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Local gem: Nomi

Feb 9, 2015

Every so often, I love to write about local Chicago places that I can’t get enough of, for you city dwellers that want to try something new, or for those of you looking to plan a trip to the windy city (although, my suggestion would be to wait until summer, if at all humanly possible.)

One of these places is Nomi, a restaurant and bar at the tip top of the Park Hyatt, right off of Michigan Avenue, and one of my favorite lunch destinations! Whether you’re a lowly intern or a CEO, you’ll feel like you fit right in with those “ladies who lunch.”

Nomi has a spectacular view of Chicago’s iconic Water Tower and Michigan Avenue, plus, a rooftop garden in the summer! I also need to make it back for brunch and dinner, so if you have any recommendations for those, please let me know!

Spring update: Nomi’s rooftop is now open. I recently attended one of their garden parties, and it was spectacular. You can see a video recap that my friend Nicole made here. (Guess who makes a guest appearance ;-))

The menu at Nomi is constantly rotating and seasonal, so it might be a little different whenever you go, however, here are some of my very favorite dishes:

Nomi Greens Salad: Their dressing is to die for, and it’s served with fresh, seasonal roasted vegetables.

Crispy Farm Egg Salad: topped with an egg, roasted bacon, and peppercorn dressing. YUM.

Char Chicken Wrap: with gouda, creamy homemade ranch, and roasted veggies (mine had green beans. so good!)

Seasonal soup: their soups are ever changing, but I had a creamy roasted corn soup with homemade croutons and it was amazing.

Pomme Frites: Okay, technically yes, this is a side, but they’re some of the best fries I’ve ever had. Dip them in their homemade ranch!

Polenta: Fine. This is also a side. But you have to try it. I could eat an entire serving by myself.

They also have a great selection of sushi (if you’re into that kind of thing) but I’m not a seafood person. However, I have heard, like everything else, that it’s fabulous.

Have you ever been? What did you get? What should I add to the list to try next time?

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