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Two Anti-Frizz Hair Products I’m Loving (Olaplex No. 6 + 7 Review)

Anti-Frizz Hair Products - Olaplex 6 and 7

A fitting topic for a blog post, tuning in from humidity central over here in Florida.

I don’t know if this is very common, but after having June, my hair has definitely been frizzier than normal. (In addition to the inevitable postpartum hair loss which has now brought about an influx of awkward length baby hair/bangs that make me look like Julius Caesar.)

Anyway, I was ever on the hunt for smoothing products that went the extra mile in the frizz department. I had heard lots of good things about Olaplex, so I decided to try these and threw them in on a whim with my last Sephora order. Turns out–they are fabulous–they do a great job of taming frizz and enhancing my waves, and they also smell SO wonderful. They are also both clean with no questionable ingredients.

Naturally, I had to tell you all about them–so here we are.

Two Anti-Frizz Hair Products I’m Loving (Olaplex No. 6 + 7 Review)

Anti-Frizz Hair Products

Above: Taken just this morning after an hour walk in the humidity! Hair was washed last night, air dried with Olaplex No. 6, slept on, and I applied the No. 7 Olaplex oil this morning before my walk. Haven’t touched it since, and very little frizz! 

Olaplex No. 6 Reparative styling cream: 

This is a leave-in smoothing lotion. I’ll apply about a nickel-sized amount in damp hair and then let it air dry. (I use a turbie twist microfiber hair towel as it’s more gentle on your hair and results in less frizz/breakage than regular towels! By the way, if you need an air drying tutorial, you can head right over here to see the method I’ve used for years.) This does a great job of enhancing my waves and taming frizz without making my hair crunchy or piecey.

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil:

I typically apply this oil to fully dried hair.  I’ll put a few drops in my palms, rub them together, and run through the midsections and ends. Not only does the product do a good job of taming frizz and enhancing shine (and serving as a heat protectant if I decide to curl my hair AND protecting your hair with UV protection), but the packaging is AMAZING. The best packaging I’ve ever seen for a hair oil.

You know how oils always come in a pump where it dispenses WAY too much product and makes your hair greasy? This packaging allows you to dispense a TINY little drop at a time. It’s like an oversized eye dropper. I only use about three drops at a time, so I will probably still have this bottle two years from now because it allows you to control the amount of product so well.

That’s all for today! Short and sweet, but I hope this helps turn you onto some great new products if you’ve been in the market for some anti-frizz treatments!