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New Obsessions–9 Things I’m Loving Right Now

May 29, 2018

New Obsessions–9 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Happy short week after long weekend!

These weeks are the best (because they’re shorter!) but always the worst ? (because you have to cram 5 days worth of work into 5! Eeepp!)

Neal was at a bachelor party in New Orleans most of the weekend, so I laid low–caught up with friends, and had the best time! How did you spend your holiday?

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few random new-to-me things I’ve been loving, living in, and obsessing over for the past month or so! Do you own any of these? What are your thoughts?

Bobby Pins that REALLY work:

I was first introduced to Metagrip Bobby Pins when I was getting my hair done for a photoshoot years ago–I was lamenting to the hair stylist that my hair seemed to REPEL bobby pins and that it took so many to get my hair to stay in any type of shape. “You’re using the wrong bobby pins!” she told me–and she was right. The kind you buy at the regular store are GARBAGE–you’ll never use any other bobby pins again when you get these. Plus, they come in the biggest quantity, and they’re rolled up on a strip, which makes for easy storage and when you’re going somewhere, you can just got off a strip of them and stick them in your bag. Genius! They come in light, medium and dark to match your hair color.

My new trusty jean jacket:

I will admit I had mixed thoughts when jean jackets started making their comeback. Before, jean jackets had been reserved for edgy tomboyish cool girls–you know–not ladies who stick to the classics like myself (and probably you too, am I right?) but I was wrong.

Jean jackets are, in fact, classic–(from the 50’s on, they’ve been a staple in every single decade–that, my friends, is the definition of classic!) and yes, a lot of them are distressed and ripped and really intense, but mine (it’s this one from J.Crew!) isn’t.

I wear it so much–it’s the perfect extra layer when it’s chilly and to throw in your bag to protect you from ferocious summer air conditioning. It’s great for travel because it’s super durable and doesn’t show dirt or stains. Basically, I love it, and if you’ve been on the fence–consider this your cue to jump off.

Real running shoes:

First, let’s call a spade a spade. Running shoes are HIDEOUS. Why are they all so ugly? (For the LOVE OF GOD WHAT IS WITH THE NEON?!) Maybe my calling is to invent a running shoe for stylish people.

Sure, companies like Nike and New Balance and the like claim to be “running shoes” but the truth of the matter is–they really aren’t suitable for many people. If you’re someone who struggles with knee or foot pain when working out, the culprit could easily be your shoes.

This is probably more information about me than you care to know–but I have REALLY flat feet.

Like, they’re actually pancakes. When I point this out to people they cannot stop laughing and are very bewildered. That being said, they pronate very badly because I have no arch in my foot (i.e. my feet roll inward to the point where my would-be arch is flat on the ground) This is essentially a recipe for disaster for someone who has chosen a workout that involves a lot of running.

I’ve known I have feet issues for years and have been to speciality running stores to get analyzed and that helped, but then I stopped running for about…um…5 years ? and when I wasn’t running, it wasn’t that big of a deal. (My mom tells me I need to be wearing inserts daily but I tell her to LET ME LIVE)

Then, about a year ago when I started Orangetheory and was running multiple times a week in my zero-support Nikes, my knees really started to bother me. And running outside? FORGET IT. I went for a run (well, attempted) with Neal up at the lake house last year and I could barely move for days afterword my knees, feet, and shins were so shot.

After a lot of research online, I pulled the trigger on the Brooks Adrenaline 18’s.

They are by far the best footwear investment I have made in a LONG time. I no longer have knee or foot pain from working out and can even run outside with minimal issues. My running form in general is also a lot better (Neal told me!)

Another thing–running shoes are all so horrifically ugly, but these are the LEAST ugly that I have found. I don’t feel like a total circus freak wearing them in public.

Long story short? If you have feet problems like me, give these shoes a try. There’s a reason they have 5 star reviews–they will save your body.

Shop more colors: 

Everlane’s Linen Box Tee Dress:

This dress is SO comfy and is one of Everlane’s new releases! I’ve been wearing it around the house, out to dinner, walking around the neighborhood–it’s the perfect go-to dress for everything. Definitely going to be bringing this cutie to Italy with us and thinking of getting it in black, too! It’s a relaxed fit and runs true to size! I love that it’s linen so it’s perfect to keep you cool in the summer and on vacation! It also comes in olive! 

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Vital Proteins Collagen Coconut Creamer:

So many of my friends have used Vital Proteins collagen supplements for years  and I never really got into them until I tried this coconut creamer. It’s absolutely delicious–contains collagen to help support healthy skin and joints, and is free of dairy, artificial flavors, added sugars, and carrageenan. I love that it’s a dose of healthy fat and a serving is 10 grams of protein! If you’re one of those people who is constantly flying around and never has time for breakfast, keep this is an AMAZING game-changer for mornings! They also have other flavors if you don’t like coconut!

Blank NYC Blue Suede Moto Jacket:

This was SO not an average “Jess buy” but I saw this jacket in a store when I was visiting my friend Ally in Memphis and had so many regrets that I didn’t buy it–then, I found it online and knew it was meant to be! I’m not a huge fan of bright colors, but I think this is the perfect combination of colorful and versatile. The beautiful hydrangea blue hue is a perfect compliment to pretty much any color and it makes anything you pair it with (even a t-shirt and jeans) look so incredible! I’ve been wearing it non-stop!

Invisibobble Hair Ties:

I’ve been seeing these funny little hair ties EVERYWHERE and had never given them a try until now. I’ve been trying to “train” my hair to wash less often. (Apparently that’s a thing, or so I’ve learned from you guys) My goal is to stretch about four days in between washes instead of three (don’t worry, I’m compiling a whole post on how to extend longer in between washes!) One great tip is that I put my hair up with these now, and they’ve made life a lot easier because they don’t crease! Before, I’d be tempted to re-wash my hair just because it was too creased from my hair tie, but not with these! They’re also great to wear while you work out for the same reason.

Note: I actually got the pink ones because I thought they were cute, but they actually look kind of weird when they’re in your hair and they remind me of a bunch of messy cable wires haha, so because of that, I would get the color that matches your hair so it makes it invisible and cleaner looking!

Sam Edelman Yaro Heels:

I bought these Sam Edelman heels to wear for the Derby (recap of my trip and outfit here!) and also in this post when I styled them with the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding– but I truly love them. I feel like every woman is always looking for a pair of heels that don’t make her feel like sawing her feet off at the end of the night, and these really are great.

Disclaimer: They do take a wear or two to break in–the first time I wore them was at the Derby where I was on my feet for like 12 hours–I had to eventually switch to flats, haha, but every time I’ve worn them since, I’ve stood in them all night with no problems! I have several friends who own them in all colors and they all agree that they are amazing heels! Of course, keep in mind, they’re still heels. They aren’t going to feel like slippers, but also, they’re the best I’ve found of their kind ?

Shop more colors: 

The pasties that end strapless bras forever:

I have gotten SO many questions about strapless bras lately due to the temperatures warming up, and I have to tell you–I HATE strapless bras. They are terribly uncomfortable, they never stay up, and they always manage to show despite the fact that their ONLY job is to NOT show. Therefore, I skip them altogether and wear pasties, or petals, or whatever you want to call them. They are a much better alternative! My latest favorite kind are these that I ordered on Amazon. They’re reusable and come in their own little case which makes it easy to store and travel with them. I’ve also used these sticky bras and really liked them as well!

Of course, I do realize that they are not a solution for everyone and sometimes you need a lot more support! In that case, you might try this kind or this kind!

What are YOUR latest obsessions lately? Also, should I turn this into a series? Let me know what you think!



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