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Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Shopping Guides + Live Updates!

Jul 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - The Golden Girl

**Please note this is a photo from LAST year’s sale! Nearly identical items are linked below that are part of THIS YEAR’s sale!**

Hi guys!

So, it’s been a bit of a rough go this morning ? My internet stopped working, and the functionality that I use to make those little shopping widgets for you guys also does not work–so I’ve had to make a LOT more collages than usual and it has taken a lot more time than I was expecting! I’ve been working since 2am and I’m still not finished!

I’m still working on getting the collages wrapped up (so sincere apologies that you don’t have visuals for everything in the guide just yet, but I hope my descriptions are helpful!)

I don’t make a habit of publishing unfinished blog posts, but wanted to get this up ASAP now because I know it’s getting later in the morning and you’re going to want some guidance on how to best shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Here are my picks so far–I’ll be updating this throughout the morning and updating throughout the day as well, so make sure to check back! Also, if there’s something in particular you’d like to see, by all means, please comment and let me know and I’m happy to include!

Best Shoes of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 

Best Shoes of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I was very pleased with the shoe selection of the sale this year, which is no surprise, because that’s typically the area that shines the most! You definitely don’t need to look any further for shoes to round out your fall wardrobe! So many of them are suitable to start wearing now, and make great transition pieces into fall!

Additionally, most of them come in more colors, so if you see a shoe you like but don’t prefer the color, click through anyway and see if they have the color you’re looking for!

1. Blondo Nova Waterproof Booties: $99 (Reg $149)

This pair wins most versatile bootie award due to their range of colors, the low heel, the fact that they’re waterproof, and I love the slightly rounded slightly pointed toe! Also, you’re going to notice a theme here, but they’re Blondo–AKA #1 chosen brand of shoes of the sale! Blondo shoes are well made, comfortable, and best of all–all pairs are WATERPROOF! HUZZAH!

Also similar are these Sam Edelman booties, which are also adorable, versatile, and a little more personality with the buckle!

2. Adidas Flashback Sneaker: $67 (reg $90)

If you’ve been looking for a new pair of athleisure sneakers, I really love these because they’re tan! I feel like most sneakers like this are grey, which I love (and own a couple pairs of grey sneakers) and I have a hard time matching grey with certain things for whatever reason–the warmer tan feels more versatile to me.

3. Leopard Calf-Hair Mules: $64 (Reg $99)

I have a pair of leopard loafers I got a couple years back and they are my go-to’s for fall/winter because leopard adds SO much personality to your outfit and can take it from super basic to super chic! I love these mules for the same reason–I know these are going to go FAST!

4. Sam Edelman Caprice Knee-High Boots: $149 (reg $224)

I think this is my top #1 pick from the sale period. I made the mistake of NOT getting boots like this last year (the light creamy tan is really hard to find!) and I kicked myself all year. These were the first thing I added to my cart! They’re going to look soooo pretty with dresses!

5. Original Hunter Boots: $99 (Reg $150!)

Classic Hunters are never this cheap! If you’ve been wanting a pair for fall/winter, snap them up ASAP! I doubt these will be in stock in most sizes by this afternoon!

6. Blondo Nicola Knee-High Waterproof Suede Boot: $159 (Reg $239)

Another pair of Blondo boots, because, they’re THE BEST. All of their boots are beautifully made and waterproof! You don’t have to be scared to wear these in the rain! This boot comes in several colors but I am very much drawn to the beautiful deep burgundy color. I think it’s so different but still classic, which makes it a really fresh spin on a neutral–you can treat them essentially as a brown and pair them with anything you’d wear brown boots with!

7. Blondo “Danny” Waterproof Suede OTK Boots: $169 (Reg $259)

These are essentially the exact same (from what I can tell!) as my blondo boots I got last year! (They were called the “Olivia” but now apparently that’s changed to “Danny” ?) They are one of the VERY few pairs of OTK boots that fit smaller calves! Since the back is stretchy, they fit basically everyone and hug your leg the way that almost every other pair I’ve found don’t! (Other than the Stuart Weitzmans, but those are obviously a really big investment!)

