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Nordstrom Try On Session–Comfy Staples for Fall

Jul 17, 2018

Happy Wednesday guys!

Have you had a good week so far? Mine has been very uneventful but kind of stressful. You know those weeks where you seem to work a lot but feel like you’ve accomplished nothing? ? Yeah, it’s one of those!

Luckily, I had an excuse to get out of the house last night and I rode my bike to Beatnik (it’s JUST as instagrammable in person as it is on, well, Instagram, haha!) for an event with Hilton Aruba. It was fun to meet the team and learn about their beautiful hotel. Have you been to Aruba? It’s been on our list for awhile but I’ve yet to make it there! After stalking them on Expedia it definitely got bumped up a few notches. (Sounds like a good place to spend…all of February? ?)

Anyway, I finally got around to snapping some photos of the Nordstrom purchases I made online that have started rolling in.

Some of the items I got are sold out, so I won’t post those here and I will hold off posting them until Friday when the sale goes public if they get restocked (and most of them will, I’m guessing!) If you click on something you love and don’t see your size, I can’t stress the importance of checking back often. They are constantly restocking different sizes all day everyday, and then they get snapped up again. So just be patient and vigilant, haha!

Reminder: Right now, the sale is only available to Nordstrom cardholders. If you’re not familiar, head over the this post and I’ll explain how it works! If you aren’t a cardholder and are waiting until Friday to shop the sale, don’t worry! They re-stock a LOT of stuff when the sale goes public. Just make a note of what you like and then check back as soon as you can on Friday morning (midnight PST, to be exact) and it might be fully stocked again!

Ready to try some stuff on? Let’s go!

Socialite Waffle Henley Top

Socialite Waffle Henley Top: $24

Stocking alert: Okay, from yesterday when I took these photos, these shirt has gone from fully out of stock in every color, to fully stocked in several different colors, to back out of stock again. It gets re-stocked often but it goes FAST. (Like, faster than anything else I’ve seen go, haha!) So if you click on the link and it’s sold out, check back often. You’ll probably be able to snag it if you’re vigilant enough!

Anyway, this top is SO super soft. I ordered it in two different colors! It’s going to be a major staple in fall and winter!

Sizing: I’m wearing a small here. I wanted it to be a little more oversized than usual, so I sized up. I’d say order your normal size or go up a size for more room.

Joe’s “Charlie” Jeans: $125 ($188 post-sale!)

A lot of the most popular styles of jeans went so fast during the sale (I originally wanted a Citizens of Humanity pair but by the time I could finally check out they were gone!) so then I meticulously sorted through every other style of jeans left and settled on these. I haven’t worn Joe’s in years but they were a brand I bought often a few years ago and I always loved them. Turns out, they’re still amazing!

What I love about them: They’re high-waisted (10″ front rise). A really great in-between blue (I really only had dark skinnies so I was looking for a good medium blue color) and the ankles aren’t TOO terribly tight, but they aren’t too loose either. The best part about them is that they’ve got an amazing amount of stretch in them and they’re very soft. So they really hug you in all the right places and have the perfect amount of give. I’m 5’6 and they hit me right above the ankle.

Sizing: Run TTS and are very stretchy. They don’t run big by any means but they do stretch a lot (but without stretching OUT, if you know what I mean) so order your regular size.

Blondo Nicola boots

Blondo Nicola boots: $159 ($239 post-sale)

I thought the color of these boots was so pretty and different from the standard brown or black that you find yourself wearing over and over in the fall and winter! They are also very comfortable–and especially roomy in the toe, which is nice because sometimes with thicker socks a lot of boots get tight in the toes! The heel is an awesome in-between height that is great for day or night, and the stitching is very high quality.

The best part is that all Blondo boots are waterproof, so you can wear these rain, snow, or shine!

Sizing: True to size–make sure when you try them on you have regular socks on (I had thinner socks on and then had to remember that I don’t wear super thin ankle socks in the winter!)

Zella "Live In" Leggings

Zella “Live In” Leggings: $35.90 (Reg $54!)

These live up to the hype, for sure, but everyone compares them to the Lululemon Align leggings and they are truly NOTHING like the Align leggings. Are they as good? Yes, but they’re different.

These are made of a much more substantial material. Which I will argue is more flattering than the Align pants because this holds you in better, making them way more suitable for more high intensity workouts vs. just wearing around the house and doing yoga. The Align pants feel like you’re naked (you really can’t feel them at all) and these definitely feel like PANTS. But why are we hating on pants? They aren’t bad! ?

Bottom line, you can’t beat the quality and fit of these pants for the price. Really, you can’t. They are probably the most flattering leggings/workout pants I’ve found and I’m contemplating scooping up another pair.

Sizing: Run TTS. Also high-waisted. (Hit right above my belly button). YASSS.

Bell Sleeve Sweater

Bell Sleeve Sweater: $31 ($49 post-sale)

I LOVE this sweater! It makes me feel so chic and seventies! It has a v-neck (which makes it very flattering and versatile. I never wear crewneck sweaters out at night because they feel too grandma-ish) and the bell sleeves make it really fun and more special than your average sweater.

What you can’t see (it’s tucked in, sorry, I should’ve done a snap of it tucked out. But you can see videos on my insta stories!) is that it’s shorter in the front than it is in the back, which is another fun touch.

