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Old Fashioned with Apple Cinnamon Infused Whiskey

Feb 20, 2014

I think this is my best cocktail yet, my friends. We’ll, it’s not really mine. Neal made it. As I say every time I do a beverage feature, he’s really the brains of this operation.

Remember that amazing apple-cinnamon infused whiskey we made awhile back? Well, we’ve turned it into an Old Fashioned and let me tell you, it’s actually the best one I’ve ever had. Seeing as it’s my all time favorite cocktail — that’s saying a lot. If you aren’t typically a fan of strong drinks, you’ll still love this one. The infusing process really takes the bite out of the whiskey, so what you have left is a very smooth, slightly spiced after taste.

There are two secrets- the infused whiskey, and these amazing ice balls I recently discovered.

Read on, please.

You already know about the whiskey, because you read about it here. So, let’s jump into discussion about the ice ball makers, yes? They are these great little blue contraptions you see above- from Arctic Chill (c/o). With these little magic makers, your drink stays cold all night (although that won’t apply with this cocktail recipe, you’ll be asking for seconds in a few minutes!) The spheres melt slow, which also means your drink will never get watery. Not to mention they make your cocktails look much more impressive!

Ready to make one? Here’s How!

For each Old Fashioned: 

  • 1 cube of sugar (or 1- 1.5 tsp)
  • A few dashes of bitters
  • Orange or Clementine peel- about the size of your thumb
  • A liberal pour of your apple cinnamon whiskey
  • 1 ice ball (you can purchase a set of these Ice Ball Makers on Amazon– on sale for $19!)

How to: 

Add sugar to each glass. Pour in a few dashes of bitters. Muddle to make sure the sugar becomes completely saturated. Twist the orange peel to release the oils into the sugar- rim the glass with the peel as well. Add your ice ball. Pour in your whiskey, and stir thoroughly.

You should probably make a double- you’re going to want another!

This posts is sponsored by Arctic Chill. All opinions are my own.

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