Long story short–I’ve turned so many of you guys onto these boots and have received SO many messages saying how much you love them!! If you’ve been looking for a good pair of OTK boots at a good price, give these a try–plus, again, waterproof! Come in grey too!

8. Blondo Lanka Waterproof Bootie: $99 (Reg $149)

These boots are the most similar to my black booties from the sale last year, if you were looking for a similar pair! Classic, simple, comfy, AND waterproof! They come in dark grey and light grey a well!

9. Blush Converse: $46 (Reg $70)

I’ve never seen blush converse before! They are so cute! If you’ve been wanting to pick up a new pair of classic sneakers but wanting something a bit different than white, these would be a great option because the blush is super light and neutral! (They’ll show less dirt than white too, but make sure you Scotchgard them still! ?) Note: Converse typically run large, so you may want to size down!

10. Vince Camuto Sandal Booties (Shoeties?! ?): $99 (Reg $149)

These shoes are a really awesome staple because they’re really great “in between season” heels. They work great with it’s still warm but you want to wear fall clothes, or on the flipside, when it’s chilly but you want to wear open-toed shoes! (Like in the Spring for example when you’re DYING for anything other than boots!)

11. SARTO Seville Bootie: $98 (Reg $148)

If you’re looking for a simple, go-with-everything, classic bootie–this is it! My booties from the sale last year were from SARTO and I really love them! I can’t decide which color I love more–the taupey grey or the rich chestnut brown!

12. Sam Edelman Orlane Sandals: $79 (Reg $119)

I love how these sandals are a little bit chunky which makes them easy to wear for both casual and dressy occasions. They come in three colors–brown and black suede, which is great for transitioning to fall, and the cutest dusty rose jacquard fabric which I think is so fun, and again, something you can wear now AND later!

13. Cole Haan Blush Piper Loafer Mules: $92 (Normally $140)

These might be the most beautiful, chic, feminine mules I’ve ever seen. If you’ve been wanting to get on the mule bandwagon but have felt like they’re just too trendy for you, I think this would be a really great option. They’re perfect with jeans, dresses, skirts, and since they’re very neutral and have a closed toe, they’re great for work, too!

Amazing Cashmere Wraps:

Best wraps of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 

Part of me feels excessive including three cashmere wraps in my sale guide, but honestly, everyone has very specific tastes and I wanted to highlight all three because they are all so beautiful in different ways!

1. Ribbed Cashmere Wrap: $124 (Reg $189)

This is this year’s version of last year’s cashmere wrap (the first photo in the post you see above!) that was the #1 best selling item from the sale! It’s the same brand and seriously SO SOFT. It’s great for every occasion and since it’s essentially a chic blanket you’ll wear it around the house a lot too ? (They also make really great gifts for moms, if you plan MAJORLY ahead, haha!)

2. Colorblocked Cashmere Wrap: $125 (Reg $189)

And THENN there is this gorrrgeeousss color-blocked camel version, if you prefer that instead. Also comes in grey/black combo! Swoon.

3. Ribbed Fringe Cashmere Wrap: $132 (Reg $199)

I love that this one has a subtle chunky ribbing and fringe for added texture and the wine hue is stunning. Comes in lot’s of other colors too! Okay, I’m done. MOVING ON.

Halogen cashmere scarf: $98 (regularly $149)

Okay in a similar vein, not a wrap, but a scarf– comes in TONS of colors and is definitely a staple you’ll reach for again and again all fall and winter!

Tops, Sweaters, Jackets:

Best tops, sweaters, jackets of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 

 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

1. Halogen silk lace-trim cami: $29 (Reg $49)

It’s back! It’s back! My favorite lace-trim silk cami (when it sold out you guys were all like NOOOOOOO!) I haven’t seen it in stock in like 6 months. So exciting! Snap it up before it’s gone! (Note I have the navy but the black is just as pretty. On that thought, maybe I should get the black. Yes, I should. *Adds to cart*)

2. Ruffle Neck Sweater: $49 (Reg $79)

This pretty, feminine sweater is such a fun twist on the regular turtleneck. It will be great for weekends, work, and everything in between!

