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Neal’s Bonobos Picks for Black Friday

Nov 24, 2020

Neal's Bonobos Picks for Black Friday

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Neal here today, excited to be back with another post in partnership with Bonobos, as their Black Friday deals are already in full swing! (Which is pretty nice, no more staying up until midnight fighting that turkey coma!)

Right now, everything is 30% off site-wide, plus a lot of extra bonus deals on some of their best-sellers

Of course, buying clothing in 2020 looks a lot different than it did in 2019–I’m gravitating toward staples that are comfortable enough to wear at home, but warm enough to wear to brave the winter elements to cure yourself of cabin fever. 

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’ve been a Bonobos fan from the beginning. (Seriously, I’ve been wearing the brand since they launched!) Long before they were a partner! But if you’re new, here’s a quick recap of why I’ve been such a fan all of these years:

Sure it’s easy to look at a “sponsored post” and think, “oh, they just gave him those clothes to wear––he wouldn’t actually buy them with his own money!” but that couldn’t be further than the truth. It is not an exaggeration when I say that Bonobos easily makes up half of my wardrobe. 

When Jess first started her blog, I used to dream that one day, she’d be able to land a Bonobos partnership for me! Now, years later, here we are––this is our fifth time we’ve been lucky enough to pair up with them! It always makes my day when Jess receives a DM from one of you saying, “tell Neal my husband LOVES his new Bonobos stuff!” 

Neal’s Bonobos Picks for Black Friday

[ggheading style=”light” size=”3″ text=”Why I Love Bonobos:”]

They have fits and cuts and sizing for a ton of different body types: 

A lot of men (myself included) struggle to find clothing that fits properly. Whether your guy is tall, stocky, slender–whatever–often, “regular” sizing just doesn’t quite work. Somehow, no other brand figured this out, but Bonobos has. Their clothing comes in a ton of different fits, cuts, and inseams. Their sizing is also VERY consistent. So once you know your size, you can order with confidence that everything from that point after will fit you well! 

Their style is fashion-forward, yet super wearable:

Jess likes to describe my style as “classic, but always with a twist”––and that’s how I would describe Bonobos too. You can find everything from really fun statement pieces with classic lines, to basic wardrobe staples, to fine suiting. They have something for pretty much any occasion, and it’s always going to make your guy look like a million bucks.

Quality and affordability: 

Their stuff is great––many of my Bonobos pieces I’ve had for 5+ years and they’re still going strong. Most of their pieces are $100 or less. As Jess says, that comes down to a very affordable “cost per wear.” Speaking of affordable, everything is 30% off right now, too!

Today, I’m sharing two great staples I think your guy will love, plus a handful of other picks from their sale happening this week! 

Neals Bonobos Picks for Black Friday

Fair Isle Sweater: 

I actually did not know what a “fair isle” sweater was before Jess informed me, but I’m very into the look. I love that it has a throwback, classic, vintage vibe, but it’s still updated, modern, and slim-cut. It’s 100% wool and very soft–not itchy–not too hot. I didn’t even need to wear an under shirt with it! I also like that it’s festive due to the pattern, but it won’t be out of style post-Christmas. It’s something he’ll wear all winter long. 

Sizing: Wearing a medium (my true size). 

Flannel-lined chinos: 

I have been a fan of Bonobos classic stretch-washed chinos for a long time now (they’re a great dressy-casual pant that always solves the “what do I wear to this?” dilemma) but the flannel lined version is new, on sale for $83, and could not have come at a better time! If your guy likes to look sharp but stay warm (especially if he likes to spend time outside) at the same time, these are right up his alley. I love the pattern detail when you cuff them, and they’re incredibly soft without being TOO hot. (You can wear them inside and not overheat!) 

Sizing: They run true to size, I take my usual size in the slim cut. 

[one-half-first]Neal's Bonobos Picks for Black Friday[/one-half-first][one-half]

Neals Bonobos Picks for Black Friday


Neals Bonobos Picks for Black Friday

Neals Bonobos Picks for Black Friday

Neals Bonobos Picks for Black Friday

Fair Isle Sweater: 

[ggheading style=”light” size=”1″ text=”More Bonobos Favorites:”]

Quilted bomber jacket: 

This is a very sharp jacket and would look great with any casual outfit. I like that it’s on-trend, but classic at the same time.

Cableknit sweater: 

I love a good cableknit sweater. As Jess says, “it adds texture and interest” to an outfit. I really am into this green color too. A little different than the usual olive green.


I think some nice joggers are at the top of every guy’s holiday wishlist this year. This pair is loungewear, but sharp.


I have more Bonobos henleys than is probably necessary, but they really are the best henleys, and they always come out with new colors, like this evergreen color–so how can I resist? I like a henley because it’s a little bit more elevated than a normal t-shirt, but just as comfortable.

The best underwear: 

In case your guy is on the lookout for some really great, comfortable, well-fitting underwear, Bonobos makes my favorite pairs. A great stocking stuffer!

Travel Jeans: 

Another Bonobos item I own in multiple colors. They call them “travel jeans” I’m assuming because they are the best to travel with–they go with everything, can be dressed up or down, look nicer than jeans but ARE jeans. They’re great. Run true to size.

Casual button downs: 

Even though our holiday celebrations will look much different this year, I still want to dress up and look nice! Bonobos makes great casual button-downs (I like the long sleeve in the winter and short sleeve in the summer). I think this navy and green plaid is perfect for the holidays, but he’ll get a lot of wear out of it afterwards, too.

Italian Wool Topcoat: 

Coats can be expensive, especially dressier coats–so I always recommend buying during big sale weeks like this one. If your guy doesn’t have a nice coat, Bonobos really makes some beautiful ones that look like they’re worth $700+ for literally half the price. This Italian Wool Topcoat in particular would make an excellent, versatile gift that he’ll have for many years.

Looking for more gift reccos? Head over to their Gift Guide page, right here

Fair Isle Sweater: 

Hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you have a relaxing week ahead! Happy shopping!

Huge thanks to Bonobos for sponsoring this post and being such great long-term partners of ours! All opinions, of course, are very much our own! 

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