I also love this color (t’s almost like mustard and olive had a baby?) and it keeps going in and out of stock. So make sure to check back often. My GUESS is that it will also be re-stocked on Friday but I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Material: This is a good sweater for early fall. It isn’t heavy, it definitely has a texture to it, which I like. If you’re one of those people with sensitive skin who can only withstand insanely soft material, this likely isn’t your sweater, but I would never describe it as scratchy. It’s normal.

Sizing: TTS, wearing XS!

Caslon cropped flare jeans

Caslon cropped flare jeans: $51 ($79 post-sale)

I would probably dub these “most fun purchase” of the Nordstrom sale so far–I’ve been looking for a pair of jeans like this for awhile–I LOVE the fact that they’re cropped and flared, high waisted and the prettiest color of blue. They just make any outfit look SO much cooler, don’t you think!?

Sizing: Run true to size! High waisted with an 11″ front rise (they’re higher than the Joe’s pair above!) I’d say they have SOME stretch, but not a ton.

Blondo Booties

Blondo Booties: $99 ($150 post-sale!)

Okay, so, don’t kill me–BUT these boots are pretty much sold out in THIS COLOR only–they’re very much stocked in every other color (but this color I will bet gets re-stocked on Friday when the sale goes public!)

I like these boots a lot–I love the way they look, the stitching is beautiful, they’re high quality and I like that they come in lot’s of colors!

My one watch-out with these–and not a deal breaker by any means, I suppose it depends on your preference of socks–just make sure that you’re wearing socks that cover the top of your ankle, because the zipper on the outside ankle will rub you if you’re wearing super low ankle socks! (I probably wouldn’t notice this normally but I tried them on without socks here ?)

Sizing: Run TTS. I’m wearing my normal size–8!

Asymmetrical LBD

Asymmetrical LBD: $35 ($55 post-sale)

I have always been the one friend who owns nothing appropriate for things like going out for bachelorette parties, girls nights out on the town, etc. Nothing in my closet will work for Vegas. If you feel the same way–this dress is for you. It’s 100% perfect for any “going out” events you have, yet your Grandma won’t have a heart attack when she sees you tagged on Facebook. It’s sexy, but classy. That’s a HARD line to toe–and this dress does it well for an INSANE price.

Sizing: True to size if you want it tight, I might consider going up a size if you want it slightly less form fitting. (Granted take that with a grain of salt because I did just get back from Italy so the extra smalls are fitting a bit more snug these days if you know what I mean ?)

BlankNYC suede jacket

BlankNYC suede jacket: $125 (Regular $188 post-sale)

I already own this jacket in a light blue suede (styled here!) and I love it so much that I knew I wanted to snap up this pretty burgundy version as soon as I saw it! The suede truly feels like a $500 jacket and like the boots, I think that burgundy is a really nice alternative to regular old black and brown.

Sizing: True to size, I’m wearing a small which is what I always wear in jackets. (I have broad shoulders ?).

Leith Faux Wrap Sweater

Leith Faux Wrap Sweater: $39 (Reg $59)

I absolutely LOVE this sweater. It comes in several colors and it keeps going in and out of stock in the green. But black is still fully stocked (I’m actually adding the black to my cart as we speak). And I would put money on the fact that it will be the most versatile sweater you buy all year. (Especially if  you buy it in black. But I was like a moth to a flame with this forest green–I love dark greens!)

First of all, I LOVE that it’s ballerina inspired–it’s feminine, it’s dainty, and best of all, it can work during the day OR for a date night due to it’s v-neckline–but not too low that it won’t work for the office. (As long as you don’t work in an ultra-conservative environment).

Material: This is actually way softer than I would expect a $39 sweater to feel. One of the reviewers says that she’s a girl with sensitive skin and that it’s scratchy–I would say she cray ?

Sizing: I’m wearing an XS here, which is my regular size, but if you’d like it slouchier than this you could size up!

Comfy Staples for Fall

And here’s a look at it with the full outfit!

Halogen Wireless Bralette

Halogen Wireless Bralette: $18 ($29 post sale)

HAHA ok I know this isn’t a try-on photo but obviously I wasn’t going to TRY IT ON and take a picture ? (not that any men read this blog anyway but, you know, can’t be having THAT on the internet!)

I have been looking for this kind of bra FOR-EVER–I wanted a “barely there” wireless bralette that actually had a substantial lining (i.e. I wanted to be able to wear it with a t-shirt without fear of any show-through). And I also wanted the band to be substantial enough to where the back wouldn’t ride up all the time–this is IT! I’d been waiting to try the Thirdlove wireless bra but A. it’s always sold out and B. it’s really ugly with that weird cutout thingy. This is WAY better and like 1/5th of the price!

This bra is definitely not something you buy for a lot of support

(It says best for A-C cups. So sorry I KNOW this doesn’t apply to everybody!!!) but it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever tried and you really cannot beat the price. I also like that the back is adjustable like a normal bra so it’s more customizable and also doesn’t make me feel like a little girl pulling on a training bralette over my head. ?

Another really great part about it (and actually, some people in the reviews knocked it for this. So maybe they didn’t appreciate it for what it was or the way the bra is cut just wasn’t the right fit for them) is that it’s cut deeper in the sides than other bras, meaning that the bottom of the bra doesn’t come up and show when you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress that has lower cut arm holes. So I guess I would say if you really need support in the sides, don’t get this bra–but otherwise, it’s truly amazing!

Sizing: True to size, follow the size chart listed on the site.

For my girls who need a new bra with better support: This Natori bra has almost 700 FIVE STAR reviews and it’s also included in the sale ($47–down from $72!)–they have sizes up to G!

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