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Newlywed Gifts: An Uncommon Guide

Jul 10, 2014

Every time I turn around these days, there’s a wedding, a shower, a new engagement, or a bachelorette party. When someone really special to you is tying the knot, sometimes you want to give a more fun and thoughtful gift than, you know…a blender?

That’s why I created the uncommon gift guide! Browse the list below and you’re sure to find a present that will knock their socks off.

For the adventure seekers:

  • A personalized camera strap is perfect for photography buffs. This Etsy store allows you to customize a leather strap with the couples initials, and the longitude and latitude of where they got married!
  • A honeymoon adventure: Find out where the couple is honeymooning, and buy them an activity they can do on their trip. A week in Mexico? Look into Jet Ski rentals or a private diving escape. A Tuscan retreat? Rent them a vespa for the day! The possibilities are endless. They’ll always have the memories from their honeymoon, and be forever grateful for the experience you gave them!
  • A chic picnic basket is the ultimate gift for the couple that loves weekend trips or even stay-cations. This little basket is the perfect accompaniment to any impromptu alfresco meal! Complete with everything you need to have literally the cutest picnic ever known to mankind.

For the winos:

  • Monogrammed Go Vinos from White Elephant Designs are ideal for your favorite winos on the go. These adorable little plastic wine glasses keep you classy anywhere from the pool, to the park, to the patio. Personalize them in the couple’s initials, and choose from several different fonts and colors! (I have some in gold, and I’m officially obsessed!)
  • Custom wine labels: Recently, my girlfriends threw a “wine shower” for one of our close friends (who is getting married this week!). Each girl brought a bottle of wine, and labeled it with a significant milestone that the couple will encounter in their life. For example, they would open one bottle “while unpacking boxes in their first house” or, “when Joe graduates from med school”. These custom labels will make your wine bottles extra special, whether you’re using them for a shower, or just planning to gift a few bottles of wine as a wedding present.
  • Personalized wine rack: Who needs another monogrammed pewter tray when they can have this amazing reclaimed wood wine rack custom-made with the couples name?

For the art lovers:

  • A custom guestbook alternative, like this print and this print, both from Etsy. A gift that they’ll remember forever! Instead of writing in a cheesy guestbook, guests will leave their mark on a personalized piece of artwork that can hang on the wall in their new home. If there’s one way to guarantee they’ll love your wedding gift forever, this is pretty much it.
  • Where it all began: a simple heart print that includes his and hers maps. An adorable addition to their gallery wall, yes?
  • A personal touch: A fun print that includes both the bride and groom’s names that is a cute touch at the reception, and later in their new home!

For the practical ones:

  • Customized stamps, for all those thank-you’s they’ll be writing! A practical gift they’ll use forever. Not to mention, it’ll save the bride and groom a LOT of hand cramping!
  • Personalized soaps, can be customized with a logo for the bride and groom. What an excellent touch to their new guest bathroom, don’t you think?
  • Weekender bags for him and her. Etsy has some great finds here! Most likely the bride and groom are still using their old duffel bags from college. They’ll appreciate a chic upgrade!

For the cooks:

  • The Newlywed Cookbook is made for modern newlywed couples looking to spend time together in the kitchen — whether it’s an everyday meal or a special occasion, this is your perfect starter cookbook.
  • Custom, rustic stovecover: Perfect for the couple who has very limited space in their kitchen. You can find these in all colors, and work especially well for baking.
  • Handcrafted cutting board: No flimsy plastic cutting boards here! This monogrammed butcher block is made of solid maple, and will be in their kitchen for a lifetime.

What’s the best wedding gift you’ve either given or received?



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