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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: How to shop it like a pro

Jul 15, 2015


Perhaps the biggest shopping event of the year (I think it’s safe to say it rivals Black Friday) is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

As you probably know by now, the sale is currently offering early access to cardholders only, but to score the best deals when the sale goes public, you’ll need a plan for attack.

Here’s how to land the best Nordstrom deals of the year:

Scope out the deals early, and make your wish list!

So you can’t technically buy right now without a Nordstrom card, but you can definitely do your research ahead of time, so you’re ready to pounce on July 17th! Browse sale items through the Sneak Peak section of the website.


Prioritize what you need the most.

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole with so many good deals! To make sure you don’t go overboard and buy things you don’t need. (It happens to all of us!) Take a full inventory of your closet, your medicine cabinet, and your makeup bag. Are you going to need new makeup in the next several months? What about face wash or creams? It’s a great time to stock up! (Plus, they have some AMAZING beauty gifts with purchase!) Do your leather riding boots need replacing? (You can score a pair of Fryes for the unheard of price of $275). Desperately need new undies? Get 5 pairs of Hanky Pankies for $15! Invest in them now for the best deal. Stay focused on the essentials, and you’ll avoid buying too-trendy pieces you’ll never wear.


Sign up for email updates, so you know the second the sale opens to the public!

You can sign up for Nordstrom’s email alerts, or even add it to your calendar right from this page under “get the scoop!” This ensures it stays top of mind (or at least, reminds you if you forget!)


Watch out for these incredible steals:



Do you have any tips for landing great deals? Spill them below! 



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