3. Caslon Striped Tee: $19 (Reg $29)

(Pictured in the first photo at the top of the post!) This year’s version of my favorite striped tee from last year’s sale! Comes in ton’s of colors, too!

4. Calson High/Low Tunic: $29 (Reg $49)

I live in soft, oversized, drapey tops like this in the fall and winter! I love the striped version (though it comes in lot’s of colors) and if you like for tops to cover your behind when wearing leggings, it’s good for that too!

5. Long Blouson Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan: $199 (Reg $299)

I think this long sweater is just SO chic–another staple that’s ideal for work and every other occasion. Rarely does cashmere come at a bargain, so it always goes really fast during the sale–snap it up quick if you love it! Comes in three colors.

6. Wubby Fleece Pullover: $51 (Reg $78)

Iiiiitttsss  baaacckkkkk. I think these sweaters are hysterical but everyone says it’s like wearing a cloud and I regretted not buying it last year. I was always jealous of Kelly’s! What do you think, should I pull the trigger? Are you going to!? The zip-up jacket version is also included in the sale!

7. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Cardigan: $76 (Reg $116)

Another thing I added to my cart immediately–I’ve been waiting for a whole year for this sweater to go on sale! Blair has had one for a couple years and I’m always jealous ? It’s seriously so soft, and it’s a great length too! Perfect for keeping on your chair at work, wearing around the house, travel, or anywhere!

8. Leith Wrap Sweater: $39 (Reg $59)

I love this beautiful ballerina-esque wrap sweater! It comes in lot’s of colors but can you tell I’m apparently on a dark forest green kick!? ?

9. Thermal Henley Top: $24 (Reg $38)

I really really wanted a thermal henley tee last year and never pulled the trigger on one–at $24 it’s too good to pass up! It comes in ton’s of colors, too!

10. BB Dakota Faux Leather Jacket: $69 (Reg $105)

I have almost this exact jacket in a neutral blush color! It sold out quickly but I’m so glad it’s back! Comes in black and beige.

11. Bernardo Leather Jacket: $250 (Regularly $390)

If you’ve been looking for a super classic, timeless leather jacket, here it is! It comes in both black and tan and it’s something you’ll have for YEARS! This style is very similar to mine and it’s been my favorite wardrobe staple for more than a decade!

12. Blank NYC Moto Jacket (the hood is removable!): $64 (Reg $98!)

If you’ve had your eye on one of the BLANKNYC moto jackets, you’re in luck! It’s back in the beautiful green color, classic black, and a pretty beige neutral. It does have a detachable hood (the hood isn’t my style, so I’m glad there’s the option to remove it!) but it’s cute if you’re going for a more casual look!

13. BLANK NYC Suede Moto Jacket: $125 (Reg $188)

Similarly, if you’ve been wanting one of the BLANK NYC Suede jackets (I can attest, they are to die for, I have one in blue!) then this one comes in a pretty olive and this amazing orangey-red color (Siena I believe it’s called?? ?)

Madewell Jean Jacket: $84 (Reg $128)

(Oops forgot the number on this collage ? Sorry!) 

If you’ve been in the market for a great, classic jean jacket isn’t too distressed–I was so happy to see that this one is on sale! It looks really similar to mine (mine is just from J.Crew!) Note it is supposed to be oversized so if you want it more snug, you should probably go a size down.

14. Camel Wool Wrap Coat: $229 (Reg $349)

This wrap coat is nearly identical to my camel coat from last year! It was another item that sold out quickly that you guys were devastated over ? So snag this one before it’s gone! It’s already selling out in the smaller sizes so hurry! Otherwise, it comes in other colors, too!

15. Black Wool Wrap Coat: $169 (Reg $268)

Similar to the one above, but a bit shorter. I have a few friends with this exact coat and they love it! Comes in other colors too!

16. 3-in-1 Trench Coat: $112 (Reg $169)

I will admit I’m not too familiar with this brand, but this trench looks AWESOME. It comes with a removable vest for extra warmth, which is quilted and cute so you can also wear it on it’s own! (Essentially it looks exactly like a Barbour vest, if you’re familiar!)

17. Barbour Waxed Cotton Utility Jacket: $265 (Reg $399)

I am a HUGE fan of Barbour jackets–they are always what I reach for in the fall as well as the spring–they’re impeccably made and the designs are always classic, so you’ll wear them throughout the years. If you aren’t a fan of the Beadnell for whatever reason, you’ll love this utility jacket, that is a little more form fitting! It’s waxed too, so it’s weather resistant! Comes in navy and olive.

18. Barbour Waterproof rain jacket: $199 (Reg $299)

I absolutely love the color of this weatherproof jacket. If you’ve been looking for an all-purpose rain coat, this would be a great option, and $100 off!! Comes in navy too!

Best Dresses of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 

Best Dresses of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m not going to lie, there really weren’t THAT many dresses that I loved out of the sale this year, However, the handful that were good, were REALLY cute. I guess that makes narrowing down your favorites easier, right? Here are my 8 picks:

1. Madewell Striped T-Shirt Dress: $51 (Reg $78)

I’m a sucker for a good striped t-shirt dress, and this one is no exception! I also love how the hem on this one is a little bit chicer than most. It will look cute with sandals now and booties in the fall!

2. Asymmetrical LBD:  $35! (Reg $55)

I added this to my cart because I’ve been looking for a new LBD that I can wear to things like bachelorette parties and other “going out” events that is dressy and sexy without being too over the top–this one definitely fits the bill and it’s only $35!

3. Leith Long Floral Ruffle Dress: $56 (Reg $85)

I absolutely LOVE this Leith dress! I’ve eyed similar ones in the past and think this one is perfect for both summer and fall–so cute with sandals, sneakers, or heeled booties!

4. Green Floral Button-Front Midi Dress: $52 (Reg $79)

This dress caught my eye in the catalog and it was the first thing I added to my car when the sale went live! It’s so beautiful, feminine, and I really love dark florals in general. It’s something you can wear now and later!

5. Floral Print Button Front Dress: $35 (Reg $55!)

This floral print is SO freaking cute and I absolutely love the button-front details. File this under another great budget friendly dress that you’ll wear now and well into fall. (How cute would it look with tall boots and a cozy cardigan?)

6. Marigold Ruffle Hem Shift Dress: $85 (Reg $129)

I LOVE this color and feel like it really screams “fall”– it will look stunning with boots and booties (especially a rich brown!)

7. Navy Embroidered A-Line Dress: $85 (Reg $129)

I love this classic dress and how it just gives a little nod to the peasant style without feeling too hippy. It’s another one that can be worn now and also transitioned to fall with ease.

8. Leith Knit Tank Midi Dress: $42 (Reg $65)

Probably the most versatile of ALL the dresses of the sale, you’ll recognize this one from the catalog too! I love that it’s made of a knit material so the texture adds more visual interest and makes it perfect for fall. It could be great for work too!

Best of bottoms:

Nordstrom Anniversary - bottoms

Nordstrom Anniversary - Pants and skirts

Halogen Ponte Leggings (THEY’RE BACK!!!): $29 (Reg $49)

They’re back, they’re back! The best ponte leggings! You saw me style them in this post (photo above!) several ways and now they’re re-stocked and less than $30! Buy them in both colors, you won’t regret it. They’re amazing in and out of work and for basically any occasion when you want to look nice and polished but comfortable.

Zella “Live In” High Waisted Leggings: $39 (Reg $54)

I cannot BELIEVE these are included in the sale! These leggings are famous for rivaling Lulu’s Align pants at half the price–these are going to go MEGA fast so snap them up quick! I haven’t actually tried them myself but I’m so excited to now!

Halogen Faux Leather Leggings: $49 (Reg $79)

If you’ve been wanting a pair of faux leather leggings, Halogen’s pair is on sale! I love faux leather leggings and they are on constant rotation in the fall and winter! If you’re not sure how to style them, see this post–three ways to wear leather leggings! 

Madewell black high-rise skinnies: $84.90 (Reg $128)

If you’ve been looking for a pair of classic black skinny jeans for under $100–look no further! I love Madewell jeans and have been wearing them for years–they’re a cult classic!

Citizens of Humanity Rocket High-Waisted Skinny Jeans: $146 (Reg $218)

I’ve always loved Citizen’s Rocket jeans–I’ve actually tried on a couple pairs but they never had the exact color I wanted so I haven’t pulled the trigger! I absolutely love these if you’re looking for a super flattering, high-waisted classic wash jean.

Rag & Bone Medium Rise Skinny Jeans: $129 (Reg $195)

If you aren’t into high-rise and prefer a medium rise, definitely go with the Rag & Bone’s! I got Rag & Bone jeans from the sale last year (a different pair than these, mine are old!) and they are seriously SO insanely comfortable. Kelly raves and raves about them too!

Madewell Button Fly High-Rise Skinny Jeans: $89 (Reg $135)

I have admired these jeans from afar for so long–I absolutely love the button-fly and the color of the wash! If you’ve been eyeing them too, now’s the time to get them for under $100! Such a steal! Again, Madewell makes the best jeans, I’ve never tried a pair I didn’t love!

Caslon Drawstring Easy Pants: $49 (Reg $69)

I was looking for a pair JUST like this before Italy–of course they come out right after ? These come in two colors–a dark slate and olive, and are the perfect comfy pant that still looks polished (great for travel) and you’ll wear them all year round!

Caslon Cropped Jeans: $51 (Reg $79)

I’ve never bought Caslon jeans before but these are so affordable I want to give them a try! I love that they’re cropped and flared so they play with the trend but they’re still classic and vintage inspired at the same time.

Blank NYC Suede Mini Skirt: $64 (Reg $98)

This is the exact same skirt that I got last year (mine was just a different color!) and it’s so well made and adorable. Not too short and not too long, it looks amazing with OTK boots, knee-high boots and booties!

Topshop Cord Skirt: $39 (Reg $60)

I love how seventies this miniskirt is! So fun and also so cute with boots!

Good for the office:

J.Crew Button Front Midi Dress (My favorite!): $104 (Reg $58)

This dress is so chic and effortless–it will be a staple for the office all year round, no matter the season, for years to come!

Tiered Floral Tie-Neck Dress: $85 (Reg $129)

I’ve really loved the tie neck dresses that were popular last year and I’m excited to see the trend back for fall again! That paired with the beautiful dark green floral pattern of this dress and the ruffle hem makes this a go-to dress for fall!

Vince Camuto Sheath Dress: $98 (Reg $148)

This dress has a tie at the waist for extra waist definition (super flattering!) and would be great for any business casual office environment.

Polka Dot Midi Dress: $91 (Reg $138)

A really cute, feminine dress that’s conservative enough for any office!

Floral Chiffon Midi Dress: $85 (Reg $129)

Conservative doesn’t have to be boring! I love the pretty floral pattern and dainty details of this dress! It would look great with sandals, pumps, or heeled booties!

Cotton Blend Blazer: $64 (Reg $98)

I love this blazer and it comes in tons of colors–great for the office, travel, weekends, etc.

J.Crew Seasonless High Rise Cropped Pants: $52.90 (Reg $75.50)

I know you guys are always on the lookout for great work pants, and these are a great pair that you can wear, duh, as the name suggests, all season long!


WHEW! How did I do!? Do you like all these pics so far? I hope so! Let me know your feedback! Again, apologies for the lack of visuals–will be updating the post with collages as I finish them! Tech issues gahhh! 

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