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On a High Note: Vol. 16

Aug 3, 2020

Happy Monday friends! 

Kendall and I are back with volume 16 (!!!) of On a High Note: A Monday roundup of inspiring, fascinating and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, and so on! 

Let’s get this week started on a high note! Grab your cup of coffee and let’s dive into our favorite highlights to check out this week! 

On a High Note: Vol. 16

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“Neal turned me on to this Instagram account recently because one of his favorite accounts to follow is @wmbrownproject. He and his wife Yolanda Edwards (former creative director of CN Traveler) bought two adjacent 19th-century village houses in the French countryside and the account documents their renovation of the homes. WHAT. A. DREAM. They honestly don’t post that often but there is SO much content to dive into (don’t skip their IG highlights either!) It’s the perfect daydreamy rabbit hole to escape down whenever you’d like to be transported.” –Jess


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The Michelle Obama Podcast

On a High Note: Vol. 16

“Your friendly reminder that Michelle Obama just launched a podcast!! Jess and I are both so excited to add it into our listening queues! She plans on having deep conversations with loved ones on the relationships in our lives that make us who we are. Her first guest? President Obama of course!” —Kendall 

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The Heir Affair 

On a High Note: Vol. 16

“The Royal We is all-time favorite fluffy page-turners, and the newly-released sequel, The Heir Affair, could not have come at a better time. If you’ve been wanting to escape into a fun, light read, I can’t recommend it enough! (Although, you must read The Royal We first if you haven’t already!) The books are best described as William and Kate fan fiction, and while I honestly have no real interest in the Royal family, something about Royal fiction has me hooked. You can get both on Amazon or Bookshop.org (which allows you to choose which local bookstore you’d like to support with proceeds–I recommend selecting Semicolon, Chicago’s only Black woman-owned bookstore!)” –Jess 


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The Art of Running late: A Love Letter

On a High Note: Vol. 16

Photo by Getty Images via Vogue

“I so enjoyed this Vogue read talking about the nuanced rush of running late. Gone are the days where we are physically rushing to a meeting or franticly checking the clock as we watch our Uber circle the block for the fifth time! This article is a poetic love letter to the way the world was just a few months ago. I loved this bit especially:

‘People say life’s a marathon not a sprint, but those people underestimate the ecstasy toboggan of lateness. Of that little walk-run you have to do when you’re beating the clock as tentacles of takeaway coffee run down your knuckles. Of McCallister family-ing passport-first toward a departure gate with a wheelie suitcase nipping your heels… The key to feeling alive isn’t being in the moment—it’s being a few minutes behind it. Running late is a drug, and I microdose myself behind schedule in pursuit of the next fix. It’s the specific texture of a dash that’s addictive, that anxious will I won’t I?, the jeopardy.’” —Kendall

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WooMe Beauty Nail Oil 

On a High Note: Vol. 16

“I have never cared less about having “done” nails than I do right now, and I find myself embracing natural nails more than I ever have before––you too? The last dip manicure I got right before the pandemic hit left my nails completely ruined–they were so weak and so flimsy. They’ve been awful ever since. 

Then I was introduced to WooMe Beauty through @Black.Owned.Everything (which I highly recommend following for some great shopping reccos!) and I immediately ordered their nail oil! I was so excited for it to arrive a couple weeks back, since my nails needed some major help!

I love that this oil is made will only a handful of natural ingredients––olive oil, biotin oil, garlic, vitamin E oil, and essential oils. And I got to chat last week with founder, Leslie, who told me her idea for inventing the product was sparked right before her wedding, because she was cutting back on salon expenses in order to conserve for the big day. She’s always had a passion for doing her nails. But was put off by the amount of toxic ingredients in most mainstream nail brands. And she set out to invent an affordable product that would allow all women to have beautiful, natural nails without having to rely on a salon! 

Admittedly while I am focused on using clean skincare products, nail products are often something I overlook. So this definitely resonated with me!

So far, I definitely feel like it’s made my nails stronger and has really helped with cuticles/hangnails, too. I’m excited to see how they look with continued use!” –Jess 

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Make the most of August

Make the most of August

“I just read this quote — August is the Sunday of summer and it has inspired me to savor every last second of this strange summer and fleeting season. If a Sunday well spent brings a week of content, we must make the absolute most of August! Whether you spend the next month relaxing, adventuring or a combination of the two, here’s your reminder to focus on the things that bring you joy and soak up every minute of the rest of summer.” —Kendall 

Happy Monday! Cheers to the week ahead! ❤️ 

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