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On a High Note: Vol. 13

Jul 6, 2020

Happy Monday, friends! 

How are you feeling after the long weekend? Hopefully refreshed. We were at Neal’s family lakehouse and it was great to spend most of our time there off social media and focused on family, and maximizing our time at the beach! 

This week is also my birthday week! (I keep forgetting.) I will be 32 on Thursday. Where does the time go? We’ll be celebrating by embarking on our FIRST ever camping trip this Friday. Even though I’m not sure it actually counts as camping because we rented a sweet tricked out sprinter van! ???? (I’ll share ALL the details after the trip, don’t worry!) 

Let’s get the week started on the right foot with another edition of On a High Note: A Monday roundup of inspiring, fascinating and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, and so on! 

Grab your cup of coffee (or maybe wine, seeing as I’m many hours late getting this up?) and read on for me and Kendall’s favorite highlights to check out this week! 

On a High Note: Vol 13


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Hamilton On a High Note: Vol 13

“I specifically held off on watching Hamilton over the weekend so I’d have something to look forward to come Monday! Catch the much-anticipated original Broadway production on Disney+! Based on the reviews, I don’t think it’s going to disappoint!” – Kendall 

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Cold brew with a cold brew maker!!! 

cold brew maker On a High Note: Vol 13

I know MANY of you are big cold brew fans (as am I) and I wanted to share my latest nerdy purchase–which is this large mason jar cold brewer! The top comes with a removable mesh sieve that makes it easy to brew and then remove with no mess and for easy pouring! (Makes it really portable too!) I also ordered Mamaleelu coffee which is a Black woman-owned brand out of Michigan to make in my new cold brew contraption! As you know, we have our camping trip coming up at the end of this week, and I thought this would be the easiest way to make coffee on the go (vs. trying to deal with making it in the French press!) 

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5 Things I Want to Tell My White Friends

On a High Note: Vol 13

“I really enjoyed this read from A Cup of Jo. It’s a powerful, honest, and enlightening piece from forthcoming author Christine Pride about race and friendship. In addition to sharing what has comforted her the past few weeks, she reveals the five things she wants her white friends to know. Highly recommend.” — Kendall  

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Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

On a High Note: Vol 13

“Okay so technically there are TWO “Read” picks for this week–Kendall and I each have one, but they are very different things!

My “Read” pick is the book I just started, Such a Fun Age, by Kiley Reid. My Mother in Law just finished it and loaned it to me when we were at the lake this past weekend! I had been hearing a lot of buzz around this book, so it was perfect timing that I was able to borrow it from her! I’m only a few chapters in and had a very hard time putting it down–I’m already hooked. Here are a couple reviews to give you a taste of what to expect:” 

“Kiley Reid has written the most provocative page-turner of the year….[Such a Fun Age] nestl[es] a nuanced take on racial biases and class divides into a page-turning saga of betrayals, twists, and perfectly awkward relationships….The novel feels bound for book-club glory, due to its sheer readability. The dialogue crackles with naturalistic flair. The plotting is breezy and surprising. Plus, while Reid’s feel for both the funny and the political is undeniable, she imbues her flawed heroes with real heart.” –Entertainment Weekly

“[A] funny, fast-paced social satire about privilege in America…Beneath her comedy of good intentions, [Reid] stages a Millennial bildungsroman that is likely to resonate with 20-something postgraduates scrambling to get launched in just about any American city.” –The Atlantic

“Provocative…Surprisingly resonant insights into the casual racism in everyday life, especially in the America of the liberal elite.” –The New York Times Book Review


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Fresh Fruit Salsa

On a High Note: Vol 13

“How good does this fruit salsa and cinnamon tortilla chip combo look from Two Peas and Their Pod?! A sweet twist on the classic savory chips and salsa, this would make a fun and colorful summer appetizer, meal, or dessert!” — Kendall

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with Clare Paint! 

with Clare Paint! 

Clare Paint

“As I am currently in the midst of my own kitchen reno project, I’ve received a lot of messages from you all who are planning updates (whether those are DIYed or otherwise!) for your home as well! This one is for you. ????

If you’ve got any wall painting related projects on the horizon, I wanted to share a company that a few of you passed along called Clare Paint! (Note: we’re hiring a professional to paint our cabinets so will be using lacquer, so I won’t be using them for our project in particular but LOVED this concept and that it’s a Black woman-owned business so I had to share! Definitely bookmarking for any of our wall painting needs moving forward!)

Clare Paint uses clean, non-toxic paint, and makes the color selection AND painting process so simple! You can order swatches, and then the paint you choose ships to you, along with all the supplies you need for your project! GENIUS! If you end up using them, will you message me a pic of how it turns out!? All their paint colors are SO stunning!” –Jess 


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Dr. Bernice A. King on the Quest for Racial Justice

Dr. Bernice A. King on the Quest for Racial Justice

Above: Coretta Scott King with her children (from left), Yolanda, Bernice, Martin Luther King III (rear), and Dexter, 1964. Source: Michael Ochs/Getty Images via Harper’s Bazaar

“Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, Dr. Bernice A. King, talks about turning hope into justice in this Harper’s Bazaar piece. While so much has not progressed since her father’s work, her unwavering hope on the future of our country is uplifting and contagious. She writes: ‘I’m not naive. I understand that America’s soul is sick. I understand that Black people have been and continue to be oppressed throughout the world. And I know that myriad other forms of violence bring harm to humanity. Still, I have a vision of what we can be. We can make justice a reality. Believing this strengthens the pulse of my hope. The people are moving for justice. I’m hopeful.'” — Kendall


Happy Monday! Cheers to the week ahead! ❤️ 

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