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My Nantucket Trip Recap!

Jul 17, 2018

My Nantucket Trip Recap plus what to pack for Nantucket

J.Crew button down (on sale!), Levi’s Wedgie Jeans–avail at Nordstrom and also Shopbop has a TON of Wedgie jeansJack Purcell Sneakers (shop lot’s more Converse here!) 21″ Delsey Suitcase (on sale right now at Macy’s for under $200! Comes in brown too!) 

A few weeks back, I got invited to visit Nantucket for the very first time with Cercone Brown (or CBC as they’re called for short!) one of my favorite PR agencies to work with (you’ll recall my last trip with them to the Kentucky Derby–see my recap here!!)

CBC is a little different than a lot of other PR companies in that they put together these really cool “house” experiences where they invite a handful of bloggers and magazine editors from all over the country and put us all up in one big house. It’s so much fun because we get to meet with and experience a lot of different brands on a more personal level, get a taste of a new city, and make a lot of new friends in the industry all at the same time!

I was lucky enough to get invited to their Nantucket Summer House, along with my friend Anna! (If you don’t follow her, you need to!) Here’s our recap of what we did, and some reccos of what to do while you’re in Nantucket! (Plus, I included a few of YOUR favorite suggestions we didn’t have time to get to as well!)

What to pack for nantucket

Nantucket Travel Tips

Getting to Nantucket:

My Nantucket Trip Recap!
There are a couple of ways to get to Nantucket–the most streamlined way is to fly to Boston and then take a teeny-tiny tin can airplane to the island via Cape Air. (One person describes it quite accurately as a “lawn mower with wings”)

This was definitely the tiniest plane I’ve ever been in and I admit we were pretty nervous. (They ask your body weight when you check in ?) It ended up being fine though and the views were SO beautiful! (If you really hate flying or want to save money, you could also fly into Boston and take the ferry over.)

One word of caution: You have to go to a completely different terminal, go out of security, check in separately, and go back through security, so make sure you allow yourself at LEAST an hour layover. We had about a 45 minute layover and we were SPRINTING. Also there are virtually zero signs that tell you where to go to catch a Cape Air flight, and even the United staff had no idea where to tell us to go–find an airport employee and they will direct you.

Guide to Nantucket

Pictured above–the tin can ? DUN DUN DUNNNN.

Beaches and Boat Tours:

Nantucket Guide by The Golden Girl Blog

Steps Beach

We first headed to Steps Beach with the Life is Good team. The beach was absolutely beautiful and is one that comes highly recommended by you guys, too! I’ve heard it’s not as crowded as other beaches, so that’s a plus for any first-time visitors! Readers also recommended checking out Madaket beach at sunset! 

The cool thing about media trips is that you really get to know a brand on a more intimate level. Getting to chat with the founder of Life is Good was so cool!

He and his brother started the company selling t-shirts out of a van. It’s their core mission to put good into the world and always focus on promoting positivity. They donate 10% of ALL profits to kids in need!

We also got to hear what they’re working on behind the scenes and where the company is going–one thing I thought was really amazing is that they were very open about the fact that the beachy vintage heritage feel that they’ve built their brand on is very niche and that they’re working to expand their designs to appeal to the tastes of different groups of millennials (AKA someone like me!) This is something I rarely see with brands (both from my perspective as a blogger and someone with a background in advertising!) and it was really refreshing. They’re a brand I would really love to collaborate with in the future!

For example, we got to see some of their latest launches (which are now public!)–how cute is this sweatshirt? It is SO incredibly soft, too! I also love this striped pullover and this striped t-shirt dress!

Boat Ride with Discover Boating:

Boating in Nantucket
After the beach, we headed to the marina for a boat tour around the island with Discover Boating, which is an awesome website that essentially enables you to pop in any city or zip code and it serves you up a list of reputable rental and charter companies in that area! (Endeavor sailing is one of them and a company that a couple of you guys recommended!)

You can even narrow it down by interest–including fishing, kayaking, speed boats, etc! Our driver was awesome and gave us a lot of interesting tidbits about Nantucket and we got to see a lot of the island from the water! (With BYOB rosé, of course ?)

[one-half-first]Nantucket Travel Guide by The Golden Girl Blog[/one-half-first][one-half] My Nantucket Trip Recap! [/one-half] My Nantucket Trip Recap!Vineyard Vines Blogger Trip To Nantucket

Dinner at The Lobster Trap:

The Lobster Trap in Nantucket
Photo by Demi Ward 

Nantucket Lobster Trap
Dinner the first night was at The Lobster Trap and it was ADORABLE. I loved the old-school New-Englandy/Divey feel and despite the fact that I do not like seafood I thought it was great ? I can only speak for their chicken tenders (they were delicious yet I have never felt more like a child) but everyone else loved what they got–from Oysters to Lobster rolls!

Fiji Water Launches Sports Tops

Photo by Demi Ward 

The next morning we worked out with Fiji water and trainer Evan Betts who totally kicked our butts! (Which was much appreciated due to the fact that I was leaving for Italy in a week and was trying to squeeze in as many workouts as possible to prepare for the carb overload that is two weeks in Italy ?)

Fiji just came out with sport tops. Which I’m SO excited about because Fiji water is my favorite (some people think this is crazy, but I really can taste the difference in different brands of water and I’m actually kind of picky about it ?). My ONLY knock on Fiji previously was that they didn’t have the sport caps. So I am super excited about this and have been on the hunt for it back in Chicago but I guess it hasn’t hit my local grocery store yet. It looks like they have a great deal on them at Sam’s Club though!

Nantucket Travel Guide
Then we had breakfast catered in from Lemon Press–it’s a delicious little cafe in Nantucket and one I’d highly recommend, especially if you’re looking to stay healthy on vacation! These were little avocado toast crostini with tomato and fresh herbs–yum!

Jess Keys of the Golden Girl Blog

BB Dakota top c/o,(one of my favorite brands shop more BB Dakota here!)  Everlane kick-crop jeans (size down if in question–c/o), Vineyard Vines Sweatshirt c/o, Steve Madden slides (Shopbop has lot’s of cute sandals if you’re looking for others, too! I especially love the Sam Edelman Bay Slides which come in lot’s of colors!) 

We had other activities lined up but the weather had different plans for us, so we ended up hanging out at the house and Sabra brought in lunch! We got to try a bunch of their flavors–OMG did you know they have a caramelized onion flavor? I am such a weirdo with hummus (I think so many brands taste like old socks) but this one was TO DIE FOR. We had a DIY hummus bowl bar–isn’t that such a great idea!?

We also got to hear about their Plants with a Purpose initiative that finds ways to establish urban farms in food deserts–from transforming vacant lots to helping schools plant bucket gardens–it was so inspiring and something I would LOVE to get involved with–wouldn’t that be cool if we could all help volunteer to do one in Chicago?

My Nantucket Trip Recap!

Cisco Brewers:

Cisco Brewers Nantucket
In the afternoon we went to Cisco Brewers along with the SwimUSA team who was so awesome! The brewery was one of your most recommended spots to visit! It was the cutest place with a great outdoor setup and an awesome live band! Sadly the rain did not stop for us and it was freezing so I would like to go back when it’s a bit warmer ? but it was still really fun!

Cisco Brewers

Dinner at The Club Car:

The Club Car Nantucket

Similar striped tee ($27!), Everlane kick-crop jeans (size down if in question–c/o), J.Crew jean jacket (size up for looser fit), Vineyard Vines bag (c/o), Jack Purcell Sneakers, Vintage scarf 

I absolutely LOVED dinner at The Club Car! It’s one part swanky farm to table restaurant, and the other side is this AMAZING piano bar. We actually didn’t get to go into the piano bar but it sounded like one of the best parties on the Island ? We did the Chef’s tasting menu (which I would highhhlyy recommend, but make sure you’re hungry!!) and I really loved everything we got to try!

Afterward we went to the Chicken Box which was SO MUCH FUN and also hilarious. It’s a really fun dive bar with pool tables and the band who played that night was unreal. You can tell it’s definitely THE local bar everyone goes to late night!

Other reader reccos for food + drinks in Nantucket:

Sandwiches at Something Natural, dinner at Ships Inn, Straight Wharf, American Seasons, Ventuno, Jetties (go for the buck shucks!) The Galley, Cru, Sconset Market Muffins, Greydon House, and Proprietors!

Yoga on the Island:

My Nantucket Trip Recap! Yoga!

Photo by Demi Ward 

The next morning we did yoga with Ocean Spray and Supta Yoga Nantucket–the owner of the studio came and lead a private session for us –it would be such a great activity to arrange if you’re in Nantucket with a group or head to her studio for a class! She was AMAZING!

Thoughts on what to pack:

Of course, it’s Nantucket! You want to bring ALL the Vineyard Vines–white pants, gingham, sundresses, and so on! However, keep in mind it’s an island, so even in the summer it gets chilly. Let’s just say that 70 degrees in Nantucket feels much colder than 70 degrees in Chicago. We were there in June and it was downright COLD. Definitely bring a lot of layers and keep in mind that it’s a very casual place. As you can tell, I was very casual everywhere I went and that was just fine!

Shopping in Nantucket:

Shopping In Nantucket

Nantucket sweater from Skinny Dip, Levi’s Wedgie Jeans–avail at Nordstrom and also Shopbop has a TON of Wedgie jeans, Steve Madden slides (shop more colors here!) 

Where to shop in Nantucket

With such a packed schedule we didn’t get much time to shop. However we did have about an hour or so to walk around and do some damage before our flight home! I absolutely loved the store The Skinny Dip–where I picked up this sweater (obligatory, obviously) and a shirt for Neal, too! You guys also recommended Milly and Grace! There are so many cute shops along the wharf. It’s definitely worth spending a couple hours exploring here and popping into all the adorable stores!

That’s it! A quick trip, but so much fun! What are your favorite Nantucket reccos? Can’t wait to get back! 

Thanks to Cercone Brown for having me as part of the #CBCSummerHouse this year! This post is not sponsored but this was a media trip. So I did receive my travel and accommodations for free! 


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