops in Cranberry Elderflower and Spiced Bergamot! (If you’re new here, I work for Equilibria on their marketing team in addition to being an affiliate for them!) Originally we were only going to release one flavor, but the product team was so in love with both flavors, they decided to release both!

I haven’t gotten a chance to try them yet, but everyone is RAVING about them–I’m told Cranberry Elderflower tastes like a bright, juicy cocktail and that Spiced Bergamot has all your favorite fall flavors like smoky cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger with bright notes of citrus! FYI, you’ll get the best deal if you buy their duo set! (These are limited edition, so not available as a subscription–and when they’re gone, they’re gone!) 

I will report back as soon as I get my hands on them next week! Right now, they’re running an exciting presale for the drops–they aren’t yet available to the public unless you have the secret presale link. ????

The best part is that for the next two days (ends October 14th!) both new AND existing Equilibria customers can use my discount code, so everyone can get the new drops at 15% off with code JESSKEYS!”

If you’re new here and want to know more about CBD and my experience taking it, you can read my whole review and CBD FAQ here. (Hint: It’s life-changing.) –Jess


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Why poll workers are so important this election cycle

Why poll workers are so important this election cycle

image via Shondaland 

“There is so much on the line come Nov. 3, from the presidential candidates to voter access and the people who dedicate their time to protect our democracy and the right to a free and fair election — poll workers. This article dives into the scope of the role of poll workers and the very real concerns that so many of them are at a higher risk in a pandemic, as almost 60% of poll workers are over the age of 60. Their work has never been more important as we inch closer to Election Day.” –Kendall 

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“The Boys” on Amazon 

On a High Note: Vol 24

“I know what you’re thinking, because I thought the exact same: “A superhero show? Really?” But this show is ADDICTIVE. I think Neal and I finished both seasons in less than two weeks. And that means a lot coming from someone who doesn’t typically watch superhero movies. ???? Despite sounding like a fantasy show, the parallels it draws to 2020 are startlingly relevant. Every episode is better than the next. Not to mention, it was one of the few things that both Neal and I got equally addicted to. 

The Boys is set in a world where superheroes are beloved by the general public. And employed by one incredibly powerful corporation called Vaught International. They are aggressively marketed and monetized and are therefore not actually focused on saving the world at all, but most are arrogant and corrupt and only seeking more fame. 

The show follows two groups of characters, Vaughts #1 team of superheroes called “The 7” and a group of vigilantes, lead by Billy Butcher, who are trying to take them down. Watch the trailer here! (I will also add, I definitely wasn’t sold by the trailer, but I was hooked by the second episode!)” –Jess 

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Able’s “Mae” Drapey Tee

On a High Note: Vol 24

“I shared this on stories over the weekend but it deserves it’s own spotlight here. If you’re looking for the perfect t-shirt, your search ends now! This is truly the BEST tee. Period, the end. It’s so incredibly soft, and is made of a viscose/lycra jersey blend, meaning it falls beautifully and is much nicer looking than cotton (so it’s easy to dress up!) I have it in two colors–white and black– and I wore both this weekend TWICE. ????  Also, the white is the most opaque white tee I’ve ever worn–not see through AT ALL. (FYI, I ordered a small and it’s still plenty roomy enough to knot!) 

ABLE is a new-to-me brand that I had heard of because Karla, Natalie, and Ailsa rave about their items, but I’d never tried them myself! When their Influencer manager, Hannah reached out and offered to send me a few things to try, I was so excited! (This tee was gifted, but this isn’t sponsored. Although I hope we can partner in the future!)

Their entire company was founded to empower women, pay them a living wage and help lift them out of poverty. (They publish the wages of all of their workers the workers of their manufacturing partners on their website here!) I think they are the coolest company and I’m really excited to hopefully do more with them in the future!” –Jess 


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My favorite commentary on the infamous “debate fly”



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Usually wouldn’t post in between seasons but was just so proud of the whole team ❤️

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“There was a lot to unpack about last week’s VP debate, but that fly appearance was definitely a fan favorite. I loved seeing all the memes and reactions on social media, but Jordan’s video is by far my favorite (all of his videos are great). If you haven’t seen it, watch for a laugh, or rewatch to start your week off on the right foot!” —Kendall

Happy Monday friends — Let’s make it a great week!