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My Ultimate Amazon Mumu Review!! (Hint: You should buy one…or five?)

Dress: Amazon, Shoes: Sam Edelman Bay Sandals + Converse sneakers, Earrings: Amazon Sunnies: Ray Ban

Happy Monday! 

Did you have a nice weekend? I was in Milwaukee for a wedding reception (remember our friends Kate and Matt who got married in Montana? This was for Kate’s side to celebrate with friends/family from home). We’ve spent a ton of time in Milwaukee over the years visiting her parents and we love it so much. If you haven’t been–you are missing out! Sadly Neal couldn’t make it because he had a bachelor party in Montreal, but he had plenty of fun too. ?Hope your weekend was as fun as ours! 

Anyway–on to today’s post! 

Rarely do I ever say the words, “You NEED this” or “You should buy this” because truthfully, do any of us really NEED any more clothes? (NO.) 

But the truth of the matter is––I don’t remember the last time I’ve loved something as much as this Amazon caftan. Also known as THE MUMU that I won’t shut up about for the past month––if you’ve been watching my IG stories, you’ll know. And yes, it is basically a caftan midi dress, but it’s WAY more fun to me that I call it a Mumu. ??(Because it totally IS Grandma chic.) 

Are you SO sick of your clothes sticking to you in the summer heat? Do you want to look cute while feeling like wearing a breezy, airy pillowcase? If yes, perhaps you DO need the Amazon Mumu after all. In fact, I love it SO much that I purchased it in two colors, and I’m actually contemplating a third. 

I cannot take credit for being the first discoverer of the mumu–I actually owe that to Grace and/or Hitha. (I’m not sure which one of you started wearing it first!) But I have definitely been shouting the Mumu’s praises from the rooftops over on IG stories, and so many of you have dmed me saying you love it so much you already ordered a second color! 

How to style the mumu: 

Sneakers: Here I’m wearing these leather Converse (on sale right now for $46, marked down from $70!) and I am IN LOVE. They are so much comfier than any other pair of Converse I’ve had and they really don’t require any break-in. Plus, since they’re leather, they wipe clean! Any pair of classic white sneakers will look great with the mumu! (Make sure to go 1/2 size down in the Converse!)

My other favorite pair are these classic Tretorns–they feel like walking on pillows and are the comfiest sneakers I own! (They’re Canvas, but they clean easily with some Oxyclean!) Order your normal size in the Tretorns! 

Sandals: Here I’m wearing Sam Edelman’s Bay sandals, which are wonderful and so cute! My other favorite sandals (all which look great with the mumu) are the Steve Madden Greece sandals, and Everlane’s Day sandals. Both are SO comfy, but the Everlane Day Sandals are so soft, they feel like slippers. I’ve seriously slipped them on with my pajamas in the morning because that’s how soft the leather is. Both pairs run TTS. 

Wedges/Espadrilles: If you’re going out to dinner or you just want to look a little dressier, throw on a pair of wedges! My favorite wedge espadrille sandals are the Sanibel wedges by Treasure + Bond (TTS). They are insanely comfortable! I wear them with everything! The classic Soludos (I have them in the blush linen color! Order 1/2 size down–they stretch) would also look DARLING and they are even more comfortable!! 

What else you need to know about the Mumu: 

In terms of sizing, I ordered the small in both colors that I have (shown below!) I will say if you have a larger chest, you may want to size up, because I’ve heard feedback from a couple of my bustier ladies that the chest runs very small. (Although, I did not experience that specifically). 

Other favorite parts about the mumu: 

I don’t have to wear a bra (!!!!) ?I hate bras in the summer–I don’t want any tight, restrictive things near me, and something about the material and pattern makes it impossible to tell whether or not you’re wearing one. It’s magical. I know not everyone can do this, but it’s a HUGE selling point for me, so if it’s the same for you–take note! 

It is very wrinkle resistant–I can pack it and pull it right out of the suitcase. I have no idea how it stays so wrinkle free–(it’s some sort of gypsy fabric?) but it does. It’s apparently a cotton/rayon blend, but who knows what you’re getting with Amazon, really? ?But I can’t stand wrinkles, so this is another big factor for me! 

Basically, it’s one of the best ways I can think of to spend $29–that is all. 


Hope this review was helpful, and happy Mumu Shopping! ?