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On a High Note: Vol 23

Oct 5, 2020

Hi friends!

We did it again–Welcome to another Monday! Let’s fill up our coffee cups and get this week started On a High Note: Our Monday roundup of inspiring, interesting, fun and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, and so on! Without further ado, let’s dive into our favorite highlights to check out this week! 

On a High Note: Vol 23

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All the apple recipes!

On a High Note: Vol 23

“Is your IG feed filling up with pictures of apple orchards too? While I’m not sure if I’ll make it out to pick my own apples this year (good thing the Farmer’s Market is selling them by the bucket!) I’m definitely going to be whipping up some seasonal apple recipes! This simple apple crumble from Love & Lemons looks like a winner, as does this cinnamon apple bread from Julie Blanner. This French apple cake from A Baking Journey also caught my eye on Pinterest! All seem simple and doable even for a novice baker! –Kendall 

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Okay, we have two must follows on Instagram that I HIGHLY recommend checking out this week! 


“I started following Emily when Hitha posted about her account, and I’m so glad I did. Emily shares daily(ish) political analysis straight from DC. She’s a former counsel for senate democrats and she’s incredibly smart with a knack for breaking down super complex issues in ways that people like my with zero attention span (and no political background) can understand!

Something not necessarily…uplifting, but necessary to read–her “How Trump can Steal this Election” highlight (preview in the post above, but more details in her highlight, which I recommend reading in full). It’s a good reminder that while things are looking positive for Biden, there are still MANY ways things can go south. Please share her account with everyone you know!” –Jess 

@StudioDIY’s “Vote Blue” IG highlight 

“I found this when, speaking of, Emily shared it this morning! I love StudioDIY‘s bright, colorful content but was super impressed when she posted this long, detailed, and incredibly helpful post series of stories. And I have honestly never seen a better resource to help you navigate hard conversations with those who aren’t sure who they are voting for. 

Her highlights showcase the responses she got all across the board on key issues–ranging from human rights, immigration, to abortion, the economy, COVID–everything, and she gives SUPER helpful resources that break down where Trump and Biden stand on each issue, their records, and even addresses common disinformation.” –Jess 


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How to Deal if Being Single Has You Worried About ‘Biological Clocks’ and Timelines 

On a High Note: Vol 23

Image via Self

“I stumbled upon this read, and it really resonated with me after having similar conversations with a handful of my girlfriends. While the title implies it’s related to single girls, I think it applies to all of us- single, dating, married, motherhood, etc. The stress and isolation of 2020 paired with the continued uncertainty of the future has potentially made us rethink, second guess, or doubt our personal decisions, goals, and timelines, which can lead you to feeling more anxious, sad, or frustrated. This read via Self dives into this topic, and offers a handful of coping mechanisms if you are struggling with decision paralysis or are frustrated with timelines.'” —Kendall  

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The NPR Politics Podcast

On a High Note: Vol 23

“As election day draws nearer, the amount of political information to catch up on each day grows exponentially! Each week is just ????! I’ve been throwing on NPR’s Politics Podcast every morning to get a quick overview of what I need to know, and determine what I need to dive into more. They’re about 15-minute episodes (quick and digestible) that share what’s happening in Washington and why it matters.” —Kendall 

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#GetDressedStayHome October!

#GetDressedStayHome October!

“Yay- #GetDressedStayHome is back by popular demand, and better than ever with festive fall prompts! If you missed it the first time around in April, I started this challenge as a way to infuse more joy into everyday life. Right now, the term “it’s the little things” is more relevant than ever, and one of the best “little ways” to infuse more joy into life right now is by getting dressed in an outfit that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good! This challenge seeks to serve a few purposes:

To have fun: To inspire you to get dressed every day, have fun with it, and learn how to look at your closet with fresh eyes! You don’t HAVE to have a reason to get dressed every day–you don’t have to be going to work, going out with friends, whatever! Getting dressed can be a form of self-care and normalcy during trying times! 

To raise money: Last time, we raised money for St. Anthony’s Hospital which serves primarily communities of color on Chicago’s South and West sides, and was disproportionally affected by COVID. This time around, I decided it was only fitting to raise funds for Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund to fight voter suppression, given that we’re officially entering election crunch time! 

For each photo you snap and post on your Instagram feed (it has to be a feed photo, because stories are too hard to tally as they expire!) tagging me @jesskeys_ and #GetDressedStayHome, I will donate 50 cents to Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund! (I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it really adds up!) 

Find out more about how the challenge works here!” –Jess

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Blondo Elvina Booties on sale!

Blondo Elvina Booties on sale!

“Speaking of getting dressed… I moved to the PNW this year and am so excited to experience (and dress for) my first fall season! To prepare for the inevitable rain in my future, I recently stocked up on some weather-appropriate footwear, including these cute Blondo booties that are waterproof but don’t look it at all! I knew I had to get a pair of Blondos after Jess’ rave reviews, and bonus- these are currently 40% off if you’re also in the market!” –Kendall

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Join the bigger and better Women for Biden call!

Join the bigger and better Women for Biden call

The first one was so successful, we’re doing it again! If you didn’t get a chance to join our first call, this one is for you! This time, I reached out to some of my friends to co-host with me! Join me, Hitha, Ashley, Becca, and Jess  TOMORROW at 7:30pm CST/8:30EST for another call with the Women for Biden team, where we’ll be discussing the most effective ways to get involved with the Biden/Harris campaign, even if you don’t have much time!

Sign up right here, and bring as MANY friends as you can! (Just send them to that link to RSVP!) 

Happy Monday friends — Let’s make it a great week!

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