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On a High Note: Vol 12

Happy Monday, friends! And a happy SHORT week at that! 

It’s time for another edition of On a High Note: A Monday roundup of inspiring, fascinating and/or helpful snippets and ideas to try, read, make, cook, drink, do, and so on! 

Before you head out for the long weekend (whether physically or mentally ????), read on for this week’s highlights! 

On a High Note: Vol 12

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Picture This App!

On a High Note: Vol 12

“Where my plant killers at!?!?! This app is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Huge shoutout to my sister in law for turning me on to this–download the “Picture This” app. You take a photo of your plant, and it brings up super specific instructions on how to care for it, common issues, etc.

For example, this palm (it’s a Sago Palm, which I didn’t know until it told me) was going downhill and I couldn’t figure out why, so I took a photo of it, and it lead me to figure out that it was getting too much direct sunlight and I was watering it too often. I moved it inside and stopped watering it so much and it’s already looking better!

Side note: It also told me it’s VERY poisonous!!! You shouldn’t own one if you have small kids or pets, who like to eat them!!” -Jess  

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Queer Eye- Season 5

On a High Note: Vol 12

“Have you guys seen the latest season of Queer Eye yet?! I just finished it and already miss it! There is a really good group of people this season (and set in Philadelphia!), and every feel-good episode restores your faith in humanity. Highly recommend if you’re looking for something happy and sweet at the end of the day!” – Kendall 

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A Kombucha LaCroix Spritz! 

On a High Note: Vol 12

“I invented the most basic of basic drinks (while managing to knock over and spill a bottle of Aperol in the process) and Y’ALL ARE GOING TO LOVE.???????? IT. ???? As you know, I love Aperol Spritzes. Sometimes you don’t want to crack open a whole bottle of Prosecco just to have one Spritz, you know? It’s also nice to mix it up from time to time. 

“So, this combines two of my other favorite beverages––Kombucha and LaCroix––to make a delicious, low ABV cocktail. There are no rules here, honestly and you can use whatever ratios you like. I did 1/3rd of each Aperol, Kombucha (your favorite flavor), and Tangerine LaCroix. (I would use any citrus LaCroix!) SO GOOD. You can also easily sub in another liqueur, like Campari, which is more bitter and stronger. (Which Neal prefers.) Garnish with an orange slice if you’re feeling really wild. P.S. You can watch me make it on these stories and I am a disaster and clearly have no future in bartending.” –Jess 

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Festive Patriotic Treats!

On a High Note: Vol 12

“I’m excited to make some patriotic treats this weekend! Growing up, I always spent the holiday with my grandparents and my grandma made the best strawberry shortcake topped with strawberries and blueberries in the shape of the American flag. I thought it was the coolest thing ever (still do) and love coming up with new festive ways to style 4th of July snacks! This Domino roundup has some great ones!” — Kendall  

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“This Medium piece will really get you thinking- especially right now! If you, along with every other millennial, read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In or followed Sophia Amoruso’s rise and fall from Nasty Gal, read this. The author shares how the “girlboss” didn’t change the system; she thrived within it. And now that the system is cracking, so is this icon of millennial hustle. I won’t give too much away, but I loved this bit: “The rise and fall of the girlboss says more about how comfortable we’ve become mixing capitalism with social justice, as we look to corporations to implement social changes because we’ve lost faith in our public institutions to do so. As Americans become less religious, and our distrust in politicians grows, we increasingly turn to corporations and influencers for moral leadership.” — Kendall

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ALLLL the bike shorts!!

bike shorts

“Over the weekend, I ordered three pairs of biker shorts to test drive, because so many have been asking for a review/styling session, and my favorite pairs from Alo are ALWAYS sold out!!

I will report back with a review soon, but I ordered these biker shorts from Girlfriend Collective in green (the #1 brand you all were RAVING about! Available in XXS-6XL! ????????) I also got a pair Terry bike shorts in “warm rust” from Lou & Grey (only $35!) and this green camo pair from Lululemon (I know. Me. Camo. What is honestly happening? I was really feeling inspired from planning our camping trip, I think. 2020 is wild.) Stay tuned for a review on how they all measure up!” -Jess 

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Everything You Need to Know About the Newly Formed Black in Fashion Council 

Black in Fashion Council 

“I found this Elle article re: the Black in Fashion Council really awesome. As you know, many brands and companies in the fashion and media industries have revealed their number of Black executives and employees, and are falling short on representation. The Black in Fashion Council is newly founded by Teen Vogue editor Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles to demand accountability and track results from companies for actionable change. They’ve also teamed up with the Human Rights Campaign to develop an equality index score that will provide ‘benchmarking around corporate policies and practices pertinent to the inclusivity of Black employees,’ with the first score due June 2021. It’s an amazing step in the right direction for two industries that have a lot of work to do! If you see a brand that needs improvement, consider urging them to work with the Black in Fashion Council!” — Kendall

Happy Monday, everyone! Cheers to the short week ahead! ❤️