Nordstrom Sale Still In Stock Favorites Try On

Hi guys! Everything is linked in the widgets below from my try on! If you don’t see an image of an item load, look for an arrow to keep clicking through. (The widgets are janky sometimes. ?). Remember, things go in and out of stock a lot and quickly. If you don’t see something in stock, check back frequently! If you do see something in stock, check out IMMEDIATELY. Don’t add it to your cart and keep browsing–just having it in your cart doesn’t hold it for you! 

Tops + Dresses:


Note: Zappos has Spanx leggings fully stocked and price matched! Bloomingdales also has a pair of AG Farrah jeans that look VERY similar and also price matched (the only difference I can tell is they don’t have a raw hem!)

ALSO–Zella high waist live in leggings are STILL fully stocked!! I own a couple pairs and they are great and never this cheap, so snatch up a couple pairs before the sale ends if you need new workout leggings at a great price! 

Note: Remember that Nordstrom has free basic alterations so you can totally get them hemmed for free! 


Linking the Steve Maddens, BP Booties (come in the same taupe color as Steve Maddens and the Burgundy you saw in my stories!) as well as Blondo booties in the same color (they’re waterproof!!) Also throwing in my favorite pair of undies that are on sale here because they are the best and they never go on sale! 

Remember, sale ends August 5th! Prices go up after tomorrow!
Also, if you can’t find your size in something, keep checking back A LOT. They restock things as they come in (often one size left at a time) so patience will definitely pay